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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All: Just spent a terrific weekend with Dave (Phartycroc), Roy, Mike, Richard and other members of the LSP/Sig32 group here in the UK. MANY thanks to these very fine gentlemen for allowing me to jump into their terrific display and for the warm hospitality. Can't say enough good things about this weekend. EDIT: No dropbox link - sorry, but I've done two other Telford threads on the clubs and SIGs and the models themselves. Enjoy! Here are the terrific Trio: Roy, Mike and Dave And they even let me get a picture in too! The display from the group was AWESOME and we had a prime location right at the entrance, next to Wing Nut Wings, and directly across from the food area. I don't know who Roy paid to get that amazing slot but it was money well spent. LOTS of attention overall, not to mention Dave's phenomenal Lancaster which I'll post in a separate thread. Some of the model pics: I'm sorry for this, but I'm gushing all over this Typhoon. The Lancaster is amazing for sure, but lets not forget Mike's amazing piece of work. Can you count the coffee stirers that gave their lives for this display? Just an amazing amount of detail that defies the eye. Keep looking! You have to ask Mike where these figures came from - just amazing (ok, he got them from the Tamiya Rally Car mechanics set!) \ And a few more other pics. I have not done a lot of processing with these so I can get them up quickly: Loved these signs. IPMS Austria has a good sense of humor: More to come later. Check out the thread of Dave's Lancaster (my external pics, sorry!). Chris
  2. This is my present project, the HK Models Gloster Meteor Mk IV, with the addidtion of the Profimodeller engine set, fabric seatbelts and an Eduard photo etched cockpit set. I am presently well into the build, so for the moment, this will bring you you to date. I must also add that a 1/32 Meteor Mk IV is a kit I have wanted someone to do for about 45 years. When I was a teenager, a Frog Meteor IV was a favourite build and I would have loved to have seen it in what was then the new 1/32 scale. So this build is a small dream come true for me. On opening the kit, I found that the right side wing root fairing was broken. This seems to be a fairly common occurrence, from what I've seen of previous builds. Thankfully, the broken part was found so I taped it to the RH fuselage side for use when the wings were attached. I started work on both the engine and cockpit simultaneously, but I'll come back to the engine later. Rudder pedal push rods.were added to the cockpit floor, a right angle reinforcement to the rear cockpit wall, and details sanded back on the 2 sides in preparation for the Eduard bits. I also scrapped the kit seat in favour of a metal part not used from a previous build. All of this was then painted a black/grey mixture. I find normal flat black hided any subtle detail you may add, so this is a bit better. Here's the finished floor and side walls. As well as the Eduard bits, I've also added wiring to each side, as well as the floor. A hydraulic hand pump has also been scratch built. The trim wheel was fashioned from an old undercarriage wheel centre, to which I added some wire for the wheel rim. Finally, I also added a couple of placards and dry brushed the whole lot with silver from a Tamiya weathering set. Here is the rear cockpit wall and seat, finished. This is the cockpit going together, and the finished instrument panel. That's all for the moment. I'll post some more tomorrow. Cheers, Michael
  3. Hi gang, Hannants in the UK have the HK models Mosquito in stock. http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/HKM01E15 £149:99
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