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Found 11 results

  1. Time to break out my little 'on the side project'... (I've been experimenting for some time with parts for this). I've always been fascinated by 'skeleton' models were you are able to see every little detail of the construction. So I have been harboring this idea for a very long time, to do a WWI aircraft as a skeletal version at some point. I did some initial test work on the S.e.5a project but never went with it. The work with the trusses for the 'Portalkran' for the Arado, was a test to see if something like this would be possible. And it made me want
  2. I have recently finished reading "Winged Victory" by VM Yeates. I highly recommend it and it has inspired me to break out my WNW kits. I was so inspired that I have started all three - an Albatross DV, a Fokker DVII (OAW) and a Camel BR1. I thought I could move these along together but am finding them so difficult that they will follow one after the other. I am concentrating on the Albatros for now. As these are my first WNW, I have a few observations. Anyone who builds these kits and produces a great result is a genius as far as I am concerned. The fitting of the parts is so t
  3. Hi all, This is my recently finished Fokker Dr.I in the colours of August Raben's bird. The decals are Eagle Editions and the paint is MRP. Some use of Aviattic rib tape and fabric decals, as well as some Uschi wood decal. Guns are MASTER, and the prop is from a WNW Fokker D.VII kit. Used ammo chutes are also from the WNW Fokker D.VII kit. For this build, I used the Roden F.I kit, but used the parts for the production Triplane version. As well as some of the Encore PE extras, I also used stuff from the PART PE set, such as the ammo bins etc. Quite a lot of thinning of the upper cockpi
  4. Built this for one of our club members who supplied the pilot figure you see in the pictures. My first Roden kit, and only my fourth WWI kit. The idea was to build a dirty, worn aircraft, so I've added some mud and some battle damage and overall wear. This is the Roden kit, out of the box with Eagle Cal markings for the most part, Vallejo Model Air acrylics over the White primer. The green/olive was done with acrylic water colors, olive green and titanium white and a tiny spot of burnt umber. The engine was done with the Vallejo metallic acrylics and black and brown washes. Prope
  5. Hello, Special hobby is announcing this: http://www.specialhobby.net/2017/03/sh32065-fokker-dii-132-pripravujeme.html Kit is about to produced in similar technology as Bristol M.1.
  6. I'm working on a WWI Roden Fokker Dr I with the olive streaked camouflage. I've exceeded the picture limit for a message so apologies for having to cut some photos. This is my first try at this, and instead of using oils, I'm using acrylic water colors over a base of Model Master Acryl, which is over a primer base of Vallejo white primer. Here is the palette: The fan brush didn't work for me so I substituted a 1/4 flat brush. The Burnt Umber really dominated the Olive so when using to try and get a darker olive, use sparingly... I ended up using the middle and right bl
  7. Revell's ancient kit (1957!!) 1:28 scale kit molded in red which I probably should have just left it but I just could not get away without putting a coat (or three) of paint on it. Red was harder to come out with than I imagined and the decals were very fragile (and not as opaque as I had hoped). Did this kit for some local activities that will commemorate WWI in 2017. I've never built a WWI plane before so the rigging was fun (and much easier thanks to EZ Line) and this seemed like an interesting subject. Very basic kit and the decals are who knows how old, but it all worked out in the
  8. Hi all, Right in the middle of building the Silver Wings Fokker D.21 kit I reviewed recently. The fit is great. The instructions can be challenging. Instrument panel with Ammo Crystal Clear: Rudder controls, stick and floor boards: Some fitting: The Bristol Mercury engine: More pics here: http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/3688-silver-wings-132-fokker-d21/ Cheers, Jeroen
  9. She's all done and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out - here's the end result of the build, the original thread begins below the photo Well ADHD got me again, so sue me, this makes # 29 in progress. Have started building Wingnut's Fok. D.VII (OAW) with the goal of having it done no later than April 25th. The large local contest on the 26th has the WWI theme and I plan to take all of my completed wingnuts kits to display. This one will be the Sieben Schwabben (7 Swabians), available on this wingnuts decal sheet. Lozenge decals will be Aviattic and I can tell you
  10. Hello together, Here is my next project...... Wingnut Wings Fokker D.VII in red color, pilot Ernst Udet. The legendary Fokker D.VII is widely considered the best German fighter aircraft to emerge from the Great War, it was certainly the most numerous and as such was the only aircraft specifically requested to be surrendered in the Allies armistice terms. In early 1918 the young Jasta pilots were mainly equipped with Albatros D.Va, Pfalz D.IIIa and the Fokker Dr.1 Triplane which were no match for the SE.5a, SPAD 13 and Sopwith Camels that they faced each day. Fokker's prototype D.VII (
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