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  1. Hi everyone, 16 years ago as a London Baptist Pastor I moonlighted in my spare time my AIMS hobby. Shortly after releasing the Ju 88 G-6 conversion I presented as best I could the Mistel S3. The resin parts were mostly solid due to the limitations of the equipment I had back then and sadly also the first batch included vacform parts that were not provided to me in UV resistant Pet G as requested and so over the years turned yellow. Well fast forward a few years and I started being able to cast thinner and hollow parts and anyone that contacted me about the yellow vacforms got replacements but the years and many many models shows have not been kind to the poor old girl and so during this time while I am away from AIMS recovering from hand and elbow surgery it is time for a re-think! The 1/32 AIMS Mistel S3 had been made purely for display purposes with no fine details either represented or painted - in fact I have a whole Ikea wardrobe full of the beasts! (other companies make wardrobes lol). Now that their original purpose is no more - as on the rare occasion when I can do a model show I cannot haul around a whole table's worth of Ju 88 display conversions - I am hoping instead to slowly get them finished. Obviously trying to finish a model after it has been - er...finished....is not ideal but i hope I can do something with the poor things. At a glance my Mistel S3 looked the easiest and quickest to over-haul but I am my own worst enemy and so instead to just ripping the canopy off, finishing the cockpit, and then filling and painting the model etc, I have ended up instead basically rebuilding the entire model! Away went the solid engines and solid fuselage extension; and I thought at the same time I may as well chain drill out the rear bomb bay doors, other hatches and the rear gear bay doors. In has gone my latter edition hollow fuselage extension (followed soon by my hollow engines), AIMS tail wheel set and rear fuel tank set, and finally some work to the cockpit. I await a test shot of my own AIMS rear gear bay set and then they can be fitted out also. So what a mess! I can only do a little bit each day due to my hands but actually the pain from the modelling is nothing compared to the pain using the computer and writing this. Anyway intro over, I hope you like and will enjoy it developing. I will be seeking to model Mistel S3 W.Nr. 460066 which was found without a Fw 190 composite - so that will save some work haha. A Very Happy Christmas to you all.
  2. A short while ago there was only one model available in 1/32 scale of a Tiger Moth, the venerable, rather basic and in many areas inaccurate Matchbox/Revell one. Like many kits of its era it could nonetheless be worked on, with a fair degree of skill required, to produce a good looking model of this famous and iconic aircraft. Enter Silver Wings, the well known Polish company whose kits are made from resin and photo-etch. The kits are always well researched, complex, faithful and intricate in the level of detail but require considerable experience and skill to put together, but it has to be said that resin is not everybody's choice of modelling medium. The new kid on the block Tiger Moth kit-wise is produced by ICM, the Ukrainian company which has really made a name for itself in the variety of models in their catalogue and the apparent research that has gone into ease of construction., epitomised in this kit with the one-piece lower wing which attempts to address the Achilles-heel of the lower wing dihedral which didn't quite tick the box in the other Tiger Moth kits. I produced a thread fairly recently which compared various aspects of these three kits but finally I have got round to actually starting to model the ICM one, and I'm looking forward to it! Since the ICM kit in particular came out there have been a few after-market additions, all are included here within this build, and I'm going to start by having a look at each to consider if I think they're worthwhile, if indeed they make much difference to the kit.
  3. This build was VERY lucky to see the light of day, almost gave up on it quite a few times, but happy to say, it made it to completion (after 2 years on and off) and not the final flight against the wall Base kit is the Revell ju88A-4, wish I'd had the A-1, would have saved me a lot of hassles, especially in the cockpit area/rear glazing to fuselage fairing. Fit of the kit wasn't the greatest, plastic was quite pebbly and soft. Not totally satisfied with the end result, but here she is! With a HUGE shout-out to @Pastor John from AIMS, people like him and others, keep us modellershappy! Ju88C-6 with Fug 202 of 4./NJG100 on the Eastern Front Revell Ju88A-4 AIMS Ju88C-6 "Nachtjager" Resin conversion set AIMS Decals "Ju88 Fighters" AIMS Luftwaffe Gun Sights AIMS Ju88A-1 Tail Wheel bay Eduard Brassin Main and tail wheels and cockpit details Owl Fug 202 antenna Master barrels Profimodeller Main wheel bay detail set HGW seatbelts and a TON of scratch-building! All paints Gunze laquers
  4. Hello again Some more images taken, this time it's a FW190A-6/R11 of 6./NJG300. Hasegawa Fw190A-6 kit Eagleparts cockpit, spinner and prop, outboard cannon wing fairings, tail wheel set, main wheel/tyres EagleCals Fw190's JG300 Part 2 (used as reference for the major markings to cut masks, some decals used) Master Barrels and pitot set HGW seatbelts Quickboost Revi C/12D gunsights Owl Fug 217 antenna plus SB items AIMS Fw190 Oleo markings MDC Drop tank Landing light in the left wing leading edge SB. Now.....when I was building this kit, my references plus the riveting plans I was using showed the cannon fairings/bulges on top of the wings. I was told just after I laid the paint scheme down that the A-6 didn't have them. So disclaimer - I've probably messed up . I wasn't going to destroy everything to take them off. It is what it is. Paint is Gunze Laquers - RLM74/75/76 scheme, with the 74/75 misted over with 76 to reduce contrast. Thanks for looking Iain
  5. Hi folks, I was trying to keep this a secret and surprise you all haha but a few months back I started work on a 1/32 bf 110 C-6 conversion for the Dragon kits. Here are the profiles for the decal options offering a nice variety of paint schemes. The pod is nearly finished. Anyway I will post as and when I have something to show you all. Thanks for looking, J
  6. Hi everyone, just finished my ICM Gloster Gladiator / AIMS J8 conversion, hope you like it. I am obviously not a bi-plane modeler as I went for the option of directly placing on top of the main wires a length of 0.5 rod, believing life was too short to try and drill into it 0.15 by 0.3mm back to back slots and then again in the middle and at the end - twice over - shoot me! Kit was built using the following.... AIMS Mk 1 engine set, upper ailerons, decals, Cockpit PE, bracing wires and external details PE, landing flaps PE, J8 conversion set, Gas Patch RAF turnbuckles x4 and a lot of scratch building. Model was finished using Xtracolour WWII Olive Drab and RAF Barley Grey and as indicated my AIMS decals. I will take some nicer photos once I have it on base, Thanks for looking -John
  7. Hi everyone, as of Monday 30th August AIMS will be closed for two months while my right hand recovers from it's second CTS operation. Thanks in advance for all your best wishes. The timing is terrible as my 1/32 Spitfire PR IV and XI sets are ready but I need this operation badly so everything else has to wait. Thanks again, John
  8. Hi everyone, I am making my ICM Mk I Gloster Gladiator as a J8. The kits cockpit was already started as it was my display model for advertising the AIMS cockpit detail set so trying to paint it up nice as an afterthought means it is by far my best work. There are some more bits to add to the right side but these cannot be added to until the halves are together. Also on the J8 the IFF control on the upper left side was changed to underneath the Flygradiostation type III device but mine was glued solid as had not intended making the kit! Anyway apart from my mistakes I hope you like. thanks.
  9. Hi Everyone 32D024 has landed £5.00. email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested, thanks, John
  10. Hi everyone I am very happy to announce that my AIMS Bf 110 G-2/R1 conversion for either the Dragon or the Revell C-7 kit is now available (also in 1/48 hehe - sorry for bad language). If interested email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com and tell me where you live so I can calculate shipping, thanks 32P024 £82.00
  11. Hi everyone just to let you know that I have completed measuring up for the WnW Sopwith Snipe bracing wires and will soon be ordering a test shot. I will let you know in due cause when it is available and the price but for now thanks for looking, John
  12. Hi Everyone here is a preview of my next figure - a Luftwaffe fighter pilot in cold weather flight gear. Figure has been measured to have left arm resting on a Fw 190 tail plane. Will advertise when ready, thanks for looking.
  13. Hi all and a Happy New year to you all. Yes I am still alive although it was a rough 3 and a half weeks leading up to Christmas culminating in my spending 6 and a half hours in the Emergency department of the local hospital getting a CT scan of my Brain due to intense stabbing pains! Well two items of good news - 1. They found my brain, 2. no problems - turns out that the nausea, dizziness, headaches, diarrhea and then stabbing pains all down to one thing - reaction to a opiate based medication doctor had prescribed for my bad knee 4 weeks ago. I stopped taking it - no more symptoms! As for AIMS - well the wait for getting raw materials and lead times for parts other people do for me has gotten longer and longer due to pandemic but a number of items are ready now 32D025 Monotone Spitfires £11.00 24F001 RAF/FAA 1950's pilot £25.00 32F005 RAF/FAA 1950's pilot £16.00 32P023 Ju 88 A-1F/A-5 F Camera fairing £6.00 Coming soon.... 32PE017 External details for Roden SE.5a kit £TBC Bf 110 G-2/R1 (Feb/March? £TBC) Meng Fokker DR.1 replacement wings Many thanks, enjoy
  14. AIMS Bf 109 Late War 109's Vol. 2 Hi everyone, hope you are all safe and well. As you all know there is a terrible shortage of Bf 109 decals on the market lol so with my 1/48 Late War 109 decal sheet selling out last week I thought I would get on with my Volume 2. After the Spitfire decals are printed then this lot will be sent off. Hope you like, I know some are available in kits, some have been available in kits - for better or worse but it is the selection I wanted regardless, perhaps there is still something there for you - I hope so. Best wishes, John
  15. Inspired by Thunnus amazing 109G-6/AS build earlier this year I've taken a deep breath and started my first advanced conversion build. First cuts and all fits spot on. Reaver prop to go with the conversion = perfect match! Added the Aries radio set for the open hatch at the rear. Designed for the Hasegawa kit it fitted without issue. Cut out the hatch and replaced with the pe. Thinned the inside Aries pit next and a drop in fit. Like Thunnus removed the front bottom pour for the wing strut. Larger oil cooler from Barracuda tested, no problems! Quick dry fit of everything I'd done today. Aaron
  16. Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. I have been very unwell myself and not able to do much but the with constant nausea I have needed to concentrate on something and so I have been slowly doing some decal options have been in the planning stage only for about 1 year. Well as you know I have a number of products in the pipeline, once I have successfully brought them to market I will be releasing a JG 54 1/32 decal sheet. I hope you like the options - I certainly enjoyed making them between running to the toilet haha. My grateful thanks to my good friend Delmar Davis for helping with selecting many of the options. Enjoy this 'work in Progress' and thanks for looking.
  17. I'm going to see if I can keep two builds going at once. I'm almost to the halfway point on the Corsair build and once the wings are complete, painting will begin and I think that is a good time to have another project going. This is the Hasegawa Bf109K-4 kit. I've not built this one yet but having built the Hasegawa Fw190D-9 three times, I feel a sense of familiarity as I look at the sprues on this kit. I'll be adding some aftermarket to this build including, in no particular order: 1. Eagle Editions 109K-4 Resin Cockpit Set 2. Henri Daehne 109G/K Resin Prop Set 3. RB Productions 109K-4 Wheel Well Detail Set 4. RB Productions 109G/K Erla Canopy 5. Barracuda Studios 109G/K Resin Wheels 6. AIMS Late War 109s Decal Sheet 7. Eagle Cals 109K-4 #32-74 Decal Sheet 8. Airscale Luftwaffe Instrument and Placard Decal Sheets 9. MDC resin ammo chutes 10. Eduard masks The aircraft I will be modeling is White 8, Werk Nummer 332884, which was captured in this striking color photo: It's represented in this profile painting by Claes Sundin: And also recently by AIMS Models on their Late War 109s decal sheet: Since I have Silhouette Portrait cutter, I will be using the AIMS decal sheet to produce masks for the major markings. The only decal I will be using from the AIMS sheet will probably be the "Gabi" inscription below the canopy. The Eagle Cals 109K-4 sheet will be available for stencils. I am going to try and use the AIMS and Eagle Cals decal sheets to produce masks for the spinner spiral.
  18. Hi everyone, a small budget sheet for the 1/32 Revell Fw 190 A-8/R2 as I had some space left on another decal sheet I needed to fill. Enjoy. Should be available by end of September
  19. Here is my recently completed Hasegawa Bf109K-4. I started it in April, took a long break during the summer and finally finished it eight months later. I added a bit of aftermarket stuff to this build including: 1. Eagle Editions 109K-4 Resin Cockpit Set 2. Henri Daehne 109G/K Resin Prop Set 3. RB Productions 109K-4 Wheel Well Detail Set 4. RB Productions 109G/K Erla Canopy 5. Barracuda Studios 109G/K Resin Wheels 6. AIMS Late War 109s Decal Sheet 7. Eagle Cals 109K-4 #32-74 Decal Sheet 8. Airscale Luftwaffe Instrument and Placard Decal Sheets 9. MDC resin ammo chutes 10. Eduard masks 11. Resin/metal landing gear replacements For the exterior colors, I used a combination of Mr Hobby Aqueous and AK Real Colors paints. The build thread can be found at:
  20. Hi everyone it is figure day! Picked up my painted Hans-Joachim Marseille (32F002 £12.00) last night and this morning received preliminary photos of my painted Rev Keymer (32F003 £12.00) and also this morning received the renders of my RAF / FAA pilot - 1950 flight suit sculpted by Greg Girault which I share now for the fist time. This figure will be in 1/72/148/132 and 75mm. I will post when it is ready. Email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested, thanks, John
  21. AIMS news. Hi everyone, just to let you know of 5x new products ready for sale 32PE013 0.3 and 0.45 mm generic bracing wires £15.00 32PE014 Fw 190 hatches and latches for Hasegawa A-8 and D-9 kits £18.00 32PE015 Fw 190 hatches and latches for Revell A-8 and F-8 kits (including A-5/6/7 lower hatch for conversions) £18.00 32F002 Hans-Joachim Marseille £12.00 32F003 Rev Keymer RFC staff chaplain to 40 sqn. £12.00 (Keymer did not like to wear his clerical collar but an additional head complete with clerical collar is also provided). So just email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested and remember to tell me where in the world you live so I can calculate postage, thanks.
  22. Hi everyone, hope you are all well. 24D001 Fw 190 Oleo leg markings plus extras arrived a few minutes ago £6.00 plus shipping. Please email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested thanks J
  23. Hi everyone, hope you are all safe and well. here are some future products, thanks for looking and I will post when available, Best wishes, John 32PE013 0.3 and 0.45mm Generic Bracing wires in Stainless steel (perfect for splicing into Gaspatch turn buckles) 32PE014 Fw 190 hatches and latches for Hasegawa A-8 and D-9 kits 32PE015 Fw 190 hatches and latches for Revell A-8 and F-8 kits (including A-5/6/7 lower hatch) and,,,,, surprise! 24D001 Fw 190 Oleo leg stencils
  24. Hi Folks, finally got the courage to upscale my old 1/72 Felixstowe decals - so they are off just now to the printers, hope they come in useful for some people here, thanks for looking.... 32D020 - Felixstowe F.2A N4283 32D021 - Felixstowe F.2A N4512
  25. New 1/32 figure on its way - AIMS 32F002 Hans Joachim Marseille - having a bite to eat in-between kicking our arses (speaking as an Englishman). Enjoy
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