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Found 23 results

  1. Hi everyone - I had this set available shortly after the Revell Ju 88 A-1 was released in 2008 but when I recently got the four bladed spinners designed in 3D for the ICM 1/48 kits I asked for them to be also printed in 1/32. As the single decal option on my first ever 1/32 decal sheet had long since been out of print and a whole decal sheet for any 1/32 Ju 88s being currently pointless I decided to get a small amount made and have a small decal / resin part conversion set available at Hannants. So anyway look out for the most straight forward conversion set ever in history haha . I am not expecting a huge reaction to this for obvious reasons (O and yes I see that may should have a capital 'May.') In other news...... My offer of the combined 32D033 'foreign 109's' and the 109 data plates and engine numbers still stands but it seems to have fallen on death ears with only 2 sales and five sales for the data plates on their own. I thought the data plates would be well received with two new 109 kits available in the last month but I was wrong. My JG 54 decals were the most colourful and most expensive I ever got printed by Cartograph - Hannants ordered 20 when they first came out a year or so ago but they have never asked for more so they are just not selling in any of the scales - don't understand it at all? Same goes for the Late War 109 Vol 2 - no reorders after original first order. I continue to try and produce colourful and interesting subjects but seem only to have white elephants? O well it was my choice.
  2. Hi everyone, I thought you might like to see where I am at with some new 1/48 Ju 88 sets - my baby haha. The Ju 88 R-2 awaits its decal sheet and will be ready to go (based on Revell or Dragon C kit). The Ju 88 S-1 awaits its decals and PE as well as some 3D designed parts like an AB 500 flare container and the starfish flame dampers. The Falcon canopy set is already in stock (designed for the Dragon G-6 kit). And then my all time favorite bird - the S-3 - everything said about the S-1 applies but also I am having the outboard ETC rack and the fat and the cigar drop tanks also designed in 3D. It has been great fun but extremely painful to do these profiles and I hope one day to be able to model one myself. You will note in the photo of the R-2 parts that they is a replacement fin assembly - needed because Dragon messed up the whole area by making the fuselage stick back 3mm further than the rudder hinge line. Anyway it is all fixed and includes a little internal detail for your trouble! This item will be sold also as a separate product to easily correct the many Dragon A / C and P kits that are out there. Enjoy and thanks. John
  3. Hi everyone, 16 years ago as a London Baptist Pastor I moonlighted in my spare time my AIMS hobby. Shortly after releasing the Ju 88 G-6 conversion I presented as best I could the Mistel S3. The resin parts were mostly solid due to the limitations of the equipment I had back then and sadly also the first batch included vacform parts that were not provided to me in UV resistant Pet G as requested and so over the years turned yellow. Well fast forward a few years and I started being able to cast thinner and hollow parts and anyone that contacted me about the yellow vacforms got replacements but the years and many many models shows have not been kind to the poor old girl and so during this time while I am away from AIMS recovering from hand and elbow surgery it is time for a re-think! The 1/32 AIMS Mistel S3 had been made purely for display purposes with no fine details either represented or painted - in fact I have a whole Ikea wardrobe full of the beasts! (other companies make wardrobes lol). Now that their original purpose is no more - as on the rare occasion when I can do a model show I cannot haul around a whole table's worth of Ju 88 display conversions - I am hoping instead to slowly get them finished. Obviously trying to finish a model after it has been - er...finished....is not ideal but i hope I can do something with the poor things. At a glance my Mistel S3 looked the easiest and quickest to over-haul but I am my own worst enemy and so instead to just ripping the canopy off, finishing the cockpit, and then filling and painting the model etc, I have ended up instead basically rebuilding the entire model! Away went the solid engines and solid fuselage extension; and I thought at the same time I may as well chain drill out the rear bomb bay doors, other hatches and the rear gear bay doors. In has gone my latter edition hollow fuselage extension (followed soon by my hollow engines), AIMS tail wheel set and rear fuel tank set, and finally some work to the cockpit. I await a test shot of my own AIMS rear gear bay set and then they can be fitted out also. So what a mess! I can only do a little bit each day due to my hands but actually the pain from the modelling is nothing compared to the pain using the computer and writing this. Anyway intro over, I hope you like and will enjoy it developing. I will be seeking to model Mistel S3 W.Nr. 460066 which was found without a Fw 190 composite - so that will save some work haha. A Very Happy Christmas to you all.
  4. Future products 32D028 Ju 88 External/visible Placards
  5. Well I hope you are all well. I have been ill and not going to post office for a few more weeks so not taking orders but want to share with you a number of products that are available and can be shipped once I am feeling better. 32P021 Gloster Gladiator Export parts for Norwegian and Swedish J8 /J8a £12.00 Coming soon - 32F002 Hans-Joachim Marseille £TBC 1/32 Ju 88 A-1(F), A-5(F) and D-2 rear bomb bay camera fairings Thanks for looking and stay safe. As we modellers are all used to social distancing and wearing masks and latex gloves everything should be business as usual!
  6. Hi Everyone - not sure i can put non LSP products in the vendors forum so posting here, thanks for looking. Sheet retails at £9.00 each plus shipping, email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested, thanks
  7. Hi everyone, just an update on the Ju 88 P-1, I picked up at E Day my BK 75s from Schatton-Modelbau and at same time received news that the 3D design was finished and will soon be printed. I already have the simple decal slip here at home for some time. This will be a simple and in-expensive conversion with the gondola made as a clear vac together with the rest of the belly and lower nose, either mask off the windows and use the whole part or mask off, cut out gondola only and re-scribe / add strengthening strips to kit belly parts. I will make new copy of my existing Ju 88 G-6 nose master and add extra plate to the bottom and re-mould. With only one factory photo of one side of the BK 75 breech I am unwilling to try and design the interior for this set - plus since starting to invest in its production the A-4 disappeared from Revell's production list so i just doing a basic set as I am not hopeful for large sales and so want it as cheap as possible. I know its wrong scale but perhaps those of you wanting to have the crew hatch open and see the breech will use a Tamiya gun part?
  8. Dear prop fanatics, for those who are unhappy with the Revell props there is a light on the end of the tunnel. Henri released correction sets, to order/buy via email. 01. VS-5 for Ju 87B-2/R-2 for TRU (3 delivery options available) - only props - props and new spinner - props, spinner & hub 02. VS 11 for Ju 87 D. For REV & HAS (2 delivery options available) - Props with hub and spinner back-plate (spinner from HAS or REV can be used) - Complete set props, spinner & hub 03. VS 11 for Ju 87 G € for REV & HAS (2 delivery options availabley) - Props with hub and spinner back-plate (spinner from HAS or REV can be used) - Complete set props, spinner & hub 04. VS 11 for He 111 H-6, only complete set 2x(propes, spinner & hub) 05. Ju 88 A-4 VS 11 line 3 und VS 11 line 6 --> available over ebay.de. "Baureihe 3" --> line 3 or --> available over ebay.de. "Baureihe 6" --> line 6 06. VDM for BF 109 G-6 narrow props, spinner and hub 07. Bf 110 G/F full set 08. VDM set wide blade for BF 109 G-10 / G-14 / K props and spinner 09. Fw 190 A-9 VDM Wooden props, fan and spinner 10. Fw 190 D-9 VS 111 props and spinner 11. Bf 109 E "Cyber Hobby/Dragon" props and spinner 12. Bf 109 E "Eduard" props and spinner 13. Bf 110 C & D "Dragon/Cyber Hobby" props and spinner You can mail to Henri to order or ask for availability or price, but please be patient if he do not replay immediately as I said his English is poor and maybe he need help from family or he is busy (work or holiday). Henri is a very open minded funny person. It's said that he can't communicate in this forum. Henris email: HenriDaehne@gmx.de Edit 06AUG2017 No selling over EBay only via Email Cheers Ralph
  9. Hi Guys, Started work on the 1/32 Ju 388 J. managed to start work on the windscreen, upper dipol positions and scribed bottom half of circular nose cap - wonder if a 388 will appear in the next PIXAR film? PLANES 2 staring Jerry the Ju 388
  10. Hi everyone, I am pleased to announce that I have been able to re-launch my Mistel 1 set with the additional item of the bulged 109 canopy in clear resin. The set is now £55.00 and includes as before the warhead, two styles of detonator trunk, white metal cradle, decals for Red 6 and White 1 as well as PE frame best wishes John
  11. Hi everyone, I have been working on this on and off for over a year but a small break from other projects let me finish it. I did not want to compete with the Profimodeller Bomb bay and it was always intending that this set would be for those Ju 88s / 188s using the Rüstsätze B2 extra fuel tank in the 2nd bomb bay. I can find no clear photos or factory confirmation on what doors / panel was fitted when using this conversion - at first glance one would assume that a panel like the forward bay - when used for fuel - would be employed with its three fuel venting points but the B2 could not use these as the centre frame is in the way so my guess is that this conversion used what ever was on hand - 4 or 2 door set up. Anyway I have finished the test shot of the PE today and will make sure everything fits as it should. I also started making the fuel tank which will be a resin item. Best wishes, John
  12. Hi everyone, another budget set sent off to the printers today - just the main details / skins needed for the wheel bay area only so you at least have some nicer skins to the bulkhead fore and aft as well as the missing former. Best wishes John
  13. Hi everyone , a bit late for the party but I got a little sidetracked with conversions right from the launch of the Revell kit - as a result I may have missed the boat with sales of this, anyway thought I would provide a 'budget' little PE set in case you do not want to spend almost half the rrp of the kit on some excellent PE by someone else. RRP TBC but I think perhaps £7.50. Apart from engine controls the set really only adds things that are not there rather than refine them. Best wishes, John
  14. Hi everyone, just sending this off to the printers, 32PE003 Luftwaffe gun sights, containing 4x VE covered and 4x uncovered VE sights for MG 81 / 131, 2x V41 sights for MG FF / MF 151 , 6x MG 15 front and rear sights plus ammo and covered belt feeds for MG 81 / 131. Ideal for Ju 88 and He 111 kits Retail £7.50. Look I know the Master products are far superior but if you loose a sight or if you are on a budget and need some gun sights this maybe is for you. Don't know why I did not do them earlier? The belt feed covers look more like USAF and indeed I hope so as you need to be able to twist them a lot to get into the shape you want. The idea being that you lay inside some rubber band, close the PE over it - twist into shape as best as possible and then coat over with thin PVA so it fills in the gaps and the PE then looks more like the ribbed effect you get on the real Luftwaffe rubberised feeds - or you just use the un-realistic ammo belts to show at least something lol! Anyway hope this helps, best wishes from your friendly ex-pastor haha
  15. Hi everybody, sorry it has taken me so long and special apologies if you only recently bought a Ju 88 G-1 or a Mistel 2 but I have finally managed to find the time to hollow everything out and give the customer less work to do. So now the warhead weighs much less and the flanged flame damper only needs a little more thinning and pops straight on to the rear cowl - whats left of the exhaust stacks providing suitable spacing and attachment points evenly all around.
  16. Hi everyone, If you love Mistel's and you bought from me at some point in last few years the Mistel 1 set you will have noted that sadly I never managed to do the Bf 109 special bulged canopy. Well thanks to 3D printing I now have one that I am busy polishing up ready for clear resin casting - will also be doing in 1/72 but that is another story haha. I will also be re-launching the Mistel 1 set with the air scoops and larger radiator housing as these 109 F's seem to be hybrids. I knew about the radio hatch being moved forward but had never studied the lower nose before. Obviously if you already have the Mistel 1 set and you just want to buy the extra parts that is no problem. Will post when all is ready, thanks John
  17. Hi all, Just to let people know I have started on the Ju 388 conversion. Engines being turned by a friend whilst I start on the structure. As you will know I have a number of parts already in stock thanks to the Ju 188 conversion I did a few years back but there is lots to do. 1. Can anyone provide me with photos of the seats? I have seen the excellent ones in the 1/48 scale kit but would like to see for myself if poss. 2. The cooling fan and thus engine cooling ring look a greater diameter than that on the Fw 190/ Ju 88, I would love to be wrong but any observations welcome. Here is the start of the Bodenwanne in Balsa wood. Need to varnish it and gradually make the grain disappear before filling and detailing ready for a vac form mould.
  18. Hi everyone, For some time now the problem of how to display all the Ju 88s and 188s I want to build has existed - in order to capture such a variety of camouflage applications (my main interest in the aircraft). Such a collection takes up so much space in any scale. The most obvious choice to me was to simply leave the wings off - but did I want them on again and built and painted well enough to slot back on and off or did I want to make the fuselage without the moulded on fillet area of the wing root? if I went for this option the model would look more realistic but that realism would only be maintianed if the model was then mounted on a factory dolly. I decided in the end to go with the latter option and worked from many photos to try and get photo-etch set designed to represent the wing attachment points. That done I set about blanking off the hole left in the dissected kit parts minus the moulded on fillets. PE should be here any day but I have made up a test shot ready. I think it looks better like this so even if I do not keep the realism by making a factory dolly - and instead use a wooden plyinth and brass pegs - it is still a good option for how to make a number of the same models. I can always decide now to make the main version as complete models and and others I like as fuselage only models? Anyway I do not have a price yet but if this appeals to you also let me know There are obviously many ways to skin a cat (not that I ever would) - here is just one way that keeps the strength of the parts at all times and allows plenty of space at the end to paint cockpit. I dissected the fuselage into three parts, built up the rear fuselage and added roof part and some locating tabs to surround of rear fuselage. I then added one side with front bulkhead in place, followed by the floor. The other side can then be put on followed by the inner cockpit sides to the front dissected fuselage parts - cockpit side walls need amended as they have detail designed to sink into the cavity of the moulded on wing root. Cockpit can be built up in a way that suits your painting of the sub assemblies.
  19. Hi Everyone - I don't seem to be able to leave a post or a message to Peter any more on the LEMB site? Maybe you get locked out if you do not use enough or something? Anyway I am trying to research a marking and getting nowhere fast. Its the badge seen below the cockpit on Ofw. kielig's Ju 88 G-1 Wk.N. 710865 of the Nachjagdstaffen Norwegen and was left in Norway at the end of the war. As you know badges on G-1s or G-6s are rare indeed with only this one and the badge on D9+PH known to me. It does not match any other badge in my book of unit badges and if it is a personnel emblem then i fear without a clearer picture then I will have to forget it. Message me if you can help - thanks John
  20. Hi all, Well I have not built a model for myself in about 5 years and I thought it was about time I carried on with this 1/48 Dragon Ju 88 G-6 which I started back then. I used my own AIMS PE interior and the Quickboost Berlin radar nose. If I remember correctly I was so cheesed off with all the filling needed that I gave up. Well sprayed some Alclad Primer over what I had filled and rubbed down today and would like to get some brake lines located and the cockpit masked off ready for my last tin of Halfords Primer. Ok now I am in Hungary and don't have a supply of Halfords Primer anymore what do people over this part of the world use? Thanks
  21. Tony T

    Ju 88

    There seems to be a growing concensus "in the crystal ball department" that Revell are offloading the Ju 88 A-4 kit with a view towards discontinuing it. Is this a pre-cursor to a Ju 88 C-6 release ? Or is the market simply maxed-out ? Anyone know what's happening ? Tony
  22. Hi everyone, I have a little sale on - please have a look, many thanks http://www.aimsmodels.co.uk/
  23. The kit appears to be designed for development beyond the bomber types...
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