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Found 12 results

  1. Cant finish the Zipper, ´cause i am waiting on the Master pitot, but its on the home stretch. So i pulled out this kit: It has a bit of a story. When Kitty Hawk stopped producing kits i panicked a little and ordered the T-28, the F-5, the Mirage 2000C and the Bronco, being afraid of prices in the future. i allread built the T-28 https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/97693-vietnames-t-28c/ i collected aftermarket for the F-5 and the Mirage, but wasnt sure what to do wth the Bronco. the desert storm version wasnt my first choice, but i couldnt finde the A version at the time, maybe i didnt look hard enough but the i remebered a drawing of a version with the long nose in an old squadron book. it turned out it was the YOV-10D, of which version two were employed to Binh Thuy to VAL-4 (being a Navy unit, the NOGS werent acually a part of the Black Ponys i think)
  2. Hello everyone! It's been some time since I posted any work on LSP. Since my Revell F-4 debacle I took a break from 1/32 scale and worked on some 1/48 projects instead. I decided to get back to my favourite scale and was looking for a modern but non-jet subject. I came across Kitty Hawk's OV-10D kit and despite some negativity surrounding the kit itself and the manufacturer in general I bit the bullet and got it. While I don't know much about the aircraft I immediately fell in love with its distinctive shape and overall agricultural look. The kit is an excellent candidate for super-detailing considering its large canopy and provided open engines. For this build, apart from the model itself, I'll be using AMS Resin's seats and True Details' wheels. The rest of the details will be scratchbuilt. So... Here goes!
  3. A little something I threw together watching the Cricket World Cup the last two weeks. This is Bronco's 1/35 40mm Bofors gun. It's a good kit, well detailed and fitting but with some frustrating points. Some sections are over complicated with detail included that cannot be seen once completed or photo etch that could have been included as molded on detail with a loss of detail. Also make sure you read ahead in the instructions as parts often need to fit into others in steps down the road, if you mess up the alignment you will have trouble down the road. It would also be nice if Bronco included some extra smaller parts as they are easy to lose. It's finished with Gunze Olive drab and weathered with MiG pigments dry mud and European dust.
  4. Completed the 1/32 Kitty Hawk OV-10 Bronco kit. Finished as OV-10E Fuerza Aerea Venezolana, 1991 check out my modelling report here: https://designer.home.xs4all.nl/models/bronco-32/bronco-32-1.htm Hope you like it!
  5. ALL 1/72 & 1/32 OV-10A Bronco decals are now on sale for this weekend at 20+% off at: www.AOAdecals.com Sale applies to direct purchases only (not applicable to ebay purchases). Prices are marked down on each page; if sale price not shown be sure to refresh/reload the page. (happy father's day!) 1/72 1/32
  6. This is going to be a small thread, posting just a couple of photos.. the next batch it will more than likely be done in terms of paint, then I will get onto the trolley it sits on. A nice little kit, I think I will have to get the other kits Bronco do in this range, especially the twin seat trainer. In the second photo, the nose cone, tail planes & pulse jet cowling are just pushed on for the photo.
  7. Ive been waiting for this one for a LONG LONG time. Its by far and away one of my all time favorite air-frames, possibly top two. I have always loved it ever since my dad got me up close and personal to a demonstrator way back in the day at a show at our local AFB.............simple, effective, superlative flying characteristics, great visibility, super maneuverability, and extreme adaptability and flexibility. It was always just do damn small in the dreaded 1/48th scale to model, along with the fact that the Testors kit was really JACKED UP and needed mondo AM parts to make it even remotely acceptable............................. Enter Kitty Hawk! Glenn and crew have been putting out some real stunners lately, and this little gem has to be seen to be believed! This 1/32nd OV-10D from Kitty Hawk is possibly their best kit to date, with some wonderful molding, precise and restrained reviting, and some very fine detail all the way around. Our very own LSP_Paul will be doing an In-Box review of this kit shortly, and I will let his review cover what you get in the box, so I wont go into a great deal on that up-front. This will be a build review for Kitty Hawk models, so it will be built OOB using only what KH give you in the box, which is some REALLY nice stuff! I will let Pauls IB review cover that in more depth, but believe me, there are some VERY nice touches in the kit..................but for now, lets get started! Unlike some previous new releases from other manufactures, KH has chosen some really great box art for their D model release of the OV-10: For whatever reason, I really like the shape/size of the Broncos box..............that is not something I often think about, or even contemplate when modeling really, but in this case the KH OV-10 box is not that large in length or width, but its quite thick, with glossy artwork of all the schemes the kit comes with, and is just about the perfect size to work with on the bench: The box itself, comes absolutely STUFFED full of light gray sprues and some nice little treats, but again Ill let Paul get into those detail in his IB review. I had to completely revamp my work room and clean up some cluttered and effectively unused space, to free up some room to get the HK OV-10 on the bench and still keep adequate room to continue the HpH Walrus at the same time. Ive not attempted a double build before, but I freed up ample room for the OV-10, along with some space to put finished parts, the instructions, as well as getting a new work matt for the space, and rigging an old light I had laying around as a 3rd work light for this new work space. I will still be able to use my PC, but I seem to have ample room to work on, and spread out with both kits, and not get anything mixed up, or have either one hamper the other as far as room goes.
  8. Next release will be a small third OV-10A sheet in 1/32 (32-008) featuring three more Vietnam War aircraft – the 20th TASS CO's “famous†shark-mouthed Lois Little (in different periods), and two standard VMO-2 aircraft that were initially planned for inclusions in the first USN/USMC sheet. This latest sheet will depart from previous AOA releases in that it will NOT include complete airframe stencils but instead will have only the larger common markings. (Full stencils of course are available separately already, 32-006 and 32-007.) 32-008 – Da Nang War Horses – USAF/USMC OV-10A Broncos in the Vietnam War Price TBD: More info: www.AOAdecals.com (Click image for larger view)
  9. This is the forthcoming (August 2015 release) Kitty Hawk 1/32nd OV-10A. What can I say...........................Its a great kit. VERY few flaws, great fit all the way around, VERY few large omissions or errors, and will have a price point (at least as far as I can judge by the cost of the D model Bronco that is) that most everyone will be able to enjoy it. Normally this is where I tell you to "go buy the kit!"................but alas you cannot...............not YET anyway. Upon its release in August of this year, I will definitely be getting another one and building it as well! This was a commission build for Glen @ Kitty Hawk models and will be used to promote the kit. After these pics were taken she was boxed up, and is now ready to be shipped out to Glen. I was a bit forlorn as I think she turned out very fetching looking if I do say so myself. Thanks to Randy (AKA sluggo) @ StencilPal for the paint masks used on the very first ever OV-10A kit built, and thanks also goes to Steve (AKA ziggyfoos) from AOA decals, as well as Danny (AKA Vandy 1 VX 4) for their OV-10 knowledge, as well as all who stopped in and gave helpful advice, and en encouraging word............cheers to you all. Some of the pics give the model a funny optical allusion, looking like it has a bit of anhedral to the wings, but I can confirm they are straight and level. Things are quite pic heavy ahead, so without further ado, here is the soon to be released OV-10A for I built for Glen and Kitty Hawk: MORE.........................
  10. Well guys we are off to the races again.........................More Broncos! I have received my shipment of parts for the new Kitty Hawk OV-10A from Glen..................... There is not box nor box-art, there are no instructions, and no decals, so this one may be slightly more of a challenge than the D was overall, but still should not be an issue with the instructions from the D model. There are not a whole lot of differences between the kits that i can see other than the nose of coarse, and then the exhausts, props and some cockpit differences. The cockpit still appears to be slightly inaccurate for the A model, and there dont appear to be any new weapons stores for the A, but again this is a test shot ONLY so things may change when the actual kit is released. Im not even sure of what the OOB schemes will be as Glen has not let on about that yet. So in light of things, I will be using some left over decals from my OV-10D build in conjunction with some custom made Black Ponies and some fuselage codes to make a SEA scheme from the VAL-4 Black Ponies based at Binh Thuy in 1969. I have everything I need save the Black Ponies themselves, and some fuselage codes: Here is another drawing of a ship from the same squadron based out of Vung Tau also in 1969 with a pretty much identical paint scheme as I will be going for: I will likely be using the first set of codes for 55403. This will be a down and dirty 100% OOB build. I will not be adding anything that I don't already have in the cardboard box that the parts came in since this will be a demo model for Glen to display at his tables. In that light, I will also be doing something out of the ordinary for me, and in keeping with the demo/OOB theme, I will be displaying all 4 cockpit crew hatches open, and likely one engine cover displayed open as well. This is not my normal SOP, so it may take some finagling during the shipping process to keep things from breaking off. Im not sure on that yet, and will cross that bridge when its time to start thinking about shipping this one to Glen. The main parts difference (at least in my test shot) is a pretty short list of parts: Well boys and girls that is about all for today........................Ill be getting an actual start on this one soon, I just have to wrap up the build article on the OV-10D, paint on the anti-glare green on teh windscreen and Ill be digging into this one. Cheers!
  11. As mentioned previously, AOA will be releasing a "small" sheet covering USAF Bronco FACs from the Vietnam War. Again one set of stencils will be included, and the stencil sheet will also be available separately. This sheet will also be released in 1/72 and will include the same schemes. If/when a modern 1/48 kit comes out, the plan is release all the Bronco sheets in that scale as well. This sheet covers 15 aircraft with instructions showing option for 16 (one aircraft is represented at two time periods). Also one can be built either as a standard Bronco or a PAVE NAIL, the overall markings were the same pre/post mod. Profiles will be posted in the next couple days. Profiles posted now. Price is $20. Available week of Jun 22. Expected to be available late June/early July - just in time for the kit. www.AOAdecals.com (Click image for larger view)
  12. This sheet mainly covers the Black Ponies (VAL-4) but also includes two options (same aircraft) from VS-41 who were related to VAL-4 as they handled the crew/personnel training. Also included is one VMO-6 aircraft as their aircraft appeared in Vietnam. Similar to the previous AOA A-6 offering, FULL airframe stenciling will be also included for one Bronco. This sheet will also be released in 1/72 at the same time (1/72 will have one additional scheme - 1971 VMO-6) The 1/32 allows 21 marking choices: 1 option for VMO-6 “Cherry Six†at Quang Tri, South Vietnam (1969) 2 options (1 aircraft) for VS-41 Shamrocks at Naval Air Station (NAS) North Island, California USA (1969 & 1971) 18 options (11 aircraft) for VAL-4 Black Ponies at Vung Tau and Binh Thuy, South Vietnam (1969-72) Also includes VAL-4 and VS-41 crew helmets decals and VAL-4 sharkmouths (early/late) Price is TBD. Expected to be available early/mid May. www.AOAdecals.com (Click image for larger view)
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