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Found 19 results

  1. First of all I'd like to point out that I've been a long-time lurker that has gotten a lot of information on large scale aircraft here and figured it might be time to send something back. I'm actually a mostly 1/72 modeller, but after finishing a beautiful WnW Fokker D.VII as my first 1/32 kit in ages, I kind of picked up the bug again. My last 1/32 somewhat modern aircraft was a Revell F-14A in VF-1 markings that I put on the television back then -until my mom dusted it off and it fell off, despite the rubber grippy tires! As it would fit nowhere near on a modern TV I guess that tells something about how long ago that was... (I'm 42 now and live in the Netherlands). Some may know me from the Dutch Modelbrouwers or WW1 Aircraft forum there I go by the same name. The Intruder has always been a favourite with 1/72 builds of Italeri, Hasegawa and Fujimi kits, but I'd never gotten one as it was too big and expensive... however, when I discovered AoA decals I got a set for VA-65, and somehow managed a nice deal on an A-6A, mostly still factory sealed. It's this set: My kids want me to do the camouflaged version, but bought it for NL-413 or AA-511, though as you can see later I finished the MERs already and it'll have to be NL-401 or NL-413 now. I can decide later on, but it does feel like a bit of a waste of decals to only use so few on top... I started our with ordnance, as one of the things I dislike about modern aircraft is just that. The kit only comes with 12 simplefied Mk82 Snakeeyes and 2 MERs, but a fellow modeller who would replace them with aftermarket gave me another MER and 6 Mk82s. I'll be loading the A-6 up with 2 MERs outboard, and 1 on the centerline, leaving the inner pylons empty as I saw on a photo of this cruise. As I can't justify the additional costs of 18 Mk82s and 3 MERs in aftermarket I set about to improve what came with the kit. These Snakeeyes fit poorly and required a lot of work to get them to look acceptable. I poked the hinges (which should extend much more to the rear and be much taller as well) with a drill bit and needle, and used a JLC saw and a scriber to open up the fins. The rear part was modified with some punched card disks. Accurate? Not quite, but IMHO a lot better as what came with the kit. I'll be using pins to attach all of it to the model once done so if my lottery ticket proves a winning one I can always replace them. I used black basing and mottled purple red, yellow and some green, deliberately painting some parts more than others. This was then overcoated with olive drab and the noses painted yellow. All of this was Revell Aqua Acrylics, except the glosscoat, which is my trusty Tamiya X-22. The decals are from the kit and worked well, but don't have any letterin on them, they're just yellow squares and rectangles... better than nothing I guess. The fuses are Revell Aqua "Eisen" (#91) with an oil wash and satin varnish. The MERs needed a lot of filling and sanding, and had the extra wires for the top positions added, for some reason Trumpeter supplies only the lower ones. These were also painted black, mottled with medium grey and pure white, then painted with my Insignia White mix (95% Revell Aqua 04 gloss pure white with 5% Revell Aqua 43 medium grey mixed in) I wish I replaced the lower wires as well, they do look a bit different now. The VA-65 decals are from the AoA sheet and worked well, final finish was another glosscoat, some washes with oil paints and a satin coat finished them. In case you're wondering why one of the decals is angled, I saw that on a photo and figured it would be a nice little detail. I'm now working on a few more mods to the wings and fuselage, so more to follow! Jeroen
  2. Silly me... I've got AOA's excellent "Intruder Sandbox" sheet in 1/32 and recently got a great deal on an A-6E. Somehow, my current VA-65 build makes me want to build another VA-65 aircraft, but in this scheme: AOA decals does a VA-65 Part II sheet with these markings, but for AG-500, whose instructions (review courtesy of LSP, thanks!) state that the aircraft may have been overall FS36440 but were (as can be seen) rather weathered and this is far from certain. While browsing around some this morning for no apparent reason I stumbled upon this interesting shot of similar looking AG-501: It may not have been at exactly the same time as AG-500 depicted in the AOA decals (these aircraft miss the "E" marking near the "S" that AG-500 did have) but at least on my monitor there is a tonal difference between 501 (overall grey) and 511 and the A-7 in the back (both rather clearly still in grey/white). I love the weathered walkways on 501 Seeing this I'm even more tempted to go with this scheme... Any guesses on what the overall colour may have been? Light or Dark Ghost grey? Jeroen
  3. Next 1/32 AOA sheet (32-016) release is a little different as it covers one specific F-4J Phantom (BuNo 155887) as she appeared during three Vietnam cruises while with the same squadron (VF-143 Pukin' Dogs, callsign "Taproom") and also same modex each time (102). Not a MiG killer, just one example of the many, many other Phantoms that took part in the war daily. The Pukin' Dogs Vietnam F-4B's have been covered in decal form before (again, because of MiG kills), their later wartime F-4Js have been neglected until now. Sheet covers the Vietnam/WESTPAC cruises: USS Constellation 1969-70, USS Enterprise 1971-72, and USS Enterprise 1972-73. Among others, thankfully received help from 102's own plane captain Tom Chergi from the 72-73 cruise. For the 1972-73 cruise, this aircraft also bore the name of 143's XO, CDR Harley Hall, who sadly become the last Navy combat loss on 27 January 1973 flying Taproom 113 (the day the Paris Peace Accords were signed) and last American to be listed as POW. While his RIO was later released, there is still controversy and contradictions surrounding the ultimate fate of CDR Hall. If anyone saw the 1975 documentary "Threshold - The Blue Angel Experience", this was filmed during CDR Hall's time when he was the Blue Angels flight leader and as such is featured in it. Back to the sheet: Unlike vast majority of AOA releases, only minimal stenciling/common markings are included, such as the different ejection seat warning triangles used for each cruise, static port stencils, national insignias, and two styles of jet intake warnings and RESCUE markings. F-4's were liberally covered with stencils and is too large of a project to be covered for this release. A full F-4 stencil and panel number decal sheet may be a future release from AOA (not currently planned as of today). The sheet also includes fuel tank and FOD cover squadron identifiers. Now in stock. Printed by Cartograf. Price $22 (free shipping in the US) www.AOAdecals.com (Click image for larger view)
  4. Now that the summer break has ended, AOA's next release is the previously mentioned VNAF A-1H (AD-6) Skyraiders. Turned out to be too many for one sheet, so there will be two releases, each one still also pretty full. The sheets cover overall 36440 grey, grey over white, overall 36473 grey, USAF SEA camo, and various VNAF style camo Skyraiders. 32-017 will have 10 schemes (8 aircraft) 32-018 will have 11 schemes Prices $20 each (free shipping in US) Printed by Cartograf Now in stock www.AOAdecals.com (Click images for larger views) 32017: 32018:
  5. Vietnam A-4's were supposed to be the second AOA release after the initial USMC A-6A sheet about a year ago but they got pushed back for various reasons. They are up for release finally (in 1/32) - estimated to be available in January. Rather than one extra-large release again (like the last A-6A sheet…) this time they've been broken down to somewhat smaller sizes: Part 1 (32-010) 10 schemes (also will include stencil sheet 32-012) VMA-223 Bulldogs – 5 schemes covering 1966-69 from Chu Lai VA-94 Mighty Shrikes – 4 schemes, 3 cruises (Bon Homme Richard 1968, 1969, and 1970 - replacement for the very inaccurate “BOBBIE†CAG jet) VA-106 Gladiators – 1 scheme (Intrepid 1968-69) Part 2 (32-011) 9 schemes (also will include stencil sheet 32-012) VMA-311 Tomcats – 4 schemes covering 1966-70 from Chu Lai VA-144 Roadrunners – 2 schemes, 2 cruises (Kitty Hawk 1967-68, and Bon Homme Richard 1969) VA-155 Silver Foxes – 3 schemes, 2 cruises (Coral Sea 1964-65, Ranger 1968-69) Stencil sheet will also be available for individual sale in limited number. Profiles posted - see page 2 And yes, the intention is to release in smaller scale at later date. Now in stock and available to order www.AOAdecals.com (Click image for larger view)
  6. Even though there are several other squadrons I planned (and wanted) to cover, this part 4 (32-014) release covering the Vietnam A-4 decal series will be the last one in 1/32. 32-014 will have 6 schemes: VMA-211 Wake Island Avengers – two A-4E schemes covering 1968-69 from Chu Lai, one with and one without the hump. VA-22 Fighting Redcocks – two A-4F schemes from the Bon Homme Richard 1970 cruise, one CAG scheme and one standard line scheme (the CAG coincidently is same cruise as the "BOBBIE" VA-94 scheme in previous sheet, this also covers all of BHR's A-4 squadrons between part 1, 2, and 4 decals with VA-94, -144, and now -22). VA-55 Warhorses – two schemes, one A-4E from the USS Ranger 1965-66 cruise and one A-4F from the USS Hancock cruise. Again, a copy of the stencil sheet (32-012) will also be included. Price $22 Now in stock www.AOAdecals.com (Click image for larger view)
  7. I thought I posted about this already on LSP but I guess I didn't. AOA sheet (SS-001) will be for the A-6 Intruder again but this time it will be a small special sheet with all three scales on one sheet. These Intruders were A-6E TRAM aircraft modified in 1989 to represent A-6A during Vietnam in 1972 for a particular movie. The sheet includes the exterior markings to reproduce Devil 501 or 505. Decals for crew helmets for both aircraft and one external fuel tank are also provided. (The national insignias are intentionally mis-proportioned on the decal sheet compared to specs, this is how they appeared on the actual 501 and 505) Now in stock. Printed by Microscale. Price $13 www.AOAdecals.com
  8. I rewrote this (Jan 9) - these will are released. A package of AMS Resin's previously released A-4C conversion (for Trumpeter kit) along with new AOA decals. Now available: http://aoadecals.com/32013/ $60 US / $69 international - which includes AMS Resin conversion and the the AOA decal sheet (free shipping in US) This conversion package would include three A-4C's from Vietnam. To my knowledge, none of these schemes have ever been done in any scale before: VMA-214 Blacksheep 1966/67 VA-146 Blue Diamonds 1964-65 VA-216 Black Diamonds 1964-65. Decals are on one full size sheet, and as usual include stencils as well as specific squadron drop tank markings for two tanks each (and helmet decals for all three schemes as well).
  9. AOA's favorite "modern" aircraft. Did not anticipate releasing another A-6A release in 1/32 but couldn't resist, too many combat schemes not covered. This is a LARGE release, largest by AOA (so far) - four full sheets of decals. 16 options, including two A-6B Mod 0 Iron Hands and two KA-6D tankers. Plus three CAG schemes - including the never done in any scale "patience my ass" vulture 224 scheme VMA(AW)-224 Bengals: USS Coral Sea 1971-72 (5 options - 3x A-6A including CAG scheme, 1x A-6B, & 1x KA-6D) VA-95 Green Lizards (technically not "war" but supported Operation End Sweep along North Vietnam): USS Coral Sea 1973 (2 options - 2x A-6A, including CAG scheme) VA-165 Boomers: USS Ranger 1967-68 (1 option - A-6A) USS Ranger 1968-69 (1 option - A-6A) USS America 1970 (1 option - A-6A) USS Constellation 1971-72 (1 option - A-6A CAG scheme) VA-196 Main Battery: USS Constellation 1968-69 (1 option - A-6A) USS Ranger 1969-70 (1 option - A-6A) USS Enterprise 1971-72 (2 options - 1x A-6A & x1 A-6B) USS Enterprise 1972-73 (1 option - KA-6D) Now available www.AOAdecals.com (Click image for larger view)
  10. The new 1/32 decal sheets are now in stock and ready to ship - www.AOAdecals.com 32-003 The Intruders' Sandbox - USN/USMC A-6E Intruders in Libyan Strikes & Desert Storm This sheet covers all three Intruder squadrons involved in the strikes against Libya in March and April 1986 as part of Operation Prairie Fire and Operation El Dorado Canyon respectively; and the sheet also covers two squadrons in 1991 from Operation Desert Storm. 7 Marking Options Included: 1 option for VA-34 Blue Blasters, USS America, Operations Prairie Fire & El Dorado Canyon (1986) 1 option for VA-55 Warhorses, USS Coral Sea, Operations Prairie Fire & El Dorado Canyon (1986) 1 option for VA-85 Black Falcons, USS Saratoga, Operations Prairie Fire & El Dorado Canyon (1986) 2 options for VA-35 Black Panthers, USS Saratoga, Operation Desert Storm (1991) 2 options for VMA(AW)-533 Hawks, Sheikh Isa Air Base (Bahrain), Operation Desert Storm (1991) Decals also included for crew helmets, fuel tanks, ejection seats, VA-35 MERs, & VA-55 ordnance markings. Printed by Cartograf
  11. The next AOA sheet (32-015) will be for the 1/32 Kitty Hawk T-28 Trojan kit. As usual with AOA the focus is again on aircraft that were in combat (with one exception). Sheet will have 18 schemes covering various nationalities. Although none are specifically marked with the US national insignia, some were directly unmarked US aircraft and many others were US operated/maintained under the disguise of other nationalities due to the "secret" war. Laos (5 schemes) - T-28B/C/D Thai (3 schemes) - T-28D Cambodia (1 scheme) / Khmer (2 schemes) - T-28B/D VNAF (5 schemes) - T-28B/C US (2 schemes) - T-28D A few of these schemes are very similar to one another with only some minor differences. Some of it is due to some having the Yankee extraction setup (future kit/conversion), as well as some D-5 aircraft, and also two C aircraft since the Kitty Hawk B/D kit suggests a C is planned (if not, then for conversions). Two types of stencils will be provided - one as the original full letters and other as the sprayed/stencil letters. Should also point out the Loa national insignia included is specifically based on the actual painted markings applied to the T-28, it is not based on the Wikipedia insignia image that has been used incorrectly on other decals previously released. Yes the wiki version sure looks nice with fancy detail, but it is not accurate to the real insignia carried on the RLAF marked T-28s! More important point: unfortunately the 1st Air Commando "VNAF" shark-mouthed aircraft have some license taken on colors and a significant compromise was taken on the shark-mouths. About 30 photos were available of their aircraft, and for some reason all except one were in black and white - and that one that was in color, that specific aircraft didn't have the lightning bolt on the tail (figures). Various written accounts say the rudder was light blue, blue, and others say red. In b/w photos it appears very dark, lighter than the inside of the eyes which is known to be red from the color photo. Both red and blue bolts are provided but I've shown blue on the profiles (light blue seems highly unlikely). The inside of the sharkmouth is usually shown in illustrations as red; in the b/w photos, some aircraft, and in this case specifically aircraft 371 is one, the inside of the mouth is noticeably darker than the inside of the eye (red), while on 372 the inside of the mouth appears closer in color to the red eye color. This fact, plus the extent and number of curvatures required to fit a full decal with mouth color provided, is why I elected to only provide the teeth/"lips" as decals and leave it up to the modeler for the inner color. So the inside of the mouth will have to be painted first on the kit, which could be a real pain. Not ideal, but like I said, I did a compromise as I wanted to at least offer the chance for these aircraft. Printed by Microscale. Now in stock Price $20 www.AOAdecals.com The two sheets:
  12. The next AOA decal release is a little different and will AOA's first 1/35 offering. Sheet covers 23 Loaches/Cayuses (24 schemes) from Vietnam and is for the "old" Dragon (and Italeri rebox). D Troop, 1st Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment (x3) A Troop, 7th Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment (x2) D Troop, 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment F Troop, 4th Cavalry Regiment F Troop, 8th Cavalry Regiment C Troop, 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment (x2) D Troop, 1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment A Troop, 2nd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment B Troop, 2nd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment C Troop, 3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment (former D Trp, 3rd Sq, 5th Cav) B Troop, 7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment (x2) C Troop, 7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment B Company, 25th Aviation Battalion B Company, 123rd Aviation Battalion Casper Platoon, 173rd Airborne Brigade 326th Airborne Medical Company & HQ Company, 3rd Brigade, 101st Airborne Division (x2) Unknown unit (x2) Two sets of stencils provided (including some interior) Now available Price $20 (free shipping in US) www.AOAdecals.com
  13. Next release will be a small third OV-10A sheet in 1/32 (32-008) featuring three more Vietnam War aircraft – the 20th TASS CO's “famous†shark-mouthed Lois Little (in different periods), and two standard VMO-2 aircraft that were initially planned for inclusions in the first USN/USMC sheet. This latest sheet will depart from previous AOA releases in that it will NOT include complete airframe stencils but instead will have only the larger common markings. (Full stencils of course are available separately already, 32-006 and 32-007.) 32-008 – Da Nang War Horses – USAF/USMC OV-10A Broncos in the Vietnam War Price TBD: More info: www.AOAdecals.com (Click image for larger view)
  14. AOAdecals will be releasing small decals sets covering some ordnance, first releases: 32-WO1 – Mk.20 Rockeyes Complete markings for the CBU loaded with live Mk.118 cluster bombs. Similar to the real deal, the yellow stenciled markings are presented with slight variations compared to each other so that each set is a little unique. Inspection windows are also provided as decals. 32-WO2 – Mk.77 Mod.4/5/6 Fire Bombs Complete markings for the Mark77 Fire/Fuel Bomb. Markings are provided to represent either the Mod. 4, 5, or 6 bomb. Prices TBD. More info: www.AOAdecals.com (Click image for larger view) Ordnance decals:
  15. As mentioned previously, AOA will be releasing a "small" sheet covering USAF Bronco FACs from the Vietnam War. Again one set of stencils will be included, and the stencil sheet will also be available separately. This sheet will also be released in 1/72 and will include the same schemes. If/when a modern 1/48 kit comes out, the plan is release all the Bronco sheets in that scale as well. This sheet covers 15 aircraft with instructions showing option for 16 (one aircraft is represented at two time periods). Also one can be built either as a standard Bronco or a PAVE NAIL, the overall markings were the same pre/post mod. Profiles will be posted in the next couple days. Profiles posted now. Price is $20. Available week of Jun 22. Expected to be available late June/early July - just in time for the kit. www.AOAdecals.com (Click image for larger view)
  16. This sheet mainly covers the Black Ponies (VAL-4) but also includes two options (same aircraft) from VS-41 who were related to VAL-4 as they handled the crew/personnel training. Also included is one VMO-6 aircraft as their aircraft appeared in Vietnam. Similar to the previous AOA A-6 offering, FULL airframe stenciling will be also included for one Bronco. This sheet will also be released in 1/72 at the same time (1/72 will have one additional scheme - 1971 VMO-6) The 1/32 allows 21 marking choices: 1 option for VMO-6 “Cherry Six†at Quang Tri, South Vietnam (1969) 2 options (1 aircraft) for VS-41 Shamrocks at Naval Air Station (NAS) North Island, California USA (1969 & 1971) 18 options (11 aircraft) for VAL-4 Black Ponies at Vung Tau and Binh Thuy, South Vietnam (1969-72) Also includes VAL-4 and VS-41 crew helmets decals and VAL-4 sharkmouths (early/late) Price is TBD. Expected to be available early/mid May. www.AOAdecals.com (Click image for larger view)
  17. The new 1/32 decal sheets are now in stock and ready to ship - www.AOAdecals.com Here are some random close-up photos of the sheets: 32001-a 32002-a 32002-b 32-001 Intruders from the Beach - USMC A-6A Intruders in the Vietnam War This extensive and comprehensive decal sheet covers the three land based USMC A-6 Intruder squadrons during the Vietnam War: VMA(AW)-225, -242, and -533; and was made possible only with the assistance of the Marine veterans themselves. Primarily seven schemes are featured, however this sheet provides the option to represent one of many possible Intruders from any timeframe for each squadron. 23 Marking Options (14 Aircraft) Included: 3 options (2 aircraft) for VMA(AW)-225 Vikings while at Da Nang Air Base, South Vietnam, from 1969-71 7 options (5 aircraft) for VMA(AW)-242 Batmen while at Da Nang Air Base, South Vietnam, from 1966-70 5 options (3 aircraft) for VMA(AW)-533 Hawks while at Chu Lai Air Base, South Vietnam, from 1967-69; 8 options (4 aircraft) while at Royal Thai Air Base Nam Phong (aka “The Rose Gardenâ€), Thailand, from 1972-73 Accurate stencils provided for one A-6A; for the first time in any scale these are FULL airframe stencils. Decals also included for MER/TER numbers (various types), crew helmets, and fuel tanks. Instructions provided on mini-CD, containing: - Introduction - Trumpeter kit modification information - Possible A-6A configuration information - Marking notes - Typical ordnance loadout charts for the three squadrons - Stencil placement - Single page for each marking option (3 view) Decals are printed by Cartograf. Price is $20 (free US shipping) 32-002 Intruder Airframe Stencils (High-Viz) - A-6A, A-6E, A-6E TRAM, & KA-6D Provides the extensive A-6 Intruder airframe stencils for one aircraft (A-6A, A-6E, A-6E TRAM, or KA-6D) in the high-viz Navy light grey/white camouflage scheme. Includes: - Full pylon stencils - Two styles of JET INTAKE - DANGER chevrons - Two styles of engine exhaust DANGER arrows - Three styles of crew RESCUE arrows - Two styles of optional DANGER triangles - Two styles of port and probe area warning circles - Two styles of SPEED BRAKE WARNING - Three color options for stabilator trim indicator arrows - Both GRU-5 and GRU-7 ejection seats - Crew boarding ladder stencils - A-6E TRAM and KA-6D specific decals - Covers AN/ALE-18 and AN/ALE-29A chaff systems & AN/ALR-15, AN/APR-25, and AN/APR-45 receivers Instructions are printed. Decals are printed by Cartograf. Price is $11.50 (free US shipping)
  18. Previously stated wasn't going to do low-viz A-6's but had reconsidered and now they're done and at printers - they'll be available late Feb or early Mar. This won't please everyone but it was kept small (if 1/32 A-6 can be called that) so "only" 5 squadrons are covered but options for 7 aircraft. One from all three of the squadrons from the 1986 Libya strikes (VA-34, -55, & -85) and also two squadron from Desert Storm (VA-35 & VMA(AW)-533). The DS ones there are two aircraft options for each, the alternate ones are aircraft with the early perforated brakes. Profiles will be posted later and [Profiles now posted further down into thread] Prices will be figured out later.
  19. Looking to gauge interest (as in actually wanting to buy!) for Intruder decals in 1/32 decals. These would ONLY cover the Marine A-6A's used in the Vietnam War at this time. Due to the size of 1/32, I've already whittled some possible schemes away but need to drastically reduce more. I'd fit as many as I can on the sheet within reason and I'd cover each squadron's standard scheme at least once - 225 had same overall markings, 242 and 533 each went through three versions of general squadron markings. So, if you are interested in any of these I'm hoping for your feedback as to you which scheme(s) from the following you'd like to have in 1/32. Please indicate your top few or so choices (I have already decided that 242-4 and 533-12a/b would be included) I'll probably post this request on several forums, please give your choices once. Thanks! Steve (images removed - sheet has been made)
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