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    Dioramas aircraft and ships.Playing guitar.Collecting 1/18th diecast cars.Woodcarving.

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  1. John Reid

    Albatros Diorama

    I would recommend that you start with the Jenny and then the Albatros.The Jenny is their best kit and I have built it twice.It is the most complete with the best instructions.It too is a WW1 airplane and most Canadians and Americans trained on it.It also has a great post-war record.Next would be the Albatros but when I built it there was some serious issues with the metal such as the undercarriage supporting the airplane.Yours may be the newer version.Anyway good luck.Cheers! John.
  2. John Reid

    Albatros Diorama

    Above is the basic plan for the "Keepers of the Flame 1919-1929" 1:16th scale diorama.
  3. John Reid

    Albatros Diorama

    Early morning in the shop.This shot is completely taken in artificial lighting.I enjoy getting lots of shadows on the floor.The aircraft is being rigged for flight after it is covered with fabric.
  4. John Reid

    Albatros Diorama

    There is a little story behind this pic.I had knocked a box of nuts and bolts on the floor and my son happened to be there.
  5. John Reid

    Albatros Diorama

    Maintenance crew chief instructing some of his fellow mechanics about a new engine type.I designed this diorama in such a way as to have the light shining through the cracks in the boards.Unfortunately, the museum didn't install the background lighting as it was intended to be.This is what they call a box diorama viewable from the front only and this really spoils the effect.
  6. John Reid

    Albatros Diorama

    I wonder how I could change the title of this thread from what it is now to "The Art Of The Diorama".I will be posting more than one of my dioramas here.
  7. John Reid

    Albatros Diorama

    There is a little story behind this pic.I spilled some stuff on the floor and my son liked it so I glued where it fell.
  8. John Reid

    Albatros Diorama

    Thank you so much.Makes this old guy happy that you like my work.Cheers! John.
  9. John Reid

    Albatros Diorama

    Most of my Albatros pics to date are posted on pages 4&5 of my IMGUR account.Many more to come later as I find them in my computer.