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Found 7 results

  1. Good day, friends! Happy new year for all! I wishes to be healthy for all of you! This is my last work in 2020. Really great kit from WnW - F.2a late Felixstowe. Regards, Sergey Budyansky.
  2. So this will be my contribution to the 'Multi Engine' anniversary GB. I will attempt to convert the Wingnut Wings Felixstowe F.2a flying boat into one of the first real passenger/airways aeroplanes. The Aeromarine 75 were surplus US Navy Curtiss F-5-L flying boats from WWI, which were converted into carrying passengers. The original company 'Aeromarine West Indies Airways', was one of the first international airlines in the United States. Aeromarine began operating flying boats in 1920, transporting passengers, mail, and freight from the United States mainland to the Bahamas and Cuba. In 1922, Aeromarine began transporting passengers from New York to Cuba, on a two-day trip nicknamed the "Highball Express" This nickname was earned, because many of the passengers were trafficking in alcohol, which was illegal during Prohibition (1920-1933) Aeromarine 75 'Santa Maria' in Havana Harbor. 'Santa Maria' in New York. For the first time I'm not at all sure whether it will be possible to complete this challenge. The amount of conversion involved is humongous... The Wingnut Wing Felixtowe kit, + extra wing sprue's... Two Wingnut Wings Liberty engine sprue's to replace the Roll Royce Eagle engines... Gaspatch turnbuckles and HGW seatbelts (I'm not yet sure if they were used in US flying boats?) The plan of the fuselage I've been working on, to get my head around the interior layout of the extended hull... Well it's out there now, no way back from this... Happy modelling y'all: Kent
  3. Hi Folks, finally got the courage to upscale my old 1/72 Felixstowe decals - so they are off just now to the printers, hope they come in useful for some people here, thanks for looking.... 32D020 - Felixstowe F.2A N4283 32D021 - Felixstowe F.2A N4512
  4. Hi everyone, it has been a busy time getting so many new products ready - all done as a one-man-band! Here is a breakdown Decals 32D018 Gladiator MK I/ Mk II/ Sea Gladiator £10.50 32DO19 Gladiator Mk I/Sea Gladiator £10.50 32D020 Felixstowe (Zebra!)£10.50 32D021 Felixstowe (White snakes) £10.50 Photo Etch 32PE009 Gladiator bracing wires £18.00 32PE010 Sopwith Camel bracing wires £12.00 32PE011 Gladiator landing flaps £8.50 Resin 32P018 Gladiator Mk I engine/cowl set £18.00 32P019 Gladiator Upper Aileron correction £5.00 Best wishes and email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested, thanks
  5. http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f145/Joe_Zappa/IMG_0151_zpsdtbb0qq7.jpeg Since I have only a very small space to work in, and the fact that some friends have gotten my into playing Wings of Glory (combat wargame using 1/144 scale aircraft models).... I decided it was time to order one of my favorites from Shapeways. The model should be here by the end of the week, along with a pair of RAF Fe2b models. This will be a fun foray into 3d printed models - I ordered them in the White Flexible material and not the Ultra detail for a couple of reasons. 1) Since they will used and handled as gaming models, and 2) lower cost. I know going in, that the white flex material will be a bit more challenging to smooth, prime and finish, but from what I have read, not terribly so. We shall see. I plan to finish the Felixstowe in one of the many "Dazzle" schemes, and add a small amount of detailing to increase its' visual appeal on the table. BTW, the finish / scheme on this model will likely be totally fictitious as I want to experiment with several things in the process. This will be just fine for the intended purpose. So...I will post more on this when it arrives and I dive into the project. Joe
  6. Since I've been building parts of so many kits lately and flipping between the subjects so quickly, I'm going to maintain this thread as my own WWI group build and try to keep the content coming frequently so that no-one gets bored and so that it looks like I'm actually progressing on things. Currently on the go are the following Wingnut kits and the photos below show their levels of completion: 2x Albatros D.V, a Pfalz D.IIIa, a Gotha, and also I've started dry-fitting bits from the early Felixstowe. The single-seaters are being done as quick builds so I have done, or will be doing, only minimal interior weathering. The interior bits are not glued in yet as I've still got control lines to install. Here goes! Merc assembly line: The Alby interiors: One will be the all-green Jasta 5 bird from the Wingnut flying circus decal sheet, the other, I'm not sure yet. The camo wings are done with MisterKit paints, the colors look very good to my eye! Pfalz Gotha - this will be in the blue/purple LVG "MoRoTa" markings and I'll be using the wire mesh wheels from Steve Robson Cowls will both be closed, so the engines only got basic paint that will be seen through the rear openings And just for laughs, here's a comparison of the massive Gotha wingspan and length compared to the even more massive Felixstowe wingspan and length. That's a 1/48 resin Felixstowe at the bottom of the photo for comparison, also. I may need a bigger display case... I have a very involved and unique diorama idea in mind for the Felixstowe and it's going to involve a LOT of scratchbuilding!
  7. Hello all As I have loved Felixstowe F.2a when I first learned of it and seen a built 1/72 Roden at a show. So I purchased the WNWs late Felixstowe F.2a. Most likely be building N4297 (WNW B version) light blue strips on white background. The instructions have 3 subversion's of the B version. So I'm looking at B2 or B3. What I ask is, Does this Felixstowe F.2a have flat rigging wire? If so I use Prym thread as it's flat. WNW asks you to use two different thicknesses 0.15mm and 0.20mm and show you a round style? But is both the thinner and thicker bracing wire flat? Or should I bother? Control wires is round right? Also what Gas Patch Turn Buckles and ends do you recommend for the Felixstowe F.2a? I also have Windsock Datafile 82 on the Felixstowe F.2a. What References are a must for learning more about this aircraft. Or a understanding of WW I aircraft. I find that it's hard to find info on this subject matter. It's not an Albatross or Me-109 I ask this as I try to gather all items and references needed for my kits! http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/productdetail?productid=3116&cat=3 Cheers Danny
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