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    LSP_Matt reacted to LSP_Kevin in When I was in USAF signals intel...   
    I'm led to believe this is a political post, and however well-intentioned or well-disguised, it breaches our guidelines, and will have to have its pee-wee whacked.
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    LSP_Matt reacted to Marcel111 in Wheel Masking Trick   
    Thought I'd share this very obvious trick I used when painting wheels (probably already commonly used but I thought I'd share anyway). Choose an appropriately sized pen cap (if your home is anything like ours you'll have a never ending supply of pens available). And use as a mask accordingly:

    Takes no time at all.
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    LSP_Matt reacted to Jennings Heilig in This makes you think...   
    Gave anesthesia today to a gentleman who is 103 years old.  He was born in 1916.  When he was born, all Ford automobiles (which had only then been in production for 8 years) were black Model T’s.  When he was born, the Battle of the Somme hadn’t been fought yet.  The US wasn’t involved in WWI yet.  Woodrow Wilson was president. There was still a Kaiser in Germany, a Czar in Russia,, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire controlled most of Eastern Europe.  There was no such thing as a commercial radio station in the US.  Less than 20% of US homes had electricity.  Paved roads were found only in the larger cities, and there was no such thing as a paved highway connecting any of them.  There was no commercial air service, and sending a letter via Air Mail was a dicey proposition.  There was no such thing as an antibiotic, and no insulin (diabetes was a death sentence).  Home entertainment (if you were wealthy) was a Victrola phonograph, and the popular music of the day was ragtime.  
    He came to the surgery center with his youngest son - who is 76.  His lab values were textbook perfect.  He takes no prescription medications.  He’s never smoked a cigarette in his life (“Always hated the damn things!”).  He does drink a bourbon every night, and wanted to know if it was okay to do so tonight when he got home.  He has all his teeth, and has no artificial joints.  He hopped up on the operating table like a freaking squirrel!  
    He said his mother died at 102, and his father died in his late 80s - killed by a motorist while riding his bicycle!
    Absolutely amazing!
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    LSP_Matt got a reaction from Bravo52 in Spray booth for MRP paint   
    Maybe you could run the outlet hose from the spray booth that would normally be fed out a window into a sealed container of water? I've used that and it works well.
    HTH Matty
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    LSP_Matt got a reaction from Pup7309 in Midway - a new Roland Emmerich's movie...   
    I just watched the movie Dauntless.
    I wish I hadn't. It was more than enough to make me want to book into Dignitas in Switzerland.
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    LSP_Matt reacted to Kagemusha in Radar antenna arrangement on He-219   
    Can we please keep in on track fellas, I've reluctantly had to hide a couple of posts which had veered so far they were in a different lightyear time zone, which is a first. 
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    LSP_Matt reacted to Koralik in P-47D Kinetic 1:24   
    This time the model is in NMF finish
     P-47D from Kinetic 1:24 scale
    If you decide on this model, remember that you need a lot of shelf space.

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    LSP_Matt reacted to Out2gtcha in Good news for flight simmers   
    Wow, the graphics look amazing. 
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    LSP_Matt reacted to vince14 in Good news for flight simmers   
    Good news for PC fight simmers - Microsoft is releasing a new version of their Flight Simulator next year, and it looks pretty darned good!
    Launch video on You Tube






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    LSP_Matt got a reaction from Jennings Heilig in Anyone ever been to Guadalcanal?   
    You may already know about it but The Pacific Wrecks Data base is a good site for planning a trip.  HTH Hot and mossies.
    I've been to Bougainville...a lot of WW2 wrecks there as well. Same Island chain.
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    LSP_Matt reacted to alaninaustria in Midway - a new Roland Emmerich's movie...   
    Looks like shiite... will pass... right up there with that other Pearl Harbor movie... 
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    LSP_Matt reacted to LSP_Kevin in Server Crash   
    Howdy folks,
    We've just recovered from a rather serious server crash, which took a couple of hours to resolve, unfortunately. Hopefully everything is back to normal now, but please let me know if you spot any problems.
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    LSP_Matt reacted to mozart in Australian War Memorial   
    I visited the Australian War Memorial in Canberra yesterday, my first duty was to buy some poppies to place against some lost aircrew from 467 and 463 squadrons RAAF, killed in action on 3 March 45 along with my father’s friend Max Venton. I got into conversation with Keryn, a staff member and the long and short of it was that she invited me to lay a wreath at the closing ceremony at 5 o’clock. Each day a fallen hero is remembered and their biography read out, yesterday by a lady corporal from the Army, then wreaths are laid followed by the Last Post. 
    I felt incredibly honoured and very emotional, not to mention a bit nervous! I dedicated the wreath to all the crews from 467 and 463 squadrons who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Lest we forget:




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    LSP_Matt reacted to D.B. Andrus in Wanna see what Mach 8.6 looks like?   
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    LSP_Matt reacted to Out2gtcha in Spray booth for MRP paint   
    My setup has about 8 ft (guesstimate) of tubing and has worked for years wonderfully with a yearly cleaning of the paint booth and the exhaust tubes.  With custom made window section with cutouts for the exhaust tubes, and 1-way dryer vents and cages on the outside:


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    LSP_Matt got a reaction from MikeMaben in Well craaaaap !!! ...   
    Get well soon Mike.
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    LSP_Matt reacted to MikeMaben in Well craaaaap !!! ...   
    Thanks guys. Yeah I'm on a blood thinner and something to slow my heartrate.
    as I have an irregullar heartbeat. Like the Doc said , these things slowly dissipate
    however this mess in my right eye is pretty big and spread out. I can't really see
    much out of it which seriously wacks your depth perception which makes putting
    two parts together quite difficult  . I don't think it has to clear away completely
    for me to get my depth perception back , which is what I hope for most.
    I guess I'll survive , thanks again for the comments everybody 
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    LSP_Matt reacted to LSP_Ray in Well craaaaap !!! ...   
    Yikes! Hope it clears up soon for you. Are you on blood thinners? I am and I know that is one of the dangers.
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    LSP_Matt reacted to MikeMaben in Well craaaaap !!! ...   
    So I popped a capillary in my right eye. Blood is floating inside
    that looks like somebody splashed some motor oil in my eye.
    Doctor says I'm lucky cuz the capillary that opened has plugged
    itself so there's no more bleeding. The big mess in my eyeball
    will dissipate over time so now all I have to do is wait. Could be
    days, could be weeks, could be months 
    Anyway, I've found it very difficult to do any modeling with this
    mess so I'll be slowed down at the least. ( yeah like I was a
    modeling whirlwind before ).
    Poor me 
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    LSP_Matt reacted to Cees Broere in New HK Models Kit TBA @ US Nats!   
    The problem with Neil is that he likes all suggestions. Such as the Halifax I casually mentioned to him
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    LSP_Matt reacted to LSP_Kevin in New HK Models Kit TBA @ US Nats!   
    I'd love a He 177 in 1/32! But I suspect I'll be using the Combat kit to fulfil that dream. FWIW, Neil and I spoke about the possibility of a Bf 110G-4 a few years back, and the idea was well-received. Fingers crossed!
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    LSP_Matt reacted to Out2gtcha in New HK Models Kit TBA @ US Nats!   
    I'd say that seems like a fairly accurate statement.
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    LSP_Matt reacted to kalashnikov-47 in KittyHawk just announced a 1/32 Fw190 A-8   
    I couldn't possibly be less interested.
    But I hope they sell tons of them.  That will allow for investment into other subjects.
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    LSP_Matt reacted to thierry laurent in KittyHawk just announced a 1/32 Fw190 A-8   
    Blame Arthur Bentley! Without his very detailed and accurate drawings we would not get so many 190s! 
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    LSP_Matt reacted to Kagemusha in KittyHawk just announced a 1/32 Fw190 A-8   
    I think they should be given an awful lot of slack, they've released some pretty esoteric subjects so far, who else would have produced a Bronco, Trojan, Havard, Mirage 2000, and, fingers crossed, a Jaguar .
    Everyone has bills to pay, books to balance. 
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