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Found 4 results

  1. From Instagram but I thought I'd post for anyone interested in the underside of an operational A-10 and just how dirty this particular aircraft really is. Kinda cool, actually. Chris
  2. **edit** With a firm arrival date of 8 May, I will now accepting preorders. However, this date may fluctuate a few days either earlier or later than the 8 May target date. Thanks everyone!! http://www.reidairpublishing.com Back by popular demand, the Modern Hog Guide is now at the printers. Like The Modern Eagle Guide's 2nd Edition, the 2nd Edition of the Hog Guide offers more/better coverage of all A-10s, but especially the older, pre-LASTE jets. It also covers the recent upgrades to the jet since the original edition was published 10(!) years ago, such as the SATCOM, Scorpion HMIT, and AAR-47 system. The 2nd Edition has 172 pages (compared to only 120 pages for the original release), and 1,013 full color images. Nearly all of those images are new for this edition, with only a handful of repeats that are found in the original. It's now at the printers. Depending on their schedule, I expect it to be available by early May. It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since the first Hog Guide came out!!
  3. Well, it's got 2 engines, 2 peeps, 2 tails and I've been wanting to do this for too long I know there was only one that was converted for testing and it never went any farther than that, but I've always wanted to do one up as though it was used in Desert Storm. With that in mind, I have an F-15E kit that was started and abandoned by a friend, who gifted it to me that has parts that will lend itself to this project. The original release of the Tamiya F-15E Alot of parts... Some of the aftermarket. Will also have Eduard armament set and exterior details. Would like to include the Sierra Hotel correction set, but money is a little tight right now so I'll have to stick with what I've built up in the stash for now. Mainly for the TER's GBU-12's Target for today... I know this has been done several times before (Andre Dorian did a beautiful one among others), but with limited operational use, I feel compelled to color outside of the lines a bit on this one. Not going to obsess over the details too much on this one- Just wanna have fun Thanks for looking! Kai
  4. Hey folks, I am needing a detailed account of what is NOT ALUMINUM on the exterior of an A-10. ie: what might be of composite or other materials as it relates to the skinning or fairings of a Thunderbolt II. I am contemplating another build for my fighter-jock son-in-law, as he has just been given the A-10 as his first assigned aircraft. And since I cant do anything simple, it seems I may want to build one in NMF as sort of a trophy looking display. And if there are carbon fiber or the like panels or fairings I thought it might be kool to give them a different look. This sketch I did with him in mind for future nose art, was a bit of a prediction in disguise.....
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