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  1. BEAUTIFUL WORK! What paints are you using? Lacquer/Acrylic/Enamel? I'd like to start using the Payne's Gray wash method but I'm afraid of what the turpentine can do to the paint. I assume you are using a coat of Future after you paint? Looking great, sir!
  2. Hmmm- I'll use my own personal experience to answer this question. I'll separate it into three different categories- Good, Expect Some Work, and Expect LOTS of Work. Mind you, this is merely based on kits I have put together! Good: Tamiya F-16C/J Tamiya F-4E Tamiya F-4J Academy F-18C/D Tamiya F-15C/E Trumpeter Mig-21 Expect Some Work: Trumpeter F-105G Academy F-16C/G Trumpeter Su-27 Expect LOTS of Work: Tamiya F-14A (I did the 1994 boxing) Trumpeter A-10 (probably more me than the kit)
  3. Dave, Option A. Of the three, this is the one I would grab first: FL32002 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-533 Al Asad Air Base 2006, MCAS Beaufort 2008 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-225 MCAS Miramar 2009 Getting that kit is on my list for the Nat's and I'd grab that sheet for sure.
  4. Very nice indeed. I got one of those for Christmas from my lovely bride and I hope to be able to build it the next decade... Was it a fun build?
  5. Oh man! I'm getting excited!!!!! NICE WORK!!!! You really are a master at this!
  6. Lovely! Cockpit looks great- can't wait to see more!!
  7. I get giddy seeing your builds Jamie. Now I'm gonna grab a beer and follow along! Cheers, Jon
  8. I agree- especially with the F-22, Raiden and most of all the Spitfire
  9. I think it could be a good thing. They have had a few nice releases lately. Maybe this acquisition will enable them to spend some more money on the fine details. Not to be pointing in a certain direction with a spotlight coated with a bat symbol but... some new 1/32 kits on the engineering level of say, their 1/48 F-15E,Eurofighter and Rafale would be nice. Maybe even nicer to go after birds that are not available in 1/32 yet. I mean Hasegawa's 'Jug is likely to keep me from going anywhere near Trumpeter unless I want an M model. Perhaps I'm reaching, but and it's a big but, maybe Hobbico will see 1/32 as a logical progression to the larger R/C aircraft and want to spend money on that. Then again, I only built 1/48 scale modern aircraft until a year or so ago. Then I got hooked on 1/32 modern jets. THEN- I found my true passion- 1/32 WW2 aircraft. Such history. Maybe I am a little biased on 1/32 but with Trumpeter(especially), Tamiya, Academy and Hasegawa rolling out more and more new 1/32 molds it seems a bit logical. We know (if you have seen their 1/48 F-15E) that Revellogram CAN play with the big boys. Perhaps they become smaller and more niche. I wish this merger the best for both companies and hope that the 'twinkle' can reappear in Revellograms' eye's.
  10. Thanks Piet- that goes both ways, mate. I know what you mean- nothing like an 'interesting conversation' with Mr. Serious eh? I was in SA October of last year with my wife, bro-in-law and sis. My bro grew up in Randfontein, and moved to the states in '97. We try to go once a year because it is such an incredible place to go. In any case, if you ever come this way you'd have some natives to drink with and braii! Oh yeah, miss the biltong!
  11. Better yet, a cold Windhoek and a thick steak at The Butcher Shop in Sandton. Then we can drink, eat AND talk large scale models!
  12. Wow. Piet, this is truly marvelous work. I read what you said and I agree with you 100% I am an ok modeler. I went to a show once and entered a 1/32 Fw-190. It was my first 1/32 build and I relished the extra attention I was able to put onto 'larger pieces'. I didn't win, but it wasn't my intention. My intention was to see what the masters were doing differently than me. It was the end of the competition and I was packing away the kit and having some great conversation with the fella who won first in the 1/32 Prop category. Another guy came up to me and asked if he could look at the model. "No sweat." .... He pulls out a flashlight and starts to give it a once over. Then the opinions and recommendations start flying. I asked him if he entered anything so that I could see what he was talking about. "No, I haven't built anything since I was a kid but I like coming to the shows." I just kept my mouth shut knowing that well... you know. Funny thing was, the guy had a comb-over. When you mentioned that it made me laugh. Now I'll have a cold Windhoek!
  13. Great work Kevin! Nice work on the intake and the engine trolley.
  14. Hi Mike- Could be your browser. If you are using the new version of IE check your settings in the tools button on the tool bar.
  15. Thanks for all the info folks. I'm going to see if I can grab a 109 and a Ki-84. I'm going to se if I cn sell a big Tamiya Tomcat and grab the Zero or the Dauntless. I'd love to have a good build that I can focus on through the winter. It would be nice to do a quick build on one of those 109's. In any case, thanks very much for all the input- this is a great forum.
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