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Found 7 results

  1. On the workshop landed such a small and quick project Mc.205 "Veltro" from Hasegawa in 1:48. The model almost straight out of the box, the rest will come out during construction. As the model has its years this is the start of its construction. Another Italian but in JG77 camouflage.
  2. While doing some organizing in my modeling stash, I came across a model of a Fiat G.55 "Centauro" sottoserie 0 in 1:48 a published by Special Hobby. The construction of it began a good few years ago. But during some work in the workshop I lost some of the finished parts and couldn't find them, and the model flew to the shelf waiting for me to find the parts. Finally, I managed to complete all the parts and you can move with the end of its construction. In such a state he was waiting for the end of work on him. And here's a set of parts that I lost somewhere for several years.
  3. Hello! I know I haven’t been in the forum for a long time, but that’s how it is with me. We started a little weekend project yesterday. My wife is happy because another box is disappearing on my closet. “Saetta” straight out of the box and without additives. Only these masks I make myself for the glazing. So far, only the contents of the box. It’s a pity there aren’t any extras. The studio isn’t finished yet, so the photos are completely finished. The glazing is beautiful and transparent. Painting is also chosen.
  4. I've just taken a bit of a break from LSPs to do these two little trainers. The Zlin Z-x26 Trener (which I understand means "trainer", in the sense of tutor or instructor - a trainer as a training aircraft is cvičitel) series was developed as a two-seat trainer and has been developed and extensively used by the Czech military as the C-105 (C for cvičitel), the Svazarm, and numerous civil flying clubs, both during and after the Communist era. It has also been used by the air arms of a number of other countries, and is on many civil registers. It is slightly smaller than a Chipmunk (I happen to be also building Airfix's 1:48 example so have a direct comparison). Eduard have recently issued a series of boxings, initially covering the Z-126, Z-226 and Z-526AFS Akrobat. I picked the Z-126 Dual Combo as it gave me two for less than the price of two single kits, and one of the box options included MrsC's maiden-name initials. As a Czech subject these are clearly a labour of love for Eduard, and are exquisite little kits, with Tamiya-P-38-standard fit, crystal-clear canopies, and all the usual Eduard extras of etch, masks, etc. Sorry to ramble on a bit, without further ado here they are. The silver one in the pseudo-military scheme is a privately-owned Z-126, and the yellow one is a Z-126T from Kladno Aero Club. Both schemes are from the box, with the registrations painted using masks rather than the decals. The box Building two with differing configurations demanded good workbench discipline. Thanks for looking.
  5. This bad boy recently landed on my doorstep directly from Russia (less than USD 50 with shipping) I normally don't build in this scale and make only very rare exception, but this guy needed to be challenged in the display cabinet: It is the Hasegawa kit, build OOB with the kits decals. I will build the Su-57 as a clean airframe (no pylons) but contrary to the F-22 where I closed all bay, I will open the main ventral weapon bay. This will be a relatively quick build as there are not a ton of pieces, but so far I am impressed with the quality of the kit and the fit This is the content of the box, instructions and decals (which look really nice: I will use Quinta studio 3d decals for the pit and seat. They look stunning: and the instructions are very clear I will also use Amigo Resin Cans. They are closed, probably incorrect for a parked bird but I will go with it. Very well casted parts. i have already built the cockpit so I will post a update in a minute. Cheers, David
  6. I had some old slides scanned and imported in Lightroom. There were some pics from the early 1980s, among them this of an 1:48 A-4M. It's completely scratch built (mostly from card board, aluminum foil, brass rods etc.) and all the markings are hand painted... The model doesn't exist anymore. It didn't survive moving house a couple of times. So it's good, that some of the slides were still in good shape. Hope you like it. Cheers Rainer
  7. Hi All, I have just finished the project, that distracted me a bit (together with several other projects) from my "the only right scale" Hien. The RS Models kit probably represents the production version of the Ki-61-II-Kai, armed with 2 x 12.7 mm (.50 in) machine guns in the wings and 2 x 20 mm cannon in the fuselage. In this version it returned to the wings of the Ki-61-I-Tei, fuselage was extended by 220 mm, vertical tail was enlarged, and it used Ha-140 engine, the equivalent of DB-605. The machine, which my miniature is meant to represent, apparently was deprived of machine guns in the wings, presumably in order to reduce weight and improve performance. At the end of the war, 56. Sentai used possibly four such planes, of which there are two known to me photos showing the machines captured (two different machines and possibly a tail unit of a third one), taken after the end of hostilities. Comparing the line of Hasegawa Hiens, I estimate the Czech product quite high. There are some visible similarities (so that the resin cockpit dedicated to Hasegawa fit nicely), but there are also many small differences in favor of this or that kit. Drawbacks are weaker fit (for example, the cover of the guns mounted in the fuselage) and generally inferior quality: slightly rough surfaces, very weak glazing (would recommend a replacement), some of the details are a little "soapy". Typical features of a short-run and should not cause a problem to the modeler with intermediate skill. In favor of the Czech model I would point slightly better technological breakdown (for example the housing the radiator under the fuselage made as one piece), the deeper wheel wells of the main undercarriage - and besides, there is no alternative, if someone wants to build this version of Swallow without a major surgery. I am not very happy with the outcome, I made a lot of mistakes in the finishing, but the lessons have been learned. Hope you like it anyway. Feel free to watch and comment. Best Hubert
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