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  1. Here are some photo`s of my most recent build. A F8F-2 in a nice SEA scheme in VNAF markings. I hope you liked it David
  2. Hi Scotsman you might start to check out the site of aviaton megastore in the Netherlands they sell Z-M and as far as i know they ship all over the world David
  3. Thanks guys for your kind words David
  4. Hi Volture You should look on page 4 there`s a topic by Blue Max on the same problem David
  5. As promissed in my bearcat topic the photo`s of the completed SEA FURY FAR-style so far this build David
  6. My SEAFURY is ready (photo`s will follow) so it was time for something new. I started this kit a while ago i build it straight OOB so i didn`t took photo`s during building The paint job however ain`t OOB i`m finnishing this bearcat in a camouflage scheme used by the VNAF that`s it for now David
  7. Here are some new photo`s of my Heinkel. I gave it a new paint job cause i wasn`t pleased with the old one. Hope you like it David
  8. Matt, looking good, are you by any chance trying to become a next generation Ruzikampf :punk: I have just 1 question did you have an accident riding your bycicle and slamming your head on the ground, because looking at this you got to have some sort of brain damage (i`m not crazy i`m an aeroplane and if you don`t believe me get out) David
  9. dahil


    That looks great man, I told you your skills have improved. David
  10. i have made some progress on the Fury as one can see it is a fun kit to build and you don`t have to think much about it. what do you want for that kind of money tonight the camo is up thats all for now David
  11. dahil


    Hey Matt great looking cockpit sofar, did you sign in on an evening school yet maybe it`s wise for you to start paying attention to warning signs I read perfectly well the text CAUTION SHARP BLADE :oops:
  12. Thanks for the kind words @Peter that is a mighty long time but glad you got back to modeling also @Matt planning on staying around mate(I was watching most of your builds, and they look great, your skills have improved @Brian thanks now back to modeling i`ve painted up the cockpit and glued the fuselage halves together The tailwheel was s#@t so i turned to the sparebox and came up with this solution it`s a nose wheel of a mig17 1/48 and hobbycraft`s version Darn i need to clean up my worktable or take those photo`s somewhere else That`s it for now David
  13. After being in stealth mode for over a year I`m back in modelling again. It feels great I started this kit yesterday and have sofar upgraded the wheelwell and cockpit so it`s almost time to close things up. I`m going to finish this one in revolutionary colors of Cuba this was before this was after the upgrades I copied ChrisHannover`s wheelwell cause it seemed realistic cockpit oob and my inturpetation of a SEA FURY tub and I`ve got one of the wheelwell in the wing all painted up hope you all like it and again it feels good to post again David
  14. Just read this terrible news Rest In Peace, RUSS David
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