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Found 4 results

  1. This is nearly all out of the box, a few scratch built parts to add some detail in the cockpit is all I added. I used the decals from the Tamiya F-16 Thunderbird to make up for anything I couldn't do with graphics. I used Maketar paint masks for all the scallops & curves on the bird and 3M fineline tape to connect everything together. I used MCW (Model Car Works) lacquer paints mixed to the correct FS colors for the Thunderbirds. The nozzle and cockpit is done with Vallejo paints and varnish. You can find a detailed work in progress build in Group Builds: Stars and bars. I decided to do tribute to the outgoing F-16 and I found the perfect art on the USAF site. This poster was created by SSgt Jon DuMond of the USAF Thunderbirds and they had a 3mb file available for free download, perfect. The key for me was the 2 F-16's outbound in the visor reflection. I used watercolors to blend the photo into the base and wrap it up into the F-35A Thunderbird. My bird is the Solo Lead with pilot and crew from the 2004 season reflected on the F-35A. I hope you enjoy these. I keep learning from everyone elses posts so I I've tried to add detail in the WIP that may be useful to others. If you see something you'd like to know more about drop me a line. And if you know the secret to the perfect build, or even a few of my model building dilemmas as detailed here, feel free to post it up. Chris
  2. Hi there, When I saw last Friday that the next GB would be in honor of USAF 70th birthday, I thought I would build the latest addition to the family, the F-35A. This one will be built OOB with the exception of Furball Aero decals to portray a Nellis based bird. I have actually started on Saturday but I am obviously nowhere near the 25% mark. I have so far assembled the engine and the cockpit. I am still debating whether to pose the cockpit open or closed but I am leaning towards closed, purely for aesthetic reason. I will not install the pylons and will display the internal bay open with the ordnance provided. I will wait for the F-35b to build a Marine bird with all the pylons installed and fully loaded. I will use Mr.Paint colors and have glass varnish for this build. Here are obligatory box shot and the two halves of the fuselage dry fitted: Cheers, David
  3. Italeri came out with their F-35 almost two weeks ago, and I have my kit already. The kit is very nice. Parts are sharp and crisp with very few errors. Most of the detail of the kit is in the exhaust pointy vanes, unlike previous aircraft turkey feathers. Due to the cockpit really not having much in the way of detail in real life, the model kit is kinda spartan...accurate but not much in the way of details at all. The real throttle, for example, looks like a blob of black plastic with a few buttons attached. It already has the nickname of "cow flop". Typical throttle design it is not. (From the photos I have seen). Kit Prices vary, and so far only European dealers have them from what I can see, which means shipping is about 1/3 to 1/4 of the overall model cost. I can take and provide photos to those that want them. Probably should anyway. The only thing that has me scratching my head is the color of the exhaust. To be truthful, they don't resemble turkey feathers in the least. They most resemble pineapple leaf tips. The color of them is a mix of metallic brown/copper so it seems like I will have to do up a custom mix for them.Oh...there is NO HUD. The computer projects the former HUD data on the inside of the darkened helmet visor so that the pilot does not need to reorient on the HUD for data. It's always in front of him, no matter where he's looking. I've got the kit prepped and have been researching the actual craft to compare with kit parts. I'm building the first two kits to be the first two F-35 for Israel, Israeli AF 901 and 902. I am wondering why the IAF birds are only various grey shades and white. Our USN F-35C have colorful unit marks and designs on the tails. My only question at the moment is, of the icons above the text window, which one/s is for uploading images? Rick
  4. Well, they are in 1/48th scale, but i would like to share the best photos from a photoshoot from a few weeks ago. Just a presentation of F-35A and F-35B as standalone models. The B version is with landing gears down only. The A version is with lights. Here are two videos of the A with lights switched on: 1, 2; and the two videos of the B version: V1, V2. And the photos. Enjoy.
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