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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all and a Happy New year to you all. Yes I am still alive although it was a rough 3 and a half weeks leading up to Christmas culminating in my spending 6 and a half hours in the Emergency department of the local hospital getting a CT scan of my Brain due to intense stabbing pains! Well two items of good news - 1. They found my brain, 2. no problems - turns out that the nausea, dizziness, headaches, diarrhea and then stabbing pains all down to one thing - reaction to a opiate based medication doctor had prescribed for my bad knee 4 weeks ago. I stopped taking it - no more symptoms! As
  2. Hi Guys This set is now available for the Roden kit, offering great more strength and a little more detail than the kit parts. These are in limited numbers for now as the brass casting company has now closed, due to the current situation. see the link below https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/cessna-l-19-o-1-bird-dog Please all keep well and enjoy your modelling, Ali
  3. Started a new project while I'm waiting on new exhausts for Lou IV. Found this kit in my closet and I am already loving it as 1. It only has a few pieces 2. It is a cool looking airplane 3. It can be done in VERY bright colors 4. No rigging! You can really go to town on the engine - yet 95% of it is completely hidden so focusing on the top end. The obligatory box photo. I was really torn between this plane, on the cover, and a green and purple one. Going with this one. But this one was tempting... There is so much detail in the engine, pipes and exhaust and all, bu
  4. 14 schemes total - 11 O-2A (10 USAF grey and black, 1 VNAF grey) & 3 O-2B (USAF camo-ed). Included O-2B options in the hopes Roden will release an O-2B boxing or someone will produce a B conversion, or for those looking to scratchbuild or even those not particularly concerned with A vs B differences. Enough data/stencil markings are provided for at least two complete aircraft - potentially more if you go with the overall black options or O-2B since neither wore many stencils. Stencils are for the Vietnam period, no kit decals are needed. Also included is bonus "THE FAC" decals
  5. I waited for the Roden 1/32 O-1 Bird Dog with much anticipation. When it finally arrived, I wasn't disappointed: a simple, no-nonsense, accurate, well-moulded kit albeit a little scarce in interior details. This latter point didn't bother me a bit because I like to detail cockpits and interiors. IMO the one thing the kit lacks is an M-16/ AR-15 assault rifle which is closely associated with the Bird Dog and the FAC missions it was renowned for in the Vietnam conflict. The O-1 is a little bare without it. The problem is that M-16's can be easily found in armor modelling in 1/35 but none in 1/3
  6. Today is the 100th anniversary of the death of Ltn. Werner Voss. Not a case for celebration – more a reason for remembrance of this remarkable young pilot and of so many others from all sides who perished in the War to End All Wars. Richard Andrews of Aviattic has commissioned a set of decals from us and a superb figure of Voss from Nino Pizzichemi, these will be available from Aviattic as a comprehensive set including streaked camouflage decals for the Fokker F.I, designed by Richard and Juanita Franzi, artwork from Dave Douglass, an illustrated booklet and a replica Sanke Postcard of
  7. Hi all, This is my recently finished Fokker Dr.I in the colours of August Raben's bird. The decals are Eagle Editions and the paint is MRP. Some use of Aviattic rib tape and fabric decals, as well as some Uschi wood decal. Guns are MASTER, and the prop is from a WNW Fokker D.VII kit. Used ammo chutes are also from the WNW Fokker D.VII kit. For this build, I used the Roden F.I kit, but used the parts for the production Triplane version. As well as some of the Encore PE extras, I also used stuff from the PART PE set, such as the ammo bins etc. Quite a lot of thinning of the upper cockpi
  8. Built this for one of our club members who supplied the pilot figure you see in the pictures. My first Roden kit, and only my fourth WWI kit. The idea was to build a dirty, worn aircraft, so I've added some mud and some battle damage and overall wear. This is the Roden kit, out of the box with Eagle Cal markings for the most part, Vallejo Model Air acrylics over the White primer. The green/olive was done with acrylic water colors, olive green and titanium white and a tiny spot of burnt umber. The engine was done with the Vallejo metallic acrylics and black and brown washes. Prope
  9. Under 5 minutes; rigging takes up almost half the time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa-Y8VMICwU
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