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  1. Cool! You still have another sharkmouth to do! Regards,
  2. I love the sharkmouth! Are they decals? If so, whose? Regards,
  3. Guys, I was chatting with Roy Sutherland of Barracuda Studios (Barracuda Decals and Barracudacast) and informed him about the commonality of parts between the Texan and P-51 Mustang. While the commonality may be for post war aircraft, what about during war time? Were the seats, tires (main wheels and tail) the same? What other P-51 Mustang parts could be used? I ask since they offer a nice range of products and interior stencils for the Mustang. Regards,
  4. I guess you're referring to their earlier efforts. If so, I agree. Fit and engineering have improved a lot over the years and it is accuracy which is hit or miss (depending on where they got their references from). Don't tease, if you know what I know let's just say there might be a better kit coming along. Regards,
  5. So, how was the kit to build? I have the Su-9U to build for my son. Regards,
  6. Following with interest as I saw these flying while in New York and Barbados with an example in a museum in each place! I posted a walk around photo set of the one on display at the Intrepid Sea Air & Space Museum. If you think it may be of use, let me know to post the link. Regards,
  7. Thanks GeeBee ad RBrown! I know Karaya released some decal sheets based on profiles in these books (which I need to pick up on my next trip to Eastern Europe). I wonder if any of the sheets have the bomb markings? I was about to post my measurements from the Fw 190F-8 I came across in Kissimmee Florida but, without knowing the provenance of the spinner, what's the point? Regards,
  8. I received my decals and immediately reviewed them. At the moment, they are still on the front page of that site. I'm hoping AMS gets their HI-PEG back on the market (although I understand it is to improve the molds). Regards,
  9. Thanks Boris, I have yet to see anything hung under a Fw 190 with a sharkmouth. Regards,
  10. Darn! I almost got this kit thinking there exists a photo of a Fw 190F-8 with a shark mouth on the fuel tank! None there at all! Regards,
  11. Tamiya offers a lot more than plastic models. The US, comparatively wealthy and with space, has a large RC market. Where I live, all plastic model hobby shops have closed with only RC Model shops (some have a small stock of static models) being the norm. Regards,
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