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  1. Amazon is selling the He 111P for $52 +$6 shipping. A most excellent deal. If you are looking to snag one at this price don't wait too long as Amazon's prices tend to fluctuate daily.
  2. If you want a picture of the kit send me your email address. I can't post any pictures on LSP from my home PC..


  3. Hi Joe,

    I can send a picture of the kit if need be? It's still in shrink-wrap.

    Just need an email address from you. Send me it @ Tmolitor@ilfc.com .

    Thanks Joe


  4. Thanks, Den. I guess I will have to go that route then. As far as the kit decals, they are old, discolored and quite brittle looking. Maybe I can cut out the codes from the sheet and use them as a stencil.
  5. I just added to my stash (thanks, Stephen!) a Hasegawa 1/32 Spit MkVI and I am wondering if anyone knows of any aftermarket decals that were (are still) made for this kit? I read somewhere of an old Arrow Graphics sheet but have been unable to locate one. Any others? thanks, Joe
  6. FINALLY!!! Someone has gotten the earlier style prop spinner shape correct! It seems that most (if not all) JU88A kits have the later, more bulbuous spinners provided instead of the earlier more slender prop spinners. The test shot shown above looks fantastic! Lets hope that Revell is truly able to keep the price down rather than try to make a killing by using other model kit companies' pricing scale. I am no marketing expert but it seems to me that you will sell more kits by keeping the cost as low as possible while still providing a acceptable profit margin. Therefore you will have customers
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