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Found 5 results

  1. Hi folks, I finished this yesterday having started it just after Telford last year. I wanted to build a model of the F-4J that the RAF received in the 80’s as it’s a conversation subject all day long. I’ve done more research than is probably healthy and picked up a kit at last years SMW show knowing full well what it was going to be. I managed to bag a set of decals from the States and at last years Salisbury show I picked up the F-4J(UK) Aeroguide book, which for an old publication has been invaluable. Anyway the kit has had much written about it, so I won’t duplicate what’s known but it’s a first for me; the Tamiya kit that is. Prior to building whilst researching I knew I wanted the centre line tank with a ballast sparrow and aquisition round. I wanted to be different from the other blue builds so I found a 3D parachute on the internet, so ordered one. Again research showed that the crew could and some did put the pins in the seats on the taxi back to the line. So I wanted to depict a cab taxiing back with everything cleaned up and the rear crewman putting his pins in. Refuelling probe extended for checks after shut down. It ties in quite nicely that I found back in the day that 74 Sqn did indeed mount a challenge to fly 74 sorties in one day, trying to out do 56 Sqns efforts some time earlier. They did succeed. So this is my take on a cab going back to the line for a quick turn around to be available to go again. Reading Tug Wilson’s book they did the same at Akrotiri with parachute still attached for the same reason. Any comments or if you see if blatantly missed something speak up. Thanks for looking. Steve.
  2. Hello all, I hope everyone is keeping well. This F-4J is built from the Tamiya kit, so there maybe a few inaccuracies in the final make up from the real thing, so apologies for that. It had been a 'thing' I have always wanted to build but sadly we don't have a good 1/32 F-4 that is suitable for the RAF except these of 74th Squadron that were directly imported from the US. Only add on were the smile lights that came from Eduard, painted with Gunze paints and all stores are fitted with magnets.
  3. A slightly more recent build from a couple of years ago. This is the Tamiya F-15C from the Gulf War 1 and is a representation of a bloodied cab. Made out of the box with decals changed to suit. The map is actually a scaled down IRAQ image and the FOD covers are paper mache. IMG_0586 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr IMG_0587 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr IMG_0588 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr IMG_0589 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr Steve.
  4. Greetings All I finally finished my Spitfire, part of a dual build with the Tamiya Mosquito, which i had posted on in-progress http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=64742&page=8 This kit was a joy to work with, but i must say that the decals were a little disappointing, they are too thick and cracked up when softener was applied. i hope you like it.
  5. Thanx to Starfighter Jock and Red Dog and their help this set is ready and out for sale. Hopefully soon you will see StarfighterJock using those in his project. Very beautiful camo-scheme for Tamiya 32nd scale kits. https://dnmodels.com/product/camouflage-paint-masks-for-f-16-blizzard-aggressor-132/
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