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    My hobby interests are all over the map, being particularly fond of aircraft from the WWII, Korean & Viet Nam war era timeframes. I also have a "thing" for the Century series jets, as well as the first generation of jets. I'm also a BIG fan of all the attack aircraft types, making for a rather substantial swath through history regarding military aviation in general that absorbs me. Also a WWI aviation buff, being particularly attracted to the Fokker Dr.I and D.VII. Recently I have developed a taste for Hellenic Air Force subjects, specifically the Mirage 2000 (what a beauty), F-4 Rhino and F-16 Viper.

    As is probably well known here by now, I'm also a major fan of the venerable Hawker Typhoon; what a splendid aircraft!

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  1. LSP_Typhoonattack

    Wingnut wings is developing three new kits

    I'll certainly be waiting with great anticipation, though if it's something I really like (the last few were not), I have no idea when I'll be able to actually get one.
  2. LSP_Typhoonattack

    IPMS Portland (OHMS) show 9/22/18

    The Hasegawa Fw 190D-9, looks pretty cool, and is a kit now added back to my wants list, has been for a few months now. The Jug is a pretty impressive size, for sure, and I may be starting my own (razorback) on 12 31, an annual tradition with me, starting a virgin kit.
  3. LSP_Typhoonattack

    1/200 USS Arizona, with the works

    This is going to be so cool.
  4. LSP_Typhoonattack

    Zoukei Mura in 2018

    Interesting question. According to our own database entry, this kit was a 2011 release. When the 109's and 190's were released, I do not know.
  5. LSP_Typhoonattack

    LSP real life photos.

    Nothing wrong at all with that. Member input regarding potentially new ideas for the site, are generally considered/debated by staff.
  6. LSP_Typhoonattack

    Make the others jealous

    Yes, it's 0-.040 diameter. Here's the link to the Amazon page
  7. LSP_Typhoonattack

    1:6 Flak 38 20mm Quad

    It's my firm intention (of course I've said that before), to finish this beast this winter, once my new workbenches are completed, which I'm guessing will be January or so. In the meanwhile, I'll now be going through this thread, replacing all of the "hosted for free on photobucket" watermarked images, as that just bugs me no end. Now that I have a paid imageshack account, there's absolutely no reason to keep these mutilated images on here.
  8. LSP_Typhoonattack

    So, wingnut wings at Telford...

    Hobby businesses may well do that, I have no idea, as all of my purchases are from private individuals, and no sales tax is collected by them. Unless a hobby business is offering up items at the shows at a considerable discount, tax or no tax, I won't be buying from them anyway.
  9. LSP_Typhoonattack

    Zoukei Mura in 2018

    While I quite like what I've seen of the Z-M kits, if I want a 1:32 J2M Jack (and I do), I can snatch a Hasegawa kit for around $45 or get the Z-M for about $100;... guess which one I'll choose?
  10. LSP_Typhoonattack

    Make the others jealous

    No, but I do have a link. Many of the online hobby shops, tend to sell this set for $25 (or more).
  11. LSP_Typhoonattack

    So, wingnut wings at Telford...

    Good question. At least in shows in the US, there's no tax whatsoever at shows.
  12. LSP_Typhoonattack

    LSP real life photos.

    I'm going to guess no. A thread of that nature, could pile up into pages and pages, with no organization whatsoever, leading some to desire sub-forums for specific types, which I believe we've discussed (and discarded) before. We do have a nice walk around section though, and I have to wonder how many here ever actually view it.
  13. LSP_Typhoonattack

    Happy Birthday LSP Dan..

    Yes indeed, Happy B-Day, Dan.
  14. LSP_Typhoonattack

    Tweezer aid

    That's actually not a bad idea at all; I'll have to give that a whirl.
  15. LSP_Typhoonattack

    Best early 1/32 BF 109

    Certainly within the last year or so, as I was hard at it with the same kit here on the site, when I noticed that both had gone all brittle, but one was still a good fit in the wing.