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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Guys just finished my latest 1/12 Bandai kit the Shore Trooper. I recently built K2S0 and Immediately started going on a buying spreed because they are so fun to build and harder and harder to find, especially the rogue one I went for a somewhat weathered look, then i really wanted him to be on sand so i used grass(fine turf) from a woodland grass kit and i found it looks spot on I painted the kit with Badger paints(earth & roof brown) as i had the exact match, the color was so close that it was a real PITA to airbrush since i could not s
  2. Neo

    Bandai K2SO

    Here is a little change of pace, i got a bunch of the Bandai Star wars kits, and since my 6 year old daughter is a huge fan we built this one together The kits are really amazing so we setup on the kitchen table with a sprue cutter some mixed nail files and we built it together. So much fun. Once K2 was all built i decided i wanted to make him look a little banged up. Started with a sponge and some humbrol aluminium made so random patches then i applied a mat coat. For oine my mat coat was so mat that he would literally look dark even in a lit up space! so i applied a
  3. Well gents, After working with pretty much all short run resin kits lately, and my last resin kit being one I had to prep for the US Nationals, I really needed something that would go together well and that was a fun IM kit to build that I wouldn't have to take too seriously. I also wanted something different to maybe help get the modeling juices flowing well before diving back into my HpH Tigercat and/or another aircraft side build. I was initially thinking starting my Revell P-51, but that too has some AM additions I wanted to add, and was probably going to be taken a bit mo
  4. Well, it's been a long week and my work bench is in shambles at the moment due to a complete reorganization of the basement so I decided to build something that: 1) I could skip using glue, paint, and filler 2) build on the dining table 3) and most importantly, finish in one sitting So I went through my stash of Bandai kits and picked this one out. Carl
  5. Well, it's the first of three year and was just itching to start a new build. Never mind the number already clogging my workbench. So this is what I pulled out of the stash: A view of the contents:
  6. After the challenge of building the Czech Master T-33, I decided I wanted a more relaxed project as a follow up. I was thinking of the Meng Kids B-17 but couldn't find suitably sized decals in time. So this kit came out of the stash: It checks all the boxes in terms of a non serious build: press/snap fit construction; moulded in colour; moving parts and lights; and lastly, stickers(!). With the box open, here's what greets you: More to come Carl
  7. Seeing that it's been over a month since I built one of the Bandai Star Wars kits, I thought I'd give this one a go. One reason I picked it was the majority of the kit is gold plated which means there wouldn't be much painting. There are a few bits that weren't plated but just moulded in gold coloured plastic so I gave those parts a coat of Mr Metal Color Gold. I started assembly with Threepio's head. There's an optional face piece with a dent in it that you can use but I went with the unblemished one. Next up was the hips followed by the
  8. I hadn't really planned to start this but I'm in a bit of a holding pattern with my Mossie builds. I will also be spending most/all of my free time for the next few days getting Halloween costumes ready for my two sons for the 31st. So this seemed like it would be a quick project. I mean, press fit assembly, one colour, how hard could it be? Here's the box contents: Yup, lots of black plastic. Kev had a concern that the kit was mostly an unassembled action figure so time to find out I guess. Upon close examination of the sprues, Bandai has really paid attention to nhoie t
  9. So here's one out of the stash. It's not the new Bandai release that everyone (well, Star Wars fans) have been clamouring over but I have it. I figure this will make a decent trial run for when I get to the 1/72 one in the stash. There's not a lot of parts in the kit surprisingly: One of the update sets I have is for the grills on the rear of the upper hull. You have to remove the existing detail first which I did using a r/c body reaming tool. Here's the first one done: And with all of them reamed out. I then installed the resin replacements from beneath. A
  10. With all the recent modeler's block and frustrations surrounding a couple of my current LSP builds, I decided maybe I should find a simpler, less stressful build to work on. I decided on the Fine Molds 1/48 X-Wing fighter kit. Fine Molds is a Japanese model company and they have focused on mostly Japanese modeling subjects. Around 2000, they received a license to produce Star Wars models. Most have been in 1/72 scale with a couple in 1/48 and 1/44. The kits are so much better than the old MPC kits that came out at the same time as the original three films. This particular kit was released
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