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Found 24 results

  1. Hi All - this my build of the old 1/48 Dynavector Supermarine Scimitar vacform kit - took me about a year to complete. Nice vacform kit but the fin chord was too narrow & the tailplane chord too broad so I reshaped them and made a new vacform canopy to correct the windscreen forequarter panels which sat too high in my opinion. Other than that the kit really captures the lines of the Scimitar. RFI on Britmodeller - https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235074267-supermarine-scimitar-rfi-posted/ m
  2. G'day everyone, @mozart asked if I'd post some pics of this build, so here are the pics I have! I'm on a bit of a trainer kick at the moment so when I saw this for a good price on internet auction site, I decided to add it to the collection. Typical short run kit, plastic is very carvable, with fine recessed panel detail oh, a small sheet of photo etched, injection molded clear canopies with pre-cut masks and a nice selection of paint schemes. The kit makes you work with lots of carving and cleaning up of parts, gaps to fill and lots of interesting fit issues to solve but overall a nice model of a rarely kitted aircraft. I'm not entirely sure how either plastic instrument panel, or the photo etched instrument panel are supposed to fit to the instrument panel coaming. I ended up chopping up the photo etched panel and modifying the plastic panel to suit the coaming. Denzil
  3. TAG

    BIG HOG!

    Hey guys & gals, So I've been lurking here for longer than I'd like to admit, it took me years to even create a profile, much less comment and post. Mine is a common story, mid-40's guy who modeled into his teens and rediscovered the hobby once life becomes a little more settled. I've always had a passion for history and my dream as a kid was to be a fighter pilot (dashed by my poor eyesight). Once I realized that wasn't going to work out I ended up getting my kicks elsewhere, working professionally in snowboarding and skateboarding for almost 20 years. But that passion for history, most notably the air war in WWII, regardless of theater, was merely laying dormant. Cue to about a year ago, when life finally got out of the way enough that I managed to start pulling together some basic modeling tools so I could get myself back into the hobby. It's been slow going, as life still gets in the way more often than not, but I now have all the basic stuff I need, and then some. I even have a modest stash of about 4 kits, 2 of which are LSP's (Hasegawa P-47D and Revell P-51D-5). Sadly, I haven't gotten around to them yet, as I wanted to re-hone my skills on some cheaper, smaller kits before committing fully to "manscale". So far I've built three kits, popped my cherry with a Tamiya Mk. Vb Spit in 1/48, followed by an ancient Hasegawa P-38 in 1/72 that I found in my parents' attic after 30+ years and now this 1/48 Tamiya F4U-1A, which I built for my dad seeing as it's his favorite plane. Just wrapped this thing a couple of days ago, this whole project entailed a number of firsts for me: first time scratch-building, first time using the hairspray technique, first time black basing, first time wiring up a radial, and so it's only fitting this is my first time ever posting one of my models anywhere. Needless to say, considering the talent at hand on this site, I hope my work is up to par. So without further ado here's Big Hog, Tommy Blackburn's machine during his time as CO of Fighting-17, based on Ondonga, November 1943. Hope you guys like it, can't wait to get my grubby mitts on an LSP in the near future! More pics in the next post...
  4. What a kit! I just got the infamous YF-23 kit in 1/48 and although i could possibly start it after quite some time from now, i`m opening this thread now. I came across a few marvelous builds here and there, but could not managed to find the best build. So i`ll try to make the best one My vision is of a real F-23A conversion such as if it was the chosen plane in the 90`s. In brief, i`ll try to make the exact same outlook (painting/weathering) of a typical Raptor as of nowadays, but will also make all the corrections/edits/improvements that had to be implemented in the prototype version... once upon a time. ) I know about the yf-23.net site and most of my references are from there. Nonetheless - just a quick stroll through the HobbyBoss`s kit: And that`s it - just 2 sprues except the main surfaces and the clear parts. But the details are amazing in terms of quality. The occkpit is ginormous. I couldnt resist to testfit the main surfaces - they all are from 2 halves. What a plane! If i love the Raptor 9 out of 10, this Black Widow is 8.5 out of 10. (of cource my first place is still for the STOVL Lightning II). So i could deffinitely say that this is strictly one of my most faved planes. It`s huuuuge for this scale... just about the same as the Blackbid in 1/72: Thx for lookin! I`ll develop the build more thoroughly in ARC, but will update it here too, when/if i start building it... some day. This plane rocks. Just starring at it is making me feel .
  5. Hi all, After Lope's Hope P-40N dragged on for months, I needed a true Mojo kit. This was it! This is the weekend edition Spitfire from Eduard. It build up wonderfully right from the box. The only complaint is that I had no seat belts of any kind (so I posed the canopy closed). There were a lot of fiddly little parts...but everything fit together like a Swiss watch. I must say it was about 8 weeks of model building joy. Rock on Eduard! It got entered in the IPMS Nationals last weekend but the competition was fierce. It was my first use of Mission Models paint. Their primer is awesome and it will be "my boy" from now on. The spinner was painted with Model Master Acryl. My secret formula for that is 50% Future. Sprays great and cures hard as rock! OK, indulge me in one more pose of "Lope's Hope"...
  6. I really enjoyed this kit, it goes together extremely well considering it's size, I just wish Tamiya did the later version also! It's pretty much OOB with the exception of some seat belts and all insignia but the tail number was masked and painted. This aircraft was based out of Malaya in December 1941.
  7. Well, it's time to stop lurking and get to work on my stash. Life gets in the way but maybe posting my build here will help with my "mojo" and keep me motivated. As for true LSP, I have a ZM Mustang and a Tamiya Corsair to do. Also there's a T-6 Texan. However, those have a lot of parts and I need a simpler build to get my juices flowing again. I really should do "out of the box" but.... Nah! This Mauve kit is really nice. The True Details cockpit is sweet in it, I can tell.
  8. This is an old 1/48 scale model of mine that gathered that sticky coating of dust over the years so I decided to give it a makeover Model details are - Airwaves - cockpit etch and whitemetal undercarriage legs Cooper - propellor,spinner and fuel tanks Rockets from Flightpath detail set Scratchbuilt - wingfold and details around undercarriage doors etc Decals from AeroMaster 48-712 plus some from spares box The following photo is of this model posed with an old 1/48 PP Aerokits Vacform Firefly Mark5 both in the markings of 17CAG HMS Theseus during Korean War CJP
  9. My Month long exile from the work bench is over. I spent two weeks in hospital for surgery on my leg and another two weeks at home and though I still have over 120 staples in my left thigh, I couldn't stay away from the bench any longer. Over the month away I spent a heap of time thinking about and researching my next builds and purchasing some new kits. In the end it came down to a 1/35 Blackhawk or a 1/48 Meteor F.8. The Meteor ended up winning, but as I had two kits in the stash and wanted to do one in flight and one with the engines and guns exposed, I decided to do the two at the same time. The inflight model will be A77-854 with rockets and will be 98% OOB with only the seat "enhanced" by photo etch that is left over from the under service Meteor A77-851 Halestorm which will have resin seat & spent shell chutes, as well internal photo etch updates from Eduard. It felt so good cutting and reshaping the first piece. Before long I had two tubs well underway. The OOB one fell together in under 10 mins, but even with the little photo etch involved, the other is taking a fair bit longer. I need to paint the seats, add some dry brushing to the cockpit walls and to apply some placard decals to both tubs and seats. The dials on the OOB IP will come from the kit decals but I think I'll need to add some extra colour too. Progress will be slow as I'm still taking it easy still, but we're on the way. Don't worry, the 1/35 Blackhawk won't be long away from the bench.
  10. It`s finally done! * The WIP topic The F-23A Black Widow II in a searial production variant like it would be if it was the chosen winner from the ATF competition some two decades ago. The original kit is the HobbyBoss 1/48 YF-23 kit, which went through a major conversion, and almost all the surfaces were completely edited. Check out the full WIP topic for more insight although the majority of the first photos of the build cannot be displayed. She's a very beautiful plane, it think, and i considered all the diagrams and info on the http://yf-23.net page while making this conversion. So I kept the imagination level as low as possible, well.... maybe the weathering is quite alot, but who knows... maybe it really could have look that much soiled and weathered. A couple of serries of photoshoots will follow, cause the landing gear and the rudders are moveable, to allow 2 display modes - inflight and parked. First a dozen overall pics... Hope you like them, and Enjoy!
  11. Ready for inspection, though I may still do a base for it using the mat seen in the photos, but as it would take up a lot of space in the cabinet, maybe not. I present my Esci 1/48 Bell CAC 206B Kiowa, A17-039. I received this kit without instructions and missing a few parts from a friend a while ago, and started just after I finished the Mustang. Scratch built decals include the back seat, cable cutters, spot light, steps and the many antennas mounted on the underside of the Kiowa. Here is the real thing. And my representation of A17-039 It was the first time I have used the SMS range of paints and I have to say I am very impressed. Sprays straight from the bottle and goes on perfectly. I can't wait to use them again. Thanks for stopping by.
  12. Although I like building 1/32nd scale aircraft I do tend to prefer adversary and aggressor aircraft in 1/48th scale. Out of the 51 adversary Skyhawks I have planned to build these are the ones that have been finished so far. All are Hasegawa kits with decals from Afterburner, Fightertown, Classic Airframes, Twobobs and Gekko Graphics. Painting was done freehand with mostly Xtracolor enamels. Jens
  13. One of my favorite kits for a quick-build P-39 is from Eduard - the fit is amazing, you can build in a LOT of detail in the cockpit and you don't mess with the engine or nose cannon assembly so it is a very quick build. I have the old Cutting Edge Air-A-Cutie decal set so am finally putting it to use. Also have a bunch of other old bits, including the Moskit metal exhausts. :-) From 2007 I do believe. I decided not to got to town on the cockpit, esp the IP, since I am going to use the pilot figure and he really does clog up the cockpit more than a little bit. Not the best picture, sorry! Will retake and repost, but have already lightened up the face. I have a few in-process build pics but let me jump ahead a bit... I've actually closed up and have started to sand the fuselage seams, esp that one on the back. There is a bit of gloss in the cockpit for some decals that I will flatten out. I would weather the seat, and will a bit on the sides, but with the pilot in place, you really on see the one side. I'll have the right side door open but expect to have the left door closed. More to come later! Chris
  14. Hi hi, it`s been a big airbrake with the Eagle, but I was dealing with the Harrier. Well, I may become famous, but this Harrier became something like my best model so far. It`s not finished yet - just the decals are attached today. There will be a full video review of the build on the Mitko`s youtube channel and check out what a trailer he did about this model: There will be a full build review on the DNmodels blog, so check it out when you can. So far I could only share a couple of photos from today - the decals are on and a thin coat of lacquer. That`s it for now. Btw, I plan to use oil paints for the weathering for the first time and with the help from the local IPMS club - the oil paints should do miracles for the weathering. So... the Harrier GR.9A ZG478, with the huge Lorraine Cross on the tail: It`s an interesting plane. Honestly, I had only some basic knowledge about this plane and it is not one of my most favorite planes (even the US Harrier), but during this build I kinda found its beauty. Yeah, it`s a beautiful plane. Almost forgot to mention ... it is something like 3 models in one - I mean 3 different displays out of this model - just about everything turns, rotates, etc., to transform it from a parked jet, through the VTOL mode, to a fast flying plane... there is a sneak peak in the trailer.
  15. I needed a break from my Macchi 202 so I knocked out a Hasegawa 109 for the 'Great Patriotic War Group Build' over on Britmodeller. Not bad for a couple of weeks work. About half a dozen of these aircraft were flown by the Russian Liberation Army out of Nemecky Brod airfield from March 1945, it's unknown how much combat they actually saw, likely very little. What was left of 'white 15' was discovered in a bombed out hangar. Around 100,000 men served in the ROA, mostly anti Communist refugees from Eastern Europe and captured Soviet soldiers. Most captured men of the ROA were sent back to Russia where they were imprisoned and left to die in the gulags. It's leaders were hanged in Moscow in August 1946.
  16. Well, they are in 1/48th scale, but i would like to share the best photos from a photoshoot from a few weeks ago. Just a presentation of F-35A and F-35B as standalone models. The B version is with landing gears down only. The A version is with lights. Here are two videos of the A with lights switched on: 1, 2; and the two videos of the B version: V1, V2. And the photos. Enjoy.
  17. Thought of doing something different so purchased one of Tamiya's great P-51D 1/48 scale kits. I found Warbird's set of Thunderbird Decals for the Tamiya 1/48 P-51D which are a beautiful Red White and Blue. Should build up to a nice looking plane. Painted the cockpit white in keeping with a show aircraft and the entire aircraft is MM Metalizer Buffing Aluminum Plate. I really like the Metalizer paints, but you definitely have to watch the fumes so excellent ventilation is mandatory. They shine up nice, and lose a bit of luster once sealed. Still, looks shiny! There is an ongoing story behind the decals, see below. Other side a bit different Top view Now a bit of the saga with the decals. In the picture above the USAF letters have cracked a bit after a coat of MicroSet. The insignia on the left also looks like it is cracking, but I really hope not. Interestingly enough - used MicroSet on the insignia on the fuselage sides and it seems fine. Also on the US Flag and the Thunderbirds insignia on the right side. Really curious. In the picture below, the nose and tail decals are red white and blue and for both the nose and the tail decal the red is incredibly brittle. I was extra careful with the tail decal, but even minor movement shatters the red part of the decal, which is a large part of the decal. Ugh. I contacted Warbirds and they promptly responded and are sending out a replacement set. Hope they work better! The decal on the left is the Warbirds Thunderbird Tail decal. The right is what is left of the nose decal. Where the decal was red it shattered very easily from just a little bit of movement. Down below, the sharks mouth is from a 1/32 P-40 set which I used to test fit on a P-51 before I used a different mouth from the same set. Even with all of the moving and pushing around, and ultimately, it did not even tear. So I don't think I'm doing something wrong here. Hoping the new set from Warbirds works much better. Otherwise I'm masking and painting the red white and blue!
  18. Hi all , I'm building Tamiya's 1/48 Mustang III, using the Techmod sheet 48033 for the Polish squadron, markings for Wing Commander Jan Zumbach's JZ HB868 aircraft from August 1944. I used this same sheet for Capt Bohdan Arct's aircraft and really liked how the plane looked and how well the decals worked. Started with preshading the panel lines, hitting the tires, and then onto the cockpit. Quick coat of paint on the IP and cockpit. Fuel tank is hand painted to give it a bit more texture. Hardly any of this will be seen, sadly, but I know its there. But we all do this, don't we? The center of the instrument panel has a coat of gloss to prep for the instrument decal. The IP is a dark grey, instead of black, to add some contrast to the cockpit. Closer look with the decal in place. The cockpit is painted using MM acrylics, which I usually use. RAF Interior Green, Flory Black wash and Dark Green acryl for some highlights. Using the wash on flat paints lends more of a dirty look that I like in an aircraft that gets used as hard as the Polish squadron planes did. Debating on using the pilot figure. I'm using the Malcom Hood which only comes in the 'closed' option, so nearly all of this will be hidden. But we already went over that point... Control column is painted interior green - again to add some color highlights to the cockpit. Silver and graphite Prismacolor pencils were used to simulate wear. More later!
  19. Hi everyone I decided to make a model of this plane I thought that it would be a quite easy build, but when I started to search information about the plane I understood how I was wrong. Firstly I added some additional parts on ejection seat, also added some wires of different diameter in a main landing gear niche http://s3.postimg.org/7s7yp3zub/20150816_213253.jpg
  20. Back when I could still see smaller scale models I went after Tamiya's really nice 1/48 Scale P-51D kit with the Lou IV markings. Added some Eduard cockpit PE but the big exercise for me was dropping the flaps and working weathering the paint. I wanted a really well worn Lou IV. Left wing insignia is way off register; I just have not done anything yet to fix it. Paint is mostly Model master acrylics weathered using sanding pads of various grits. Last picture shows the both of the ailerons dropped - I fixed it as shown in the previous pictures but it took me a long time to find the errror.
  21. Build of a Tamiya kit, this time the 1/48 Mustang III kit paired with the Techmod decal sheet. A great subject matter that doesn't get a lot of attention in the bigger kits. The Mustang III's were very interesting in their camo and markings.
  22. I picked this up pretty cheap second had and I'm glad I didn't pay much for it. The kit is devoid of detail and some of the fit is bad, the undercarriage in-particular. I also added some RP-3 rockets from the Airfix Seafire XVII that I did not use. If I'm to build another Sea Fury it'll be either the Trumpeter kit (despite it's problems) or the Fisher model. The decals used were from Blackbird Models; Latin American Air Wars Vol 1 - Bay of Pigs. They are very nice decals, thin, glossy and settle down well with Mr Mark softener. However, the colour scheme given for '541' is probably incorrect for the period and I suspect they were looking at pictures of the Sea Fury in the Cuban Air Force Museum, that is painted a touch haphazardly. They also missed the small '541' decal for the undercarriage main gear doors (I put this on with spare decals). On the colour scheme, '541' was painted in a two tone, wrap around striped camouflage of a lighter and darker colour. What these two colours were is anyone's guess. The decal sheet suggest a light green and an olive drab and I substituted the olive drab for an olive green. It's probably flown against the invasion in the Bay of Pigs and according to sources, shot down a rebel flown B-26. Sources say all Cuban Sea Fury's were repainted overall olive drab before the invasion, but pictures to show this aircraft armed with rockets with a pilot stepping into it, so without a date on the picture, who knows for sure?
  23. Picture of a scratch built piece I did.... It was a fun commission built piece. Sorry the photo isn't better ! - Joe66
  24. Hello! Here are some photos of a model i built for Airfix Model World. It is published in this month Magazine (March 2014). It is the Great Wall Hobbies kit, with the adition of True details engine and magneto covers, engine cowls and props. Painted with Tamiya acrilics. Here are some photos. If you get curious, the detailed proces is here on my blog: http://josepiresmodelismo.blogspot.pt/ Hope you like it! José Pedro http://i653.photobucket.com/albums/uu257/azorean3/North%20American%20P-61%20Blackwidow/30-2_zps3a75dbce.jpg
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