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Found 7 results

  1. I broke one of the super micro MLED light leads on my F-104D, and had to order a replacement, which the wait for, promptly killed all motivation for the build and subsequently a lot of modeling MoJo in general. In hopes of rekindling some modeling fire in anticipation of my normal Christmas into New Years work period where I work from home for two weeks, and generally its a time of light work, with lots of fun modeling if I have a good subject, I have busted out onto the bench my latest acquisition, the 1/32nd ZM Ki-45 Kai Ko: I've heard such rave reviews of how well the newest gen ZM kits fit, and having talked to the "old man" and his son several times, I was thinking this may very well be the good fitting fun to build kit that could get some of my modeling MoJo back on track. The box is thick, and come absolutely stuffed with plastic. I've really only got a few AM parts to go with it, but I did get the Master barrel set, the ZM weighted wheels and an IP from Yahu: The scheme I have chosen is fairly well known in pictures, but its quite unusual in its equipment make up. This particular Kai-Ko, has the short nose like all Kai-Ko, but the landing light is covered over and painted in camo colors, as well as the fact that unlike most Kai-Ko, it has the fuselage mounted oblique firing guns as well: Ive ordered in some MRP colors and approximated them as best I could from photos. I think all will work for its intended purpose with the exception of the light grey. Im still up in the air about that one. The grey in the photos is obviously very light, but white is still a very visibly different shade. The MRP grey I have gotten may be too light. I wont know until I do some test spraying later. I may have to switch out to an ever so slightly darker shade of gray. Now the ZM Kai-Ko kit does not come with the oblique firing guns, parts nor the correct cover to allow the guns through the top of the fuselage, but thanks to our own Andy/Kagemusha I've got that covered too, as he is sending me the correct fuselage upward firing guns that will replace the fuel tank that is supposed to sit in that same spot. Its snowing very lightly here on this Sunday afternoon as I write this, Ive only gotten just a ways on the engines and engine stands so far: All for now lads, as I hope to start ramping up progress quickly on this one so I can get back in the swing of things! Cheers,
  2. Hi, Mates Starting this simultaneously with 1:32nd Hayabusa - will be good to see them both next to each other. A slightly different approach, as I'm going to use a resin cockpit from SBS (just amazing), photo-etched parts and some other upgrades - so that the level of detail will not be less than in 1:32nd - if not better. Feel free to comment. Best regards Hubert
  3. Hi, Mates It is a good time to start another large scale project - Ki-43-II Hayabusa. Well, it is certainly a "jurassic plastic" but - as usual with me - this will not be a quick build, so there's no way to have it done by April end. Just like in case of my Ki-61, I'm going to build simultaneously Ki-43-II in 1:48th scale - will be posting it in Non-LSP Works. For the beginning few shots of the kit and the rest of the staff. Those raised panel lines... will remain. I'm going to try to recreate the way the panels were installed, each one overlapping the edge of the next. Feel free to comment. Best regards Hubert
  4. Hi All, My first completed kit in 2017: Kawasaki Ki-100-I Koh Type 5 Fighter from Hasegawa, 1:48th scale - white “177†of the 2nd Chutai, 59 Sentai, Ashiya, Kiusiu near Fukuoka, 1945. I used Eduard's photoetched parts dedicated to this kit, in its interior as well as for the exterior of the model. Next are the wheel well covers, where I used a mix of photoetched and resin parts form QB. QB also produced the horizontal tail planes and exhaust stacks (not visible on the photos). Paints used here are Vallejo's White Aluminium, Tamiya's IJA Green, Gunze's H79 and IJA Green inside the cockpit. Markings have been sprayed with use of Montex and DIY masks. Not fully happy with the result, especially the weathering - most of my efforts simply vanished after a flat clear spray cote. Feel free to comment, hope you like it. Best regards Hubert
  5. Hi, All Kawasaki Ki-61 - I Hei Hien, s/n unknown, Chofu, February 1945, defense of Kanto region, including Tokyo. Machine flown by Taii Fumisuke Shono from 244th Sentai. The aircraft has modified radio installation and dismantled Venturi tube, however some device (connecting rod?) previously hidden inside remained. This machine was repainted several times between January and March 1945: green camouflage was removed in January (but some remnants of it remained on upper sides of ailerons, what I'm trying to show here), and in March she was camouflaged again with dark green mottling on upper surfaces and sides. White stripes on wings and fuselage identified airplanes assigned to the homeland defense air force. Very well known Hasegawa's kit, to which I added the resin cockpit from Aires, QB exhaust stacks, wheel well covers and machine guns from Master. Markings sprayed using the Masks from Kagero's book "Topcolors, Fighters over Japan part. 1" . Many thanks for all the comments in my workshop thread, very much appreciated. Hope you like the result Best regards Hubert
  6. Hi All, This will be my first topic in Works in Progress, so I really I count on your help and support At the workshop goes the Kawasaki Ki-61-I Hien from the Hasegawa stables. In the construction I will use the resin cockpit from Aires, resin exhausts from QB and some scratch-building. Camouflage scheme choice still to be made, but I'm opting to use one of the options provided in the masks MM32071 set from Montex. Stay tuned, best Hubert
  7. Hi All, I have just finished the project, that distracted me a bit (together with several other projects) from my "the only right scale" Hien. The RS Models kit probably represents the production version of the Ki-61-II-Kai, armed with 2 x 12.7 mm (.50 in) machine guns in the wings and 2 x 20 mm cannon in the fuselage. In this version it returned to the wings of the Ki-61-I-Tei, fuselage was extended by 220 mm, vertical tail was enlarged, and it used Ha-140 engine, the equivalent of DB-605. The machine, which my miniature is meant to represent, apparently was deprived of machine guns in the wings, presumably in order to reduce weight and improve performance. At the end of the war, 56. Sentai used possibly four such planes, of which there are two known to me photos showing the machines captured (two different machines and possibly a tail unit of a third one), taken after the end of hostilities. Comparing the line of Hasegawa Hiens, I estimate the Czech product quite high. There are some visible similarities (so that the resin cockpit dedicated to Hasegawa fit nicely), but there are also many small differences in favor of this or that kit. Drawbacks are weaker fit (for example, the cover of the guns mounted in the fuselage) and generally inferior quality: slightly rough surfaces, very weak glazing (would recommend a replacement), some of the details are a little "soapy". Typical features of a short-run and should not cause a problem to the modeler with intermediate skill. In favor of the Czech model I would point slightly better technological breakdown (for example the housing the radiator under the fuselage made as one piece), the deeper wheel wells of the main undercarriage - and besides, there is no alternative, if someone wants to build this version of Swallow without a major surgery. I am not very happy with the outcome, I made a lot of mistakes in the finishing, but the lessons have been learned. Hope you like it anyway. Feel free to watch and comment. Best Hubert
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