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Found 16 results

  1. AIMS JG 54 Vol.1 decals just a reminder! Please email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com to order, thanks 1/32 - £12.00 + shipping
  2. Hi Everyone 32D024 has landed £5.00. email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested, thanks, John
  3. Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. I have been very unwell myself and not able to do much but the with constant nausea I have needed to concentrate on something and so I have been slowly doing some decal options have been in the planning stage only for about 1 year. Well as you know I have a number of products in the pipeline, once I have successfully brought them to market I will be releasing a JG 54 1/32 decal sheet. I hope you like the options - I certainly enjoyed making them between running to the toilet haha. My grateful thanks to my good friend Delmar Davis for helping with selecting many of the options. Enjoy this 'work in Progress' and thanks for looking.
  4. Hi everyone, a small budget sheet for the 1/32 Revell Fw 190 A-8/R2 as I had some space left on another decal sheet I needed to fill. Enjoy. Should be available by end of September
  5. Hi everyone, hope you are all well. 24D001 Fw 190 Oleo leg markings plus extras arrived a few minutes ago £6.00 plus shipping. Please email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested thanks J
  6. Hi everyone, hope you are all safe and well. here are some future products, thanks for looking and I will post when available, Best wishes, John 32PE013 0.3 and 0.45mm Generic Bracing wires in Stainless steel (perfect for splicing into Gaspatch turn buckles) 32PE014 Fw 190 hatches and latches for Hasegawa A-8 and D-9 kits 32PE015 Fw 190 hatches and latches for Revell A-8 and F-8 kits (including A-5/6/7 lower hatch) and,,,,, surprise! 24D001 Fw 190 Oleo leg stencils
  7. Hi everyone, coming soon a small and inexpensive way to decals 1/32 Fw 190 A/F/D oleo legs with the markings not included in the Hasegawa or Revell kits. The sheet also contains one 'off-topic item' - a manufacturers plate for the control stick. There are two complete sets of markings plus some alternative markings. Thanks for looking
  8. Hi everyone - New LS products available now! Email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested, thanks. 32D017 Fw 190 A-8/R2 Sturmbock £5.50 32P015 Messerschmitt Bf-109G-2 conversion (designed to be used with Hasegawa and Revell kits)Bf-109G-6) £15.30 32P016 Messerschmitt Bf-109G-4 conversion (designed to be used with Hasegawa and Revell kits)Bf-109G-6) £12.60 32P017 Messerschmitt Bf-109G-4/R3 conversion (designed to be used with Hasegawa and Revell kits)Bf-109G-6) £15.30
  9. Airborne Garage in the Netherland sales a Fw 190 wreck. https://www.facebook.com/airbornegarage/posts/no-you-are-not-dreaming-this-is-realfor-sale-fw190history-known-located-in-eu-co/2375271352564140/ Could be a recovery from the IJsselmeer, as I remember a Bf 109 & P-47 and sure more were recovered from this area. Who knows more about this Fw 190? R/ Ralph
  10. I thought now would be a good time to start my Revell kit, as it's been beckoning to me since I received it. This, in conjunction with a Trumpeter MiG-15, will be (I hope) two of my entries in the convention in Omaha next year. The hunt has already commenced for some suitable AM for it, probably basic stuff though, as kit appears to be pretty darned nice as is.
  11. http://www.themodellingnews.com/2017/09/hobbyboss-new-item-preview-for.html#more
  12. In Volume II of Kagero's Focke-Wulf series there is a depiction of a bomb toting Fw 190 with the name "TANJA" below the cockpit. According to the notation accompanying the profile the aircraft is an A-8 assigned to JG 51. However the profile appears to depict an A-5 or A-6, not an A-8 with the large bulged fuselage weapon access panel . I have found one photograph of the aircraft which unfortunately does not clarify the issue for me. So can anyone shed any light on what version of Fw 190 the machine actually was?
  13. I'm looking for the main landing gear oleo full-scale diameter. Am working on 1/32 models of the Revell FW 190F-8 and Hasegawa FW 190A-8 and each kit has different diameter oleos. The Revell oleo is substantially smaller. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks, D.B.
  14. Hi folks, I've just finished a test shot of Revell's forthcoming Fw 190F-8, built over 12 to 14 days, as I was finishing the Mosquito. I'm happy with the finish, for a rush-job. The kit itself is excellent, and great fun to build! Swastika absent as this was a requirement for magazine. Hope you like her:
  15. Anyone else seen this offer from Airfix? http://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/veday-bundles/airfix-bundle-1.html If you're in the UK, you get free shipping too! Carl
  16. Well ladies and gents, I'm back once again to start my next project. Some of you may remember my mildly feeble attempt at some humor HERE with a little guessing game about a next build of mine. It didn't work out so well, as I got a bit irked at the fact that I had ordered the EP pit a LONG time ago and it still wasn't in by the time I was ready to start the build, so I moved on. The Eagle Parts cockpit has been here for a while now, and now that Im completely finished with teh XF5U-1, I'm ready to actually commence this build! With all of these 1/32nd B-17 builds going on, I figured they needed something to shoot at them so this is my next project, a Focke Wolf Fw-190 A-8 R/2 “Sturmbachâ€. In this case, I will be building Willi Ungers mount “Yellow 17†of JG 3 based in Barth Germany, as she was in the spring of 1944 – Yellow 17 had the unusual "Krebs-Gerat" mounted center line, replacing the center fuel tank/bomb. The Krebs-Gerat, was a (fairly UN-successful) 21 cm rocket that was carried under the belly of the Fw 190s, and fired rearward, into a bomber stream. This was not very effective, but was unusual since not many Fw 190s carried them. This will all be scratch built. I will be basing the model off of the venerable Hasegawa Fw-190 A-8 kit, with a PLETHORA of AM thrown at this thing, including a Black Dog A-8 R/2 conversion. I REALLY had to do some “between builds cleaning†so spent a few days really going through the man-cave. This included completely revamping my spray booth, by taking it completely apart, cleaning it (and the man-cave overall) from top to bottom, and replacing the 3 filters, along with the work-top screen I use. The took quite a while, but the spray booth has not been SO clean in years – Ready to go for some painting action! I couldn't stand having such a clean bench, so lets get started! First up, the proverbial opening shot I personally like to show that gives you an overall idea of what all I will be starting with. First up, is the basis for the whole build, the 1/32nd Hasegawa Fw 190 A-8 – Next up, an overall shot of the quite substantial pile of AM I have accumulated for this build – This includes but is not limited to: - Eagle Parts amazing late Fw 190 A-8 cockpit - Master Models Mk 108 brass canon barrels - G-Factor white brass gear - Black Dog Models A-8 R/2 Sturmbach conversion - Custom 40mm brass Werfer tube from LSP Mebo (Thanks again Mikkel!) - Lion Roar 21cm Werfer rocket - Master Details resin tail surfaces - Aires Fw 190 A-8 resin wheel wells - Eagle parts resin Fw 190A tail wheel - MDC resin Fw 190 smooth tread main wheels and ribbed tail wheel - Eagle Parts resin Fw-190 boss, and common prop blades - Eagle Parts resin Mk 108 canon fairings - Eduard color PE interior - Mike Grant late Fw 190 stencils - Montex Masks Fw 190 JG 3 “Yellow 17†paint masks - Quick Boost resin Fw 190 Anton exhausts Finally, the last piece of AM I have for this build is one of the coolest IMHO. I decided to display the Fw 190 in a vignette type setting, so I purchased a base to non-permanently display it on. I picked up the Just Plane Stuff 1/32nd Luftwaffe plank hard stand – MORE…………………………….
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