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Found 8 results

  1. Another model goes to my shelf. This time, the design that appears at the competition quite rarely, namely the P-39 Airacobra. The model itself is pretty cool, but I've added Eduard plates, HGW straps, Master barrels and Eduard exhaust pipes. Markings painted from templates drawn by Mr. Decal and cut Maketar
  2. Hello, I've finally finished this one.... As in title - this is P-400 Airacobra "Airacutie" by Special Hobby , reboxed by Revell. Model isn't good, I'm sure that Kittyhawk one is much better but it was on sale so I bought it Basically it's OOB but there are seatbelts from Eduard and guns from brass pipes. Lady on wing is from Masterbox Pinup set. Whole model is painted with Mr.Hobby range and weathered with MIG,Tamiya and AMMO products. It has very shallow panel lines so wash didn't go well. I found a topic about Airacutie on this forum so I know that this parti
  3. I know, I SWORE I was done with P-39's after the debacle with the KH P-39 (and soothed my frayed nerves with a Eduard P-39 just to make up for it), but ended up with the Special Hobby P-39Q a while ago and finally pulled it out to take a look at it. After building five other P-39s I finally found a subject I had never seen before - so giving it one last go! SH with the resin cockpit and Eduard PE Interior bits. Lovely, with NO engine or nose machinery so this should be a decently quick build with most of the focus on the finish (more on that in just a minute) and the cockpit.
  4. Good evening everybody. My name is Martin and I am a rivet counter......pause,,,, deep breath .... and go!......I have been reading way too much about the KH kit being way too short and fatal flaw here and fatal flaw there. Flaming discussions were raging as usually when a new kit arrives. I was glad to see a solid posts from many of our guys who know what they talking about, diagrams and scans etc.. Thank You for that. I love it . I could not participate since I had nothing to say, insufficient budged did not aloud me to get my copy of this kit at the time.. Soon enough Kev started his O
  5. One of my favorite kits for a quick-build P-39 is from Eduard - the fit is amazing, you can build in a LOT of detail in the cockpit and you don't mess with the engine or nose cannon assembly so it is a very quick build. I have the old Cutting Edge Air-A-Cutie decal set so am finally putting it to use. Also have a bunch of other old bits, including the Moskit metal exhausts. :-) From 2007 I do believe. I decided not to got to town on the cockpit, esp the IP, since I am going to use the pilot figure and he really does clog up the cockpit more than a little bit. Not t
  6. Ok, inspired by JohnB I've started a new build - the Kitty Hawk P-39N/Q which I'll build as Snooks 2nd. I'm only a few days into the build and already having a love/hate relationship with the kit. I really like Airacobra's and 1/32 is ideal to show off the cockpit, engine and nose of this unique bird. But the fit of the kit and mold quality leaves a lot to be desired. JohnB has highlighted a lot of the fit issues so I'll try not to duplicate those here. I was very surprised at the flash and excess pour plugs (at least that is what I call them). The flash is very noticeable on the e
  7. Hello everybody, The great majority of P-39 models show the plane with the flaps down. Yet nearly every photo of full size P-39's on the ground shows them with the flaps up. Am I missing something? Thank you for your help Quang
  8. Here is a link to a review of the Kitty Hawk P-39 Q/N Airacobra that has sprue shots, decals, etc.
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