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  1. Hello people, it's time to build a jet, haven't build one in decades!
  2. Hello to all! I want to present on Your review information about the LSP products of the Metallic Details. Perhaps some of You will be interested in this. http://metdetails.com Detailing set for aircraft model F-35A (Italeri, 1/32) Jet nozzle for aircraft model F-35A (Italeri, 1/32) AH-64 Apache. Longbow radar (Academy, 1/35) Mi-24/Mi-35. Wheels set (1/35) B-24. Wheel bays (HobbyBoss, 1/32) B-24. Exterior (HobbyBoss, 1/32) B-24. Turbochargers (HobbyBoss, 1/32) Pratt & Whitney R-1830 (HobbyBoss, 1/32) Control handles. Part 2 for German aircraft models (1/32) FuG 218 Radar (1/32) Revi 16B Gunsight (1/32) Static dischargers (1/32) Tail support for Bf 109E (1/32) Tail support for Bf 109F, G (1/32) M18 gun pod with M134 Minigun (1/32) M65 rocket launcher (1/32) XM157 2.75 inch rocket launcher (1/32) XM158 2.75 inch rocket launcher (1/32) XM159 2.75 inch rocket launcher (1/32) Emerson Electric TAT-102 Turret for AH-1G Cobra (ICM, 1/32) Emerson Electric M28 Turret for AH-1G Cobra (ICM, 1/32) USAF seat belts part 1 (1/32) Bell AH-1G Cobra. Masks (ICM, 1/32) Bell AH-1G Cobra. Interior (ICM, 1/32) Bell AH-1G Cobra. Exterior (ICM, 1/32) M197 Gatling gun (ICM, 1/32) Thank You for Your attention!
  3. Hello everybody, Sooo… the mailman delivered the ‘precious’ package this morning. Here are for your info, some quick pics of the unboxing . Especially of the very well-printed decals. Even the smoke rings have the obligatory fuzzy outline. More later about the plastic with my first impressions . Cheers, Quang
  4. https://www.aircraftinpixels.com/shop/p/132-scale-macchi-c202-tires
  5. Another one, being done sort of in parallel with my 13yo son’s 1/32 Revell GR. Extras purchased/used so far Quickboost seats, Airscale cockpit instruments, Spencer Pollard build guide. Cockpit done. I know the kit seats are excellent but I just can never make p.e belts look good and I think the resin just look way better.
  6. Build thread here: I’m declaring today. I lost my metal pitot (grrr) so the kit one is in kind of droopy while I wait for replacement from Poland! Also added an Eduard Litening pod, apart from that and the Quickboost seats it’s out of the box. I need a way of doing the det cord but am too scared to try by hand. Might try and find some decals for the seats as surprisingly kit didn’t have any. Hope some of my worse modelling sins aren’t too obvious! Natural light on the parking stand base
  7. Well i finally got there, ive managed to source all of the bits i need to start this project so heres what ive got Kit Airscale cockpit instruments decals Resin seats (may not use these depends on the kit ones) Litining pod (thanks to wunwinglow) both the xtradecal and fantasy print shop decals (thanks to Phartycroc and Scotsman) also im tempted with the storm shadow's from the Revell typhoon i have spare metal pitol as for the exact aircraft, the plan is for ZA614 in the special livery, this is a photo i took a few years ago at RAF Coningsby all i have to do now is clear the bench so a few days before i start, and dont expect a fast build, im working 40+hrs a week on nights as a Nurse, more when i can
  8. Well guys shes finally done, sadly the display base from costal kits still hasnt arrived. Big thanks to all who helped and offered advice in the build I present Italeri's 1/32 Tornado GR4, with xtradecal decals, mastercasters seats, and pitol
  9. Hi all! I´ll jump in with this..... I know it can be a tough ride, but I just love this Aircraft! Stefan
  10. The story of the F-104G in the Luftwaffe is remarkable in itself, never mind the awe inspiring technological advances the aircraft embodied at its first flight only 9 years after the end of WWII. Despite many hardships in operating a total of 916 F-104s over a 30 year period, the Germans showed their Teutonic resolve, and made a success of their Starfighter program. It has been very satisfying building this model, and the research that went with it has given me a better perspective on the much hyped "Widow-maker". It is a beautiful aircraft to look at, and regardless of some typical Italeri niggles, the kit captures the lines very well. I eventually chose to build one of JaboG 31's "Jagdbomber(s)", as that was the primary role of the Luftwaffe's F-104G's. Should you be interested, here is a link to the build thread: For a change, I think I should just let the photo's tell the story... Cheers, Sean
  11. On a trip to Munich way back in 2007, I photographed the F-104G in the Deutsches Museum, thinking that it would be great to build a model of a Luftwaffe Starfighter one day. Now that I am about to embark on that very mission, it is interesting to look at my photographs and see what I thought were the salient features of this beautiful aircraft. Maybe it was all the stencilling? Or the use of English and German? Or the plumbing jungle in the wheel wells? Possibly the vintage mil.spec. nature of the cockpit? Or the blinding contrast of the dayglo tip-tanks? Certainly the Jabo unit marking! On its own, the F-104 is a remarkable aircraft, but wearing German colours it is a whole lot more. It has links to the aces of WWII, bribery from American industry, a staggering library of accident investigations and yet a loyal following from those who flew and worked on them. Despite all this history layered on top of it, Kelly Johnson's futuristic thoroughbred still shines through. Even anchored to the museum floor, one can sense a twitching of muscles - ready to blast off at any moment! I on the other hand, decided not to go racing off and start glueing stuff together quite yet. It takes a while to get a feel for this kit. Doogs (yes, from Texas) has written quite a bit about it and I have followed his suggested aftermarket recommendations. After fiddling with select parts, I can see where I will be spending some time improving on the kits mouldings. The wheel well, just because it is a fetish of mine, will need a lot of work! The cockpit is luckily a better moulding and shouldn't need too much surgery. The fuselage sides were carved by the Italeri B-side however, and will need attention. This is my favourite sprue in the kit. Probably still get some extra attention. Where's the glue? Sean
  12. Just browsing the Hannants website, and the TF-104 description says "AMI fully upgraded moulds. Finely engraved recessed panel lines and rivets." I know the fuselage is obviously different from the single-seater, but that too claims to have "finely engraved recessed panel lines and rivets"...
  13. Coming sometime in the future to a magazine (hence only one photo - sorry, no more or I'll be in trouble with the Editor), here's my rendition of the Italeri two-seat Starfighter. The subject was an aircraft of 31 (Tiger) Sqn, Belgian AF, 1983. The tip tanks were used for the 1983 NATO Tiger meet, just before Belgium finally retired the F-104. Decals by DACO, intake covers & chocks by Video Aviation, pitot by Master, and RBF tags by HGW. Thanks for looking.
  14. New Revell boxing of the Italeri Mirage III due shortly... https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/RV3919 Nice Ardennes markings from 1993. The R and O variant options suggest further markings are included. Got one on preorder Tony .
  15. Hello to you all I will enter the F-104G from italeri for this group build and will be build like the have flown in Belgium We have done two colors bare metal and SEA camo i will try to go for the baremetal i will put a practice bomb dispender on the central pylon I have the kit for a time in the stash it whas a hard desicion on what to build for this group build so much to fit in Now here is the box All the extras i have for this one Start will be slow because i also have my su-27 to finnish Mark
  16. The generosity of the people on this site never ceases to amaze me. Kevin (LSP_Typhoonattack) sent me his full sheet of Nieuport 17 decals which included the set for Billy Bishop, so I'm back underway with this build - thanks Kevin!! Here is the obligatory box shot: And the decals Kevin so kindly sent (the bottom is not shown and are Russian markings). I really needed the fuselage markings, the Canadian Maple Leaf, and the rudder markings. All impossible to find: All silver aircraft (my last build was all black - I may be getting into a Monotone rut here...). I always rig the fuselage lines before putting the two halves together - much easier than trying to add later. That does require painting (and sometimes decaling) the side of the fuselage before assembly as well, but in this case, taking care of the top and bottom seams was not that much of a problem. The struts fit very well and this is probably the easiest time I've had aligning top and bottom wings. I did follow the instructions exactly (not that it was very complicated..) and it fit perfectly. This aircraft was not really marked up in any particularly interesting way, just done very simply, but the markings are still unique in terms of the font for the letter and numbers, how the tail number is painted and of course, the Canadian Maple Leaf next to the cockpit. Hard to see in this picture but I cut out and inserted a 'glass' windshield in that triangular 'A' pillar. Will shoot a clear coat after the decals have dried. A little tricky with the rigging but should be ok. What I really liked about this aircraft is the blue (oh maybe this should have been in the Color Me Blue group build?). This is actually Vallejo's Arctic Blue Metallic and I really like how it comes across. In various pictures of this aircraft, Billy Bishop's plane seems to have sported some very pretty blue so hopefully this is pretty close. Before the serial number decals... And after: The white surround of the lettering is one of the characteristics of this aircraft (and maybe others of the group) that I think is rather unique. Front and back of the wheels. The tyre color is my now-standard go to for rubber: Vallejo's RLM66 Black Grey. It just looks right to my eye. Still want to so a black wash to pull out the rigging and the eyelets. And the engine, mostly to be hidden in the blue cowling. Ok, next stop is the landing gear rigging, and then on to the wings! Thanks for looking, comments welcomed! Chris
  17. Hi guys ! I've started this build last august, and have been working only on this one since then, but it took me so long to get it done.... I chose this "simple" kit as i thought it would be a quick build. It was definitely not. I built it almost OOB, except a PE detail set for the cockpit and belts, and the Furball decals sheet. I added a few details here and there that were lacking the Italeri kit. Otherwise the kit is a nice kit, with correct fit, but prepare some putty if you need to make the doors closed. The canopy did not fit at all, i just dont know if it was my fault or not. The paint is MRP, the lighter grey of the zig-zag being a custom mix of MRP. The whole aircraft received the have glass finish (clear varnish with metal particles from MRP) and the zig zag were flat coated to get a different finish. Unfortunately, due to the many touch-ups i have to do, this effect is not as noticeable as it should be. What was a real PITA and took me the most of time was the masking. I spent several weeks on it (ok, i also had a lot of work at this time and did not spent hours on my build every day !). Well, i was very happy to finish it. Then i had to wait for almost 3 weeks to shoot the pictures as it was raining EVERY day since more than a month.... Crazy ! (Now it's snowing !). I know some people dislike this aircraft (i understand, you're taxpayers, too ! ), but i hope you will like that model. I wanted something very modern in my display, and now i cannot have anything more modern than this one. Here is a link to the WIP thread : http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=70567
  18. Hi there, When I saw last Friday that the next GB would be in honor of USAF 70th birthday, I thought I would build the latest addition to the family, the F-35A. This one will be built OOB with the exception of Furball Aero decals to portray a Nellis based bird. I have actually started on Saturday but I am obviously nowhere near the 25% mark. I have so far assembled the engine and the cockpit. I am still debating whether to pose the cockpit open or closed but I am leaning towards closed, purely for aesthetic reason. I will not install the pylons and will display the internal bay open with the ordnance provided. I will wait for the F-35b to build a Marine bird with all the pylons installed and fully loaded. I will use Mr.Paint colors and have glass varnish for this build. Here are obligatory box shot and the two halves of the fuselage dry fitted: Cheers, David
  19. hello everyone, this will be my second 1/32 planes to be build so far, in the market there are only 2 sabres in 1/32 scale, one by Hasegawa and the other by Italeri, between the two Italeri is the best so far in detail, but it have lots of problems with the molded pieces and some fitting issues, will see how it turns out. For this one i will use some AM stuff, all resin pieces, the cockpit, wheel wells,airbrakes, and metal pitot tube. I have found some injection problems in some of the big pieces, for example in the aft part of the fuselage some panel lines and rivets are almost invisible due to poor injection pressure into the mold, it will be shown in pictures later one, and some distortion on the wing upper surface due to the same problem before. So far i just did some cockpit work, the sabre cockpit is really plain in details, not much knobs on the side panel, and the panels and knobs are all in black color, so i used my imagination and to give some contrast and life to the side panels i used some data decals around some knobs so it wont look plain and toyish in apperance about the instrument panel, it is the old fashion way, a front pohotoetch cover (to flat in detail) and an acetate face in the back for instrument dials (at least this will give the look of glass cover in the instruments, not the best panel ever made but in the model it look quite in scale and real and here you can see the shine on the instruments looking like real glass
  20. Welcome! Come in and take a seat in the House of Flying Daggers! This will be a double build featuring Revells Mirage IIIE kit and Italeris Mirage IIIC kit together in Argentinian colours. Not to forget a good amount of AM parts! The Revell IIIE will be build as a Dagger in service during the Falklands war. Isracasts conversion to the rescue. The Italeri IIIC will be build as a homeland defender. Argentinia didn't use IIICs? Well, they did! They aquired a batch of CJ from Israel to replace the losses of the Falklands war. These CJs were modernized during IAF service life and got Atar 9C angines and Mk.6 ejection seats. So a Eagle Deseigns Mirage III/5 Atar set will be put into use, as well as parts from Fisher Resins cockpit set. Lets see what we have in the stash: The "blue" Revell kit has gone, but I have a "green" Revell at hand. Still waiting for Italeris kit, that should arrive within the next week. Also added some more useful stuff for the project. Here is what I need to build the Dagger: Kit, conversion set, some more decals (just in case, and for the other airplane too), reference book, brand new paintset for Falklands war, and a pilot. Of course I need a pilot! It's a flying Dagger! Started to cut styrene and to dry fit resin parts. This is intended to be a long-term project, to be finished at Easter next year. So take a seat, grab some popcorn, and take care of the Flying Daggers! Enjoy! - dutik
  21. OK, I just couldn't stay away so here's my newest GB entry. I'm just waiting on one to arrive for the Interwar years GB and then I'll have one in both. Although it's the final version of the infamous Lawn Dart, Brad OK'd it as being representative of the type. For AM bits, I have the Aires cockpit set and wheel bays, Eduard wheels, GT Resin burner can and exhaust, and the Zotz decal sheet. Carl
  22. YES! http://www.italeri.com/news_scheda.asp?idNews=643
  23. Hi, This is my first completion of the year... yes, we are in december, i'm ashamed.... To sum up, it is the Italeri kit, with the Aires cockpit (which was a real PITA to fit), the huge DACO decal set, Eduard resin wheels, Master Pitot tube and the Videoaviation Mk.85 dummy bomb dispenser. Except the Aires cockpit and a few badly soft looking panel lines that build was pretty straightforward with no real difficulties. This Aires cockpit harassed me until the end as i still had to make modification in order to close the canopy. I had to remove some material and redo the 2 tiny brackets for the locking system behind the headrest. You can find the WIP here : http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=57921&hl I'm still highly incompetent to take pictures. This time, i tried for the first time a blue background, as i found a large sheet of blue paper in my basement. But as it seems to change the colors a bit, i also took pictures without background. I think the pictures are not very good, and i really lacked some light, as the days are pretty dark at this time. Please let me know if you prefer the picture with the blue background or without it. Thanks for looking !
  24. I pulled this out of the stash with the intention of slapping it together in a week, but that didn't quite happen. This is a pretty bad kit and thankfully I only spend $2 on it. The canopy, air intakes and wings have less than great fit and required a fair bit of attention. They still aren't prefect, but they're good enough. This was the F-21 Lion boxing, however the decals were shot so I turned it into an Israeli Kfir C-1. Decals were left over from another kit and I added, drop tanks, bombs, bomb rack and sidewinders out of the spares box, along with a pilot. It'll be a decent 4fter model to sit on the table for Make A Mirage at Wings model show next month.
  25. Are these New or a Roden repop's ? Do not see all new tool markings on the box!!! http://www.themodellingnews.com/2015/05/we-go-back-to-knights-of-sky-with.html#more Sopwith Camel http://www.italeri.com/scheda.asp?idProdotto=2481 Nieuport 17 http://www.italeri.com/scheda.asp?idProdotto=2482 Cheers
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