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Found 7 results

  1. After posting my WIP on another forum for a while, and realizing that forum isn't really for me and my style, I decided to come here where big birds are welcomed and encouraged. As you can tell from the title, this is going to be a daunting task, but I feel that at this point I'm up to the challenge. Granted, I've started this way back in September, so there will be a bit of catch up to get up to the point I'm currently at with the build, but I hope y'all enjoy the ride, I certainly am! As you can see here, the box is a big 'un. And as per usual, work began at the fro
  2. This was just going to be a basic build until I looked at the pilots office space. I then bought the Aires resin set and now starting, I will cobble and bumble along as I go...not really being any kind of expert at 50's era jets. The box opened I started dealing with ejector pin craters had a "better" idea both brass and kit pipes have the same O.D. remember, I strive for mediocrity thanks for looking
  3. I thought I'd pull this out of the stash for the GB. I was thinking about an Argentine aircraft, but on further investigation they didn't carry the slatted F40 wing. I might do a Columbian aircraft or failing to find those decals, just standard Luftwaffe. Armament will consist of two sidewinders and it looks like two 1000lbers.
  4. Hi guys, It's 6:00 Am on Christmas morning and I can't sleep, So i thought I'd get online and show you what I've been up to so far over my Christmas / New Years holidays. I decided to start my 2018 big and have begun work on Kinetics 1/32 F/A-18 A/B Hornet. This is a re-issue of the Academy kit. Besides the bang seats, decals and anything I scratch up, I think this kit will be mostly OOB. Like with most of my builds, I started by researching what modifications I would need to make to the kit parts, and seeing which parts might need to be replaced. I'd remembered seeing this photo in a
  5. For info: What look like some nice resin wheels for the Kinetic kit or VFS one if you have that. Three tyre types to choose from. DEF Model...click on the corresponding thumbnail Lucky Model has them in stock for about $15USD HTH. Cheers Matty
  6. Here is my current project, the F-86F-30 from Italeri. I live about 45 minutes away from where the aircraft on the box art is kept. I have been watching it fly and sit in the Valiant Air Command Museum for quite a few years. After the annual airshow this spring, I decided I needed to build a version of it. This won't be a completely accurate version of this F-86, but it will be representative of it. I haven't decided if I am going to make the markings as the plane is now, or when it actually flew with the Skyblazers. I picked the kit up a couple of months ago and ha
  7. I thought I needed something relatively easy, cheap, quick and dirty, so I canned all other options and ideas and decided to go with my latest acquirement I hauled away from the ESM, namely Kinetics Hawk 100: I haven't decided on any markings, yet, but it will be one from this sheet: (BTW, did you get my mail, Kev?) Haven't decided on a scheme, yet, but I'm leaning towards a bird in desert camo. Will be mostly out of box, with a few small home made enhancements, but nothing too fancy. I'll post some pictures, soon
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