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    I like to build 1/32nd WWII props and Post WWII Jets. I have built Trumpeter: F- 105G, F8F B1 Bearcat, Revell: F4U-4 Corsair, F4F-3 Wildcat Special Hobby: P-39K Airacobra, F2A Buffalo and Hasegawa: F6F-3 Hellcat,and A4E Skyhawk and am in the process of building a Trumpeter Mig 17. I don't mind updating some of the older kits and have in my sights the Revell F4-J and F4-E Phantoms. At my age 70 I prefer the larger kits because my eye sight is not as good as it once was and I have a little trembling in my hands. You would think the trembling would be a real problem but surprisingly it isn't. I compensate by resting my hand, and a couple of other tricks.

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  1. GeeBee: Thanks for the info. just what I wanted to know. Looking at the photo I can't tell if the Creep was OD over grey or a VERY faded black? MtFlyer
  2. Would like any general info but especially need Serial Numbers and a drawing of the "Creep" marking and shape and a guess at colors of the creep. Any help appriciated MtFlyer...aka Keith The photo come off the net from the Warbired Information Exchange please respect the copy write laws.
  3. I would hope so, since their are a lot of really colorful Seastar's. It wouldn't be a simple conversion since the cockpit glazing is totally different and read fuselage and tail have to be reconfigured. We Navy fans can hope someone does it.
  4. Hi Ludek: I built a P-39L from the kit last fall and used Zots decals. I really enjoyed the build but I did have a few problems. I knocked over a bottle of liquid glue and it found the canopy. It melted it! I e-mailed Special Hobby and they sent me a replacement at no cost even though it was totally my fault. At the time I was building it a few people said they had a problem with the wing to fuselage fit but mine went together with no filler required. I did have a problem with the landing gear. It isn't a very positive fit and I had to re-glue the main gear a couple of times. I have seen
  5. I would really like to use the kit decals supplied in the 1/32 Trumpeter A7E Corsair II for VA 192 "Golden Dragons" but I have had such poor luck with other Trumpeter decals I am afraid to try them. Has anyone out there built the A7E and used the Golden Dragon decals. What kind of luck have you had? MtFlyer aka...Keith
  6. I am looking for a 1/ 32nd U.S. Navy Deck Crew figure era 1960-1980. Anyone know who make these figures. MtFlyer...AKA...Keith
  7. Ole: Beautiful Phantom. I have a question. How did you add the white piping around the canopies? MtFlyer...aka...Keith
  8. Pappy: That is a B e a u t i f u l picture of a TBD. I think Mr. Song's heart strings will be touched by that picture alone. What is this about the A6 Intruder being a rumor? I thought that was a false rumor about the rumor. MtFlyer.
  9. Pappy: I would also like the TBD Devastator to fill out my USN collection. Also, speaking of unsuccessful aircraft not seen in 1/32nd, how about a SB2C Helldiver, and a Vindicator from the battle of Midway. But, I agree that Trumpeter really owes us the TBD we have heard it is coming for way too long. Why say it is coming and then not deliver. MtFlyer
  10. Barry: Thanks for the info. Could the F-8J leading edge flap be replicated by scribing a panel line down the center of the kit flap? Or is there more to it than that? MtFlyer...aka...Keith
  11. I understand that the F-8J had had a larger Stabilizer than the F-8E How much bigger? Does any one have a drawing of the size difference? Also I understand that the leading edge flap was a "double Droop" flap can anyone describe how you would display that ,on a 1/32nd model? How about the articulated flaps how would you show them on a model? Mtflyer
  12. Ron: That was quick. Thank you I'll try it tonight. MtFlyer...aka..Keith
  13. I recently picked up a like new Double action Paashe VL airbrush at a swap meet for $10.00. The problem is I can't figure out how to use it. Does anyone own one and can they write me some simple direction. Or do you have a operating manual you can copy for me. I will be willing to pay for copying and postage cost. I have a Paashe H model that I have used for years, but the VL is totally different. MtFlyer...aka...Keith
  14. Hey Guys: A couple of weeks ago I inquired about which model F8F that was used by the Royal Thai Air Force and received a great reply from Brian. It seems all the F8F sent to Thailand were F8F-1's. Thanks again Brian. You remember Brian who did "Black 2300"with a natural metal finish in foil. Wow! What a great build. Brain mentioned that the decals for 2300 from Siam Models were wrong. The decal sheet shows black and yellow tail stripes and Brian and several artist color profiles showing it in blue and white. I e-mailed Siam Models and asked for their documentation on the yellow s
  15. Hey Brian: Thank you for the photo of the F8F-1 showing the white and blue tail on the 23XX aircraft. That answers a lot of questions. MtFlyer...aka...Keith
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