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Found 5 results

  1. Ooooh-hoooo I've somehow ended up with a good bit of aftermarket for this build! That's what brought it to the forefront for my next project. I've just found individual pieces for it cheap over the years and so I decided to go ahead and get the rest that's available for it. Check out the treasure chest I've amassed - From Eduard I've got the self-adhesive placards, slats, air brake, undercarriage, and wheel well sets. For cockpit choice I've got both the Verlinden and the Aires sets to work from. The Aires set I picked up at Nationals a few years ago. last day, last hour and
  2. This is nearly all out of the box, a few scratch built parts to add some detail in the cockpit is all I added. I used the decals from the Tamiya F-16 Thunderbird to make up for anything I couldn't do with graphics. I used Maketar paint masks for all the scallops & curves on the bird and 3M fineline tape to connect everything together. I used MCW (Model Car Works) lacquer paints mixed to the correct FS colors for the Thunderbirds. The nozzle and cockpit is done with Vallejo paints and varnish. You can find a detailed work in progress build in Group Builds: Stars and bars. I decided to
  3. Gonna reserve my spot right here for a Trumpeter F-100D in the Thunderbirds scheme. I am in the process of getting a lot of the detail sets needed for this, but I have the kit already as well as the decals. I will be using Cam Decals 1967 sheet which represents when they went to identifying as 1 through 9 instead of the serial numbers on the side. Also, the Aires detail set, Zacto intake, Quickboost refuel probe, and maybe some Eduard bits depending on how good the Aires stuff is when it arrives. Look for this to start around the beginning of August. I am currently fighting to complete my
  4. Thought of doing something different so purchased one of Tamiya's great P-51D 1/48 scale kits. I found Warbird's set of Thunderbird Decals for the Tamiya 1/48 P-51D which are a beautiful Red White and Blue. Should build up to a nice looking plane. Painted the cockpit white in keeping with a show aircraft and the entire aircraft is MM Metalizer Buffing Aluminum Plate. I really like the Metalizer paints, but you definitely have to watch the fumes so excellent ventilation is mandatory. They shine up nice, and lose a bit of luster once sealed. Still, looks shiny! There is an ongoing
  5. Having a "feasibility" thinking session on doing a Thunderbirds F-16. Tamiya Block 32 is OOP, which leaves sourcing markings for a Tamiya Block 50 F-16CJ kit or an Academy F-16D (from the Sufa box). Are any generally available ? And, is it my imagination, or have the Thunderbirds switched to metallic insignia red and blue ? http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4076/4883763915_756c9da45f.jpg Wonder what the chances are of Tamiya releasing the C with new decals ? Tony
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