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Found 4 results

  1. hello all ! i have to confess , i am not a big fan of U.S. planes in general , from the mustang to the F-35 . the F-5 however is one of the few exceptions , especially in the various aggressor schemes ! with the release of the KH's kit and nothing on the bench i had to do something and quick ! so here is the start of the build : i went quite fast and smooth the only issues were a bit of flash and some ejector pins that needed sanding/cutting . All thats left to do is a few wires/cables /tubing behind the seat and around the rear of the pit . should be good enough for me .
  2. OK, this predates Maverick and Goose by a few years. The original aircraft was lost in 1984, and the decals portray the aircraft as it was in 1977. The intention is to build "white 40" in three shades of blue from the Hasegawa kit I dug out of the loft. It has been started, but not by much: The wings are glued to the fuselage, the nose panels for the gun stuck in place, some Milliput to cover ejector pin marks, so less than 25% I'd say. Planning to use the Black Box cockpit and a pilot and mount it in flight, trying to wax some Tomcat crew's tail. The mouldings are sharp and the canopy very clear, so the resin cockpit will be an improvement here. Jens
  3. So I picked up the Belcher Bits resin conversion for the Hasegawa F-5E to F-5A. It's got a pretty hefty fuselage in it. I've washed the parts and can't seem to get rid of the oily, glossy looking finish, on one side. I've tried to show this in the attached picture. The shine on the right side isn't the light, it's the resin. I used dawn dh sopa in warm water to wash them. I also tried sanding on one section of it to see if it was the surface finish. When I do that it gets dull but within an hour it is back to an oily look. has anyone run up against something similar and have a solution? Thanks in advance for the help!
  4. Some years ago in a fit of adventure I picked up a 1/32 set of Aggressor markings for the F-5. Keeping an eye out for the Hasegawa kit, on F/S threads and Fleabay since then, turned up zero/zip/zilch for so long I stopped looking. Earlier today I made a perfunctory search and scared up THREE on offer. Also on the 'I want' list is Revell's classic 1/32 F4U-1. Currently have one on the go, in kit markings 1835 Sqn. Would love to thrash one out in RNZAF, too. There are Revell kits for Africa. And going for very reasonable $$. A ton of Revell Beaufighters have shown up as well. Have one already, slated for NF status but would love another in 489 Sqn. Is it the time of year? People thinning stashes before Winter? I no complain! If I didn't find the F-5E I was thinking of bashing together something Sabre-like in Aggressor scheme, simply to use the markings. Yes, I'm aware of Tamiya's jewellery and Trumpy's oeuvre, and they're a lot less work. I'm "old school" and like the challenge. Grew up on the classics, that's my "bliss", to be knee-deep and bum-up in s/b. Plus ça change plus la même chose. notes from a small island. Rossky
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