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Found 16 results

  1. Suitably inspired (nagged!) by my 9 year old son Cameron to dig out our respective B-17 projects, I thought I ought to put a stick in the ground and post a thread here. Cam is a huge B-17 fan (especially the 'Memphis Belle) as so last year we got him the old Revell 1:48th 'F' kit. He was very excited - and then a little put off by the complexity of it all so I had 'another bright ideaTM' and suggested that if he had a go at his, I'd dig my 1:32 monster from the loft and we could build both in parallel. This weekend just gone Cam has called 'in' on the deal - so, well, here we are!
  2. I've been working on this on and off for the last few months and have finished it off this week. I've used the classic Revell 1/48th B-17F kit and coupled it with Koster's vacformed beautiful early Fortress conversion set. This comprises a new rear fuselage with the distinctive 'shark fin', a new early nose and cockpit transparency as well as other various vacformed clear parts, along with some additional air intakes for the early oil cooler set up - all in all a very comprehensive conversion set. You have to undertake other mods to the Revell kit such as shortening the nose (the
  3. G'day guys, Since this topic seems to come up about every 3 months, I thought I'd show you what can be done if you want it badly enough These parts are just a rough trial, but my initial impressions are that it improves the look of the kit immensely. It also *should* be compatible with most of the existing kit parts once I've got it properly cleaned up, apart from a new instrument panel/#3 bulkhead of course and the cockpit glazings.... Anyway, I thought I'd share it here in case you miss my build. Cheers, Craig
  4. G'day Guys, Well I'm doing something I've tried for a long time not to do; have two build logs going at once. The difference, aside from them being 2 different versions of the B-17 (I have 3 all up), is that for a while, this build will exist mainly as a virtual one. With so much discussion about the shape of the nose and what HK did or didn't get right, I've decided to embark on a quest to see if I can come up with a decent rendition that has the right "look." My aim here is NOT to produce an aftermarket correction set to go on sale to the masses, more so to investiga
  5. Guess I will just put this here for a start... First off, I will not in any way be attempting to finish this within the GB time frame - But as it is a 'Multi-Engined' kit, here we go... The subject of this build, will be this very well known 'ship': Boeing B-17G-70-BO 43-37675 (VE-N) / 'Trudie’s Terror' / 'Patches' / 'Flak Magnet'. 532nd Bomb Squadron 381st Bomb Group, based at Ridgewell Airbase UK.
  6. Thought Id share some warbird pics I took. Who knows might have a detail you're looking for. https://www.flickr.com/photos/shawnmanny/collections/72157671911963928/ Bonus random F-18F that showed up! Neat trip, great aircraft and wonderful access to them. Sadly I did not go through the B-17, sorry gang
  7. A few years ago I met the radio operator of this plane, and he explained to me that it was an airbase-creation of a Boeing manufactured front spliced onto a Vega manufactured rear, which gave the ship a definite permanent upward pitch, since Boeing's manufacturing techniques resulted in an overall lighter airframe then Vega's. So they named it "The Ruptured Duck". He told me about the deadly air attack by a group of Me-262's, and I think I found the record of it: https://search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=AwrEwNayQyNb58oAFgUPxQt.;_ylc=X1MDMjExNDcwMDU1OQRfcgMyBGZyA3locy1hdmFzdC1icndzc
  8. Hi guys! From my research for another string, I stumbled across what may be the most comprehensive source I have seen yet! http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2004/01/stuff_eng_interior_colours_us.htm Enjoy
  9. This is an idea that I've been kicking around for ages, a 1:48 B-17 50/50 cutaway. The idea here is to paint one half (along the fuselage vertical centerline) OD over grey, with markings of one squadron, with the other half in a natural metal scheme from another squadron, and cutaways on both sides showing internal areas. I don't believe there's a prayer in heck that I could ever get this finished in time for Omaha, but (thinking rather optimistically) I'm hoping it will be done for Tennessee in 2019.
  10. I had it all filled-in on the Sprue Bros. order form: The HK Models B-17E/F. The one where you can build the Memphis Belle. Almost $750 and Eduard hasn't released the four resin engines for it they did for the G version. But price was not a consideration. As my youngest tells me every time I complain about the cost of something. "Shut up, Dad, you drive a Porsche." But last night I woke up in the middle of my not-so-ugly-sleep to pee (old guys like me have to pee at least once in the middle of the night), and it hit me. You have over a 100 kits in your stash. You have 2 FW-190
  11. Incoming! Ever seen a flying cow? Beware! This one has 4 engines and a punch! A white skin an blue dots too! OK, lets see what we have: Meng Kids kit of the B-17. The part threes and a lot of blue dots provided by HungAero decals. This will become the famous "Spotted cow" assembly ship of the Migthy Eight! A little bit of conversion work needed: The cow is a F, the kit a G. Easy fix: Just not installing a number of gun positions. And I have to close the bomb bay doors, because it doesn't suit an assembly ship to go with pants down Enjoy! - dutik
  12. The wait is over! For those looking to construct a 1/32 USAAF airfield diorama, you must take a close look at R2D's latest offering. This exquisitely detailed little lift features 10 highly-detailed parts and full instruction guide. The swivel handle is fully poseable in the “at use†or “rest†positions. With minimal work, the lift can be lowered into the un-raised position. Perfect for use with the HK B-17 model(s) and the B-25, among others. Available today for only $14.99 per set Please click HERE to be redirected to the R2D store for more details and to purchase Cheers!
  13. I've always heard and seen the waist gunner positions on the B-17 being staggered, but this picture appears to show otherwise :: http://media.defense...F-1234S-003.JPG Here's the article where the photo resides. It's 10th pic in the gallery :: http://www.nationalm...g-fortress.aspx Understandably there are ton of variants but could this pic be from a different kind of bomber altogether? The belly gunner makes me believe it's still a 17 but I'm no expert. Were there any other bombers that had a belly turret like this? If it is a 17, why aren't waist gunners staggered? ~Chaz
  14. Hello - More goodies for the HK B-17 available now on my site - more on the way. AC32028 Want to add some visual impact to your HK flying fortress without the fuss or monetary outlay? R2D is offering the seat without seat belts or cushions — just the steel shell! The pressed-metal is shell faithfully recreated in resin, and is intricately designed (of course!) — accurate to the most minute detail including rivets, anchors, etc.! [click HERE to purchase our set with belts!] This is perfect for the modeler who already owns PE/fabric seat belts or prefers PE and/or Fabric belts over
  15. OK, fellas, I have a dilemma here. I have this old tattered print from a B-17 model of some sort, but have no recollection of what kit it came from. Aurora, Lindberg, Revell, I mean I really have no idea, though I think it was a 1:72 scale kit. Can anyone clearly identify what kit this came from? Thanks a bunch,
  16. ... it is done... The B-17G Flying Fortress - "YANKEE LADY" in scale 1/32 by HK Models, with all photo etched parts by Eduard, Decals by Kitsworld brass parts by Profimodeller Pictures of the interior or you find "in the works" or on my website again. Now have a loot at the "Yankee Lady":
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