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Found 3 results

  1. Update 8/2/18 - work has begun! Normally I’d wait until I actually start working to write an in progress thread but I’m too excited to wait with this one. Fisher has not started shipping the AD-5W Guppy conversions just yet; decals haven’t arrived to them yet from Cartograf. Nevertheless Paul was kind enough to send the resin of the Guppy conversion my way so that I could get started. Initial dry fitting of major parts and the Trumpeter inner wings show near perfect fit. The massive Guppy radome is cast in two pieces to save weight and has “walls” fitting into the oil cooler recess of the trumpy lower wing to aid alignment. I trimmed the back end of these with sprue cutters to get perfect fit. The AD-5 will go in the fluorescent red scheme from Fisher’s decal sheet, but I will be fully arming it with two Tiny Tim rockets and a bunch of HVARs on the outer pylons. Maybe not technically accurate for the trainer scheme but there are photos of operational aircraft with that loadout and it looks too cool to pass on. Undecided on which Guppy scheme yet... This is going to be a fun project!!!
  2. Hi guys, I'm currently building a Tamiya 1/48 Skyraider USN early 1960s with a bucket seat (as opposed to the later Yankee extraction seat). I searched long and large but cannot find a reference for the colour of the seat belts/harness. Can any of you Skyraider experts help me in that matter? Thank you in advance, Cheers, Quang
  3. Hi guys, time to start another build. Was thinking about some real combat aircraft, so this one will be my first summer project. I bought this set for half the retail price (Aires A-1H cockpit included as well). My plan is to do fully loaded USAF Sandy with fire extinguisher and MJ1-A loader on the scene. Some words regarding the kit. Its truly amazing, full of parts. I didnt find lot of evidence (only 1 full review) of this second issue A-1 kit from ZM. Main difference between this one and earlier A-1H issue is, that you get all parts from the first one + new parts to cover A-1J differences, you get A-1H manual + new one just to cover A-1J option and 2 decals sheets (USN and USAF). So you can build even Navy bird out of it. The most important is that its made only from 1 type of gray plastic, so I think that this one is definitelly better choice, if you are looking for ZM Skyraider kit. I plan not to spend lot of time with not visible interior stuff. Will use only interior elements which are important in terms of the strength of the whole. I will focus on cockpit details, wheel bays, engine and overall clean build. The most important will be paint job and quite heavy weathering. And yes, weapons Will use Gunze C and H paints, and for the first time will try Mr. Paint stuff for the camuflage (I saw here in the forum some evidence of great results achieved with it) here we go... first - cockpit Aires interior and comparison of details resin vs plastic In the beginning I wanted to use original part and decal for instrument panel, but after comparison with the photos, I decided to go with PE one thanks for looking and any comments or advices are welcome. jan
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