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Found 13 results

  1. This kit and conversion has been in the stash for a while, I've always kind of known what aeroplane it would eventually be, but a little research and focus has narrowed it down to this: What can it be I hear you cry!! Patience, I will explain.....this is an unusual beast. This is an early Bf110G-4, based at St Trond in April and May 1943. The man standing in front of it is Fritz Rumpelhardt, the Bordfunker of (then) Lt Heinz Wolfgang Schnaufer. The base kit is this: and the conversion is: What's unusual about this particular G-4 is its links to the G-2, and the conversion is Pastor John's AIMS Bf110F/G2 conversion. First a little history about the G-2: The Bf110G-2 had many differing features from earlier models; it had as standard a sideways opening canopy for the Bordfunker (radio/radar operator) and a 90mm bulletproof windscreen. New MG81 Zwilling twin machine guns gave rearward defence. Newly developed DB605B engines necessitated a re-design of the engine nacelles with an air scoop just in front of the exhausts and a triangular window in the nacelles to enable the pilot to read engine instrument gauges. The circular direction finding loop was removed from under the fuselage together with its remote control previously attached to the left inside of the canopy. On some G-2s an under-fuselage pack containing two 20mm MG151 cannons were fitted. In 1943 some G-2s were adapted to be used as night fighters, designated G-4; the first ones had FuG202 antennae mounted on the nose and flame dampers were fitted to the exhausts. As Technical Officer of II./NJG1 Lt Schnaufer was regularly tasked with testing new equipment during 1942/3 such as the M1/Rustsatz which was fitted to a Bf110G-4 at St Trond in mid-1943. The under-belly gun pod housed two 20mm MG151 cannon, but it was unsuccessful as it caused excessive drag. Nonetheless this aircraft he shot down Short Stirling R9242 of 214 Squadron and Handley Page Halifax JB873 of 78 Squadron on the night of 13 May 1943, his 8th and 9th victories in Bf110G-4 G9+EC: A little more about features and markings of the profile below from John Vasco's book: and a few other random shots: The FuG202 array is going to be quite a challenge, I have AML's set on its way to me from Hannants. Fortunately for me Schrage Muzik wasn't in service at this point, fitting the cannons and mechanisms was a real pain on the later G4: So, intro over.....need to get modelling now. Like London buses, another Bf110 might be along before too long chaps......
  2. Finally, here's my Dragon 1/32 Bf110C-3 Night Fighter (modified from the C-7 kit). Build represents a/c 235-5, 235° Squadriglia, 60° Gruppo, 41° Stormo Intercettori at Lonate Pozzolo airbase, Spring 1943 Build thread can be found here Many thanks to all who helped along the way, but especially to John Vasco himself who guided me along the precarious tightrope regarding the subtleties in the variant differences of the Bf110. Quite a bit I would have been very unaware of and wouldn't have modded without his help. The C-3 is a very interesting beast to say the least. Thanks for looking...on to the next one! Iain
  3. Not quite 100 percent even now she still fights back I have the Revel one to build at some point hoping it will be easier than this,
  4. the last kit out of the workshop: an imaginary mustang, a what if to relax : voila
  5. So fellas it's time for my contribution to the group build. I plan on doing Bf 110 in a North Africa livree. Initially I was headed for a "standard" ZG.26 bird but during my research I found some more interesting planes. Namely 5F+PK (https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-110/AG14/pages/Messerschmitt-Bf-110E-Zerstorer-2.(H)14-(5F+PK)-North-Africa-01.html) and 5F+YK (https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-110/AG14/pages/Messerschmitt-Bf-110E-Zerstorer-2.(H)14-(5F+YK)-WNr-2408-North-Africa-01.html and a highly intersting scheme: https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-110/AG14/pages/Messerschmitt-Bf-110E3-Zerstorer-2.(H)14(Pz)-(5F+YK)-WNr-3454-North-Africa-03.html). Both 110s are E-3/trop types so a conversion will be necessary. Base kit will be the Dragon nighfighter kit, because I couldn't get one of the E-2/trop kits. The necessary trop parts were generously donated by @Shawn M and the camera will be sourced from AIMS. I got myself some reference material (hard to get too!) and the eduard masks to save work on the canopy. Additional AM will be the quickboost exhausts, HGW and enduard seatbelts and Master gunbarrels (bought for my Ar-196A). Stay tuned and enjoy the view. So long Joachim
  6. Happy New Year everyone! Since my B-25s are well over the 25% threshold, I'm going to try this kit. I've got a bit of AM for it but I'm leaning towards a more OOB build. I'll use the belts and brass gun barrels but not sure on the rest yet. Carl
  7. Hello modelmakers, I made this one about a year ago feb-2017. Its from DRAGON Wing Tech series. The quality of the kit is exelent, the build instruction not so exelent, but i managed anyway , not my best build but it came out ok. The build is oob, no after market is used. Paint is from gunze. The pictures was taken in a hurry, sorry about the focus on some of them, i will be uploading better images later on. Anyhow here are the pictures..
  8. Not sure if its been posted already but I just saw over on the Dragon USA website that they're re-issuing the 1/35 Ah-6 Little Bird kit. http://dragonmodelsusa.com/dmlusa/prodd.asp?pid=DRA3527 I've always wanted one but the prices for them have been a bit silly so I'm glad it's coming back out. Carl
  9. Hi all! Two years ago I decided, that I need a Mustang in my collection. I saw a Dragon kit of P-51K Mustang in the shop - and i thought: "Why not?". It was a terrible mistake The kit has a lot of problems. When I started work with wheel bay - I really went to pieces. But sometime ago I decided to finish this work. Some work moments: Removing panel lines and rivets Added some positive rivets New ligths New bay for flaps Some rudder improvements The both sides in cockpit where wrong. The new one
  10. Feeling invincible (COMPLETELY tongue in cheek!) on the heels of finally completing my Tamiya Big Beautiful Doll I thought I'd drag out an old Dragon 1/32 P-51D kit, and what better than to do a 'what if' Claire Chennault had P-51Ds available for the Flying Tigers? I have the KitsWorld decal set for the Flying Tigers so am going to do Chuck Older's plane. Unfortunately, could not get my act together fast enough to finish before the end of the year. Recognizing right away the big difference between the two kits, my invincibility cloak fast hit the floor. Doing a 'quick build' I did the bare minimum engine build since I have no plans to open up the front and ignored the ammo bins for the wings. SOOOO closed up the fuselage, and nothing fit right. The cockpit is skewed about 2mm to one side (not sitting centered), and I had to work the engine/framing to close up the nose. No idea what was going on there. Finally got it closed. While distracted on the fuselage, I closed up the wings and was getting ready to dry fit the wings to the fuselage when I noticed the wheel well sitting in the box. Yep: closed up the wings and didn't get the wheel wells in there. Wings were dry. Sigh. So now its 'in flight'. Side note, the undercarriage parts do not fit the wing openings very well anyway. Dragon vs Tamiya I guess. Using the Model Master Acrylics, on top using Dark Earth applied irregularly with camo provided RAF Dark Green again in a mottled application as would befit and AVG aircraft. Underneath, went with a Luftwaffe sky blue. Why not? Would love to tell you that I did pre-shading underneath, but actually just worked the airbrush to darker and lighter shades. Worked really well on the Dragon plastic. I'm sure it was me, but the fit of the wings to the fuselage was terrible HUGE wing root gaps and under the nose is a gap as well. So thought I would try a technique I've seen a lot of people use, but I have never tried. Using modelers clay to outline the camo. I used to use masks, but this promised to be a lot easier. It was, but still had some problems. Worked pretty well, and the patterns were pretty easy to apply. Added bonus is they are so easy to take off the minute I'm done painting. The only problem I ran into is what looks like a residue is left over. After I'm sure everything is dry, I'll give it a wash and see what's up. Any suggestions or thoughts? After it is all dry, then a clear coat and ready for the decals. Can't wait!
  11. Having the Dragon P-51D kit in my stash for quite a while and I wanted to build something fun so bought a set of KitsWorld Flying Tigers decals for a 1/32 P-40 to see if I could put the two together. Decided on Chuck Older's aircraft as it had a distinctive blue mouth that I liked. The building didn't quite go as planned, and I ended up with a lot of fit issues, but all in all, it was still something fun to try. The decals, especially the sharksmouth, actually fit very well on the P-51. The Camo was done using blue-tac, with Model Master Acrylics providing the colors. MM gloss to seal the decals, then clear flat. The decals went on fine, and especially around the nose which only needed a bit of paint touch up on the blue in the mouth. This was very much a quick build, so was not as concerned with various details as much as just getting it together to see how it would look in the AVG colors. Something fun to do!
  12. Got DMLs M-46 Patton in the "Orange box" (re-issue of older kits with an extra set of figures) some time ago for cheap. Removed it from the stash because my LSP Korea GB build stalled to get at least something related finished. Major parts assembled: Fit of the hull is superior. No need for Putty! Only gap was at the hull front. Closed it with a thin strip styrene. Some reviews pointed to a fit problem between upper and lower turret half and another at the front part. Nothing noted here. Only at the front part was to the left and right a small gap, easy filled with a little bit of putty. Amazing! A good advise: Check the instructions carefully! There are some holes to be opened in the hull and a backplate to be installed behind the hull MG BEFORE closing the hull! Same with the turret front: Install the smaller parts before gluing the larger front and back parts together. I missed this and had to cut down the sideparts and to snap them into place... More details added: Lamps and handles are somewhat flimsy. Fit of the lamp guard is so-so. The instructions want you to cut them somewhat down, but the lenghts given are misleading. Take your time to dry-fit. Enjoy! - dutik
  13. This is the Dragon kit and it's not bad at all since it only took me 3 days. Some of the decals shattered, but I suspect that age had something to do with that.
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