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  1. http://www.enginehistory.org/GasTurbines/Wright/T35/YJ65-W-1.jpg
  2. Glen, You going to kit an F11F? This link might be of some use... http://www.aircraftmanuals.us/ITEM_ACMUS/SLIST_ACMUS.asp?sID=7419-PCR9
  3. Here is my post. Gosh it has been a while......... http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=24916
  4. Glen, I had been looking for the same engine for a while for my xf104. I was mostly interested in the aft end for the conversion. There are a few of the front on the web. I did run across some photos but they ARE hard to come by. Google was of help. Buick manufactured that engine a licensed copy of the siddley sapphire if I am not mistaken. I will check and see if I bookmarked the site http://airandspace.si.edu/collections/artifact.cfm?object=nasm_A19760757002 http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/09/Allison_J33%2C_Wright_J65%2C_Rolls-Royce_Olympus_Keski-Suomen_ilmailumuseo.JPG/1024px-Allison_J33%2C_Wright_J65%2C_Rolls-Royce_Olympus_Keski-Suomen_ilmailumuseo.JPG
  5. Had to chop video up to load to photobucket. Here is rest of taxi out. http://vid163.photobucket.com/albums/t315/jonpaynedesign/Mobile%20Uploads/Video_zpsc491b8a8.mp4
  6. Maru I think they are sll signatures if everyone who donated or restored and crewed the plane along with veterans who flew or crewed On a B24 during the war. It is covered with signatures. http://i-ota.net/B24Cockpit120126/ Jon
  7. This B24 was in town several weeks ago. I took my son and drove out to the airport. I talked to him about his great grandfather who built such a plane at Willow Run during WWII. http://vid163.photobucket.com/albums/t315/jonpaynedesign/Mobile%20Uploads/trimCB053676-3065-4DCD-B4C7-A18F0CF3E371_zps3cdff3d1.mp4
  8. Kev, I really like the "random slideshow" suggestion as a front page feature. That would be fantastic to arrange such an automated, ever changing feature, utilizing the huge photo database of RFI or WIP models. Very cool idea! That would seem to take the constant and huge workload out of selecting subjects for display as well as any percieved bias in choosing those photos. Clever solution if that is a workable web page routine. Thanks and Kudos to all the hard work that the LSP staff puts into the site. Jon
  9. How about a featured Ready For Inspection member model of the month chosen by LSP staff? That would keep decision making about choice to those who have our best interests at heart. It would also bring to the forefront one of the best visual interests of this site "finished models". It would keep the site home page fresh and current. It also would not require the frequency of whats new section (dont lose that though). Just a suggestion. Jon
  10. Nice work. This build lends itself well to your armor weathering method. Great to see this.
  11. From what I can gather the Has Zeke is only a "C" model in its wing armament. The cockpit is missing the bullet resistant front and rear glass, the seat is not armored and the cowling is for the 7.7mm guns. I have not seen the Jinrai version of the Hasegawa Zeke. I think it has a resin cowl with the "C" armament. I would like to get ahold of that cowl. The seat and armor are pretty easy. The 21st Century cockpit interior sure helps out a bunch and a more correct spinner will do wonders. I think less than 300 A6M5c models were made. Jon
  12. Yep. Just one in the Tamiya Zeke.
  13. Mike, Yes probably sanding, he he. I have the "grade up" version of the Hasegawa Zeke. The metal (lead?) spinner is much closer to the Tamiya A6M5. I also have the spinners from Revell (too fat) 21st Century, and some unknown Zeke. I am replacing the cockpit with the gutted 21st Century kit. I had read somewhere that this was A direct copy of the Tamiya cockpit and yes it is very very close. I may just use the metal prop and spinner. Just prepping for my Tamiya build. Jon
  14. The spinner on the Hasegawa Zeke looks too pointy to me. What do you all think about this? It just looks off. After looking at photos and Tamiya A6M5 spinner it just seems too pointy. Jon
  15. Nice A6M5! I'm building an old Hasegawa Zeke prepping for my Tamiya Zero. Good inspiration here. Congrats Jon
  16. A clean build and a refreshing change of color scheme. The silver shows the nice lines of the Tempest. Thumbs up! Jon
  17. I like the early model P38 it is more "shark like" Great job. The different size drop tanks are interesting. Jon
  18. I've always liked the echelon formation. Stair stepped tucked in nice and tight parallel with smoke on. That way you could hide your acrylic rod supports and still have a sky background and not be overly large to display especially if you angled the support rods to let the sky base be a backdrop. That would still let you mount on a wall. I have seen the echelon formation performed with 5 jets. For fun http://www.zerosixright.com/fly-with-the-us-air-force-thunderbirds/ Jon
  19. http://video.foxnews.com/v/3646501287001/watch-marine-pilot-land-his-crippled-jet-on-a-stool/?intcmp=obnetwork#sp=show-clips
  20. Great work Chris. You have already a fine set of techniques for this Dora. Thanks for showing your work! You will enjoy being a member here everyone is most knowledgable snd helpful. Welcome aboard. Jon
  21. Wow no wonder those thud pilots called those SA2s flying telephone poles. Nice planes
  22. Just thought the 1/33 paper would show some size reference. Yes pretty good for paper though.
  23. http://www.papermodelers.com/forum/aviation/20056-petlakow-pe-2-ft-modelik-1-33-a-6.html
  24. As they already have the TU-2 in 1/48 as a CAD database file format, it would make sense that a 1/32 scale kit could be made from that data by just scaling it up to 150% . Pe2 is one of my favorites. WW2 Russian aircraft in 1/32 scale are very lacking. Jon
  25. You can certainly tell ther is a whole lot of love in that build. Congratulations what a generous and noble effort not only of your fantastic skill of model building but also the generous souls who sponsored your effort. I wish you much luck with your charity. God bless your family and bring you comfort amidst your heartache. Jon
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