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Found 4 results

  1. I've been searching these forums, and elsewhere on the internet, for advice and instructions on using water slide decals on Alclad. I'm a first time Alclad user and thrilled with how it turned out, so don't want to ruin the finish although I suppose I can always re-spray after any disasters. Most suggest that you don't need a clear coat before or after decals. I've also found threads where builders have said that you can/should clear coat both before and after. I understand that a clear coat could alter the metallic look, and make it just look like aluminum paint. One thread even explained the chemistry/physics of it. An issue that has been mentioned is that if you decal directly onto the Alclad, when you clear coat or spray a thinned filter or wash over the model and decals to weather the finish or seal the decals, that the clear surround of the decal design will look like it is silvered because it will show the original sheen underneath. I hope that makes sense? If you trim the clear part as close to the design or markings that solves some of the issue, but with stencilling and serial numbers, etc., it causes a problem. Maybe I am over thinking this, but wondered if any of you who have more experience could chime in. Thanks guys. Richard
  2. Calling this one done. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the build. Learnt some new techniques including my first rivet job and also learnt hairspray and masking tape don't mix no matter how long its been on! 1/32 Hasegawa FW190 A-8 Aaron
  3. small side project while waiting for some parts for the TBF-1c Avenger. Cockpit and engine are those brassin parts from Eduard. Spitfire painted with Alclad "Polished Aluminium". Pin-wash was done with clay-based wash from Ultimate. The exhausts are installed in a wrong angle. They point slightly upward. Anyway, fun to build and I learned how to weather Alclad paint...somehow. lol If MJ250 really was in NMF. Idk. Dirk
  4. Ok, the title says it I guess. I'm going to paint the afterburner of my Viggen in Alclad Stainless steel, Burnt Iron, Jet Exhaust and perhaps other colors. Have you guys any tips for me? Do's and Dont's for a first time user perhaps? THX in advance. Rainer
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