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  1. Cool! You still have another sharkmouth to do! Regards,
  2. I love the sharkmouth! Are they decals? If so, whose? Regards,
  3. Guys, I was chatting with Roy Sutherland of Barracuda Studios (Barracuda Decals and Barracudacast) and informed him about the commonality of parts between the Texan and P-51 Mustang. While the commonality may be for post war aircraft, what about during war time? Were the seats, tires (main wheels and tail) the same? What other P-51 Mustang parts could be used? I ask since they offer a nice range of products and interior stencils for the Mustang. Regards,
  4. I guess you're referring to their earlier efforts. If so, I agree. Fit and engineering have improved a lot over the years and it is accuracy which is hit or miss (depending on where they got their references from). Don't tease, if you know what I know let's just say there might be a better kit coming along. Regards,
  5. So, how was the kit to build? I have the Su-9U to build for my son. Regards,
  6. Following with interest as I saw these flying while in New York and Barbados with an example in a museum in each place! I posted a walk around photo set of the one on display at the Intrepid Sea Air & Space Museum. If you think it may be of use, let me know to post the link. Regards,
  7. Thanks GeeBee ad RBrown! I know Karaya released some decal sheets based on profiles in these books (which I need to pick up on my next trip to Eastern Europe). I wonder if any of the sheets have the bomb markings? I was about to post my measurements from the Fw 190F-8 I came across in Kissimmee Florida but, without knowing the provenance of the spinner, what's the point? Regards,
  8. I received my decals and immediately reviewed them. At the moment, they are still on the front page of that site. I'm hoping AMS gets their HI-PEG back on the market (although I understand it is to improve the molds). Regards,
  9. Thanks Boris, I have yet to see anything hung under a Fw 190 with a sharkmouth. Regards,
  10. Darn! I almost got this kit thinking there exists a photo of a Fw 190F-8 with a shark mouth on the fuel tank! None there at all! Regards,
  11. Tamiya offers a lot more than plastic models. The US, comparatively wealthy and with space, has a large RC market. Where I live, all plastic model hobby shops have closed with only RC Model shops (some have a small stock of static models) being the norm. Regards,
  12. Go with the Friul tracks as they are the correct type for this version whereas the kit tracks are for the Merkava 1 or 2 (being the earliest type). Regards,
  13. Does Sharkmouth like the sharkmouth Typhoon? YES!
  14. I will surely get an OV-10A if they release one! I want this in my collection Regards,
  15. Howard, the box art is of the T-6G Tomcat as used by the French, Portuguese, and Congo. From what I see in my kit of the earlier release, everything for this version was already in the box and the Shark Mouth is on the superb decal sheet from Zotz The Mosquito would be an excellent follow up if KittyHawk continues their series. Regards,
  16. At 90 pixels, my signature image isn't tall but it is wide. Is width really an issue since it doesn't affect scrolling? In any case, you have reminded me to update the link to this year's fundraiser. Regards,
  17. Nice Falcons all around! Regards,
  18. Well SirBlueHenry, I too have been there and done that! My concern was that you put it on "the shelf of Doom" with no idea when to pick it up. If on the shelf because other things take priority, that's perfectly understandable! I will follow so I will get notified when you pick it up again. Regards,
  19. Hi, would you be able to take photos? The one on their site doesn't help much to know which connectors they are offering. Regards,
  20. I'm really liking the work done! Regards,
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