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  1. I flew competitive rubber powered free flight scale for about 15 years, would still do it but no where to test or trim around where I live now. The best place to get info is the Flying Aces Club, www.flyingacesclub.com. They are dedicated to free flight scale in all its forms and a great bunch of guys that will help you with anything you need. I'm still a member, even I don't fly anymore, I switched to small electric powered rc, I can fly those in a scool yard by my house in the evenings. I also did a lot of indoor free flight which is a blast but a whole different world to build and fly for. There are lots of local chapters of the FAC so there may be a group close to you.
  2. Being a huge fan of all of Benny Howards planes, I will buy the kits no matter what scale they are in, I would actually prefer 1/24. I've never worried about scale consistency, I have models from 1/72 to 1/8, if I like the airplane, scale is not a concern. Bring them on, can't wait! Curt
  3. I found those decals available about a month ago and ordered them, I should get them tomorrow, I'll let you know how they look. I am a big fan of Robert S. Johnson. Heres the link where I found the decals: http://www.1001modelkits.com/p-47-thunderbolt-model-kit/61779-microscale-481096-republic-p-47c-p-47d-thunderbolt-razorbacks-flown-by-robert-johnson-4-41-6235-hv-p-half-pint-42-76234-hv-.html Hope this helps Curt
  4. I will definitly be in line for this kit. Some ideas for race planes, Sopwith Tabloid, Laird Super Solution, Curtiss R3-C2, Howard Pete, Mike, Ike, and Mr Mulligan, Cessna CR-3, any of Steve Wittman's and Art Chester's aircraft, Miss Los Angeles. I would buy a couple of all of these.
  5. I got my kit last night, looks fantastic, I'm thinking of doing it in a civilian scheme. I'll have to start hunting and see what I can find. Curt
  6. I just got an email from Silver Wings that my Stearman kit shipped today, Yahoo and I can't wait until it gets here to Alabama. Curt
  7. Got my kit today and it is AWESOME!!! I can't wait to get started on it, should be a blast. Please Paul, more golden age kits.
  8. Another cool thing in 1/32 scale would be some historical aircraft like a Locheed Vega so we could do the Winnie Mae or Amelia Earhart's plane, the Spirit of St Louis, the Wright flyer, in fact there are almost no models of pioneer aircraft. I would love to build a Mr. Mulligan to, in fact all of Benny Howards aircraft would be great in 1/32. The Curtiss Robin would be cool also, lots of these were used to break avaition records.
  9. Luscome Phantom, Waco YKC, Waco ATO Taperwing, Pietenpol Air Camper, Monocoupe 110 Special, Great Lakes 2T1A, Travel Air 2000, Globe Swift.....
  10. Thanks Harvey, another museum for the bucket list, looks fantastic. I will also vote for the P6e but what I don't get is why there are no civilian aircraft form the 20's and 30's kited. I would love to be able to build a Travelair 2000, or a Great Lakes 2t1a or any of the cabin Wacos, or how about a Luscome Phantom one of the most beautiful aircraft ever built. I just don't get the military only bent of the static model aircraft world. Oh well back to scratch building a Pou De Ciel.
  11. Beautiful shots, what museum are these from?
  12. Any word yet on when the Ryan kit is going to ship?
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