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  1. So at Trumpeter, Tamiya, ZM, Revell, and Academy HQ's they are not eyeing the prospects of a 1/32 F-22A Raptor or a 1/32 F-35A/B/C Lightning II kit? Duh, of course they are. But there's one slight problem. Lockheed-Martin's licensing requirements: https://www.lockheedmartin.com/en-us/contact/licensing-information.html From what I understand LM has to have a say in the final product produced plus they will receive royalty payments for all units produced worldwide. That's a show stopper for some model kit manufacturers. I know Trumpeter shelved their plans some years ago because of this.
  2. Brian gave a talk to my T-38 Lead In Fighter Training class at Holloman AFB way back in 1981. He described his T-28 mishap in Thailand where he was badly burned and the hospitalization and rehab it took to get back on flight status. He is an awesome pilot that can really inspire fellow aviators. I know he inspired me after I was injured in a 1986 mishap. He's a great pilot and a very good author. I salute him! Dave Mason B777 Captain
  3. I work closely with Trumpeter (aka Hobby Boss) and they are committed to producing 1/32 scale kits for the forseeable future. Large Scale Modelers are well represented at Trumpeter. Dave Mason IPMS Philippines
  4. Hi all, Mr Song did leave Trumpeter and is working to start his own model company. He is currently working on some 1/48 aircraft projects and some 1/35 armor projects. He has nothing to do with the 1/32 Wing Scale B-25J project. He advises that project would be way too big for him right now. I also asked Trumpeter if they knew of the WS B-25J project and they know nothing about it. They did meet Martin at the Nurenburg show, saw the test shots of it, and talked about it with him but there was no plans to do anything with him. The un-disclosed "Chinese" person or persons that Mar
  5. Roger, This link will get you to a page that has the 1/32 Trumpeter F4F-3 instructions. http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10057684z/70/1
  6. Hi Gentlemen, I will talk to Mr Song tomorrow and ask him to add a reply to this thread. If you didn't already know it Song is the lead aircraft design engineer at Trumpeter/Hobby Boss. He handles just about all of the 1/72, 1/48, 1/32, and 1/24 aircraft projects that Trumpeter/Hobby Boss is working on. He has many young artists working for him that do the research, CAD drawings, master making, and test shot corrections at the factory in Zhongshan, China. He is very busy. He often works 16 hour days 7 days a week. LSP is one of many web sites that Song and the rest of the group at Tr
  7. Hi Dave and all LSP Harrier fans, I met with Trumpeter Public Relations Director Jackson Xiao in Manila this past weekend and we went over Dave Root's comments on this forum regarding their recently released AV-8B Harrier early version. Jackson will take these comments back to the factory this week and present them to the kit engineering team. They will assess the situation and come up with a plan. I know that the gun pod will be changed and the missing launch rails will be added. But I can't say what they might do about the other discrepancies. As soon as I hear something I will
  8. Hi Dave, Thanks for the offer to help. They will have the test shot of the night attack varriant available soon. Could you email me a private message and give me your mailing address. I could FedEx you a test shot as soon as they give me one. When I first saw the test shot I pointed out about 50 descrepancies that needed to be corrected. They corrected most of them but a few got by. I never did see the weapons until recently so I never critiqued them. I would have certainly cought the gun pod mistake. Please believe me that Trumpeter is very committed to getting it right. If a mis
  9. The price of the Trumpeter Harrier in Hong Kong and the Philippines is approximately $60 USD. The reason it's much more expensive in the US and Europe is because YOU the buyer must pay extra for shipping, import taxes, the distributers fees, and the Hobby shop/Mail order mark-up. $60 is a reasonable price for this kit. Dave Mason
  10. Hi Dave Roof, Please keep your comments on the Trumpeter Harrier (early version) comming. I will be meeting with Trumpeter executives this week at the IPMS Philippines National Contest in Manila and we will be discussing thse discrepancies. The gun pod error will definately be changed. See photo Also please note that when we reviewed the test shot of this kit earlier this year the weapons were not included. When I recieved my kit two days ago this was the first time I had seen the weapons. Also be advised that this kit is the first of four Harrier kits Trumpeter will do. Nex
  11. So there are some LSP'ers that are dissappointed not to see a 1/32nd scale P-61 Black Widdow in the Trumpeter section. Ditto for a 1/32 B-25 and a 1/32 Hurricane. All I can say is " Be carefull what you wish for". Dave Mason [/b]
  12. Hello again, I can only guarantee everyone that if Edgar or anyone else would like to comment on Trumpeters 1/24th scale Hurricane kits that information will be passed on directly to Trumpeters staff of kit designers. The kit designers will assess the information and then present it to company management for a decision. It will then be a company decision to go forward with any 1/32nd scale kits. Obviously there is a demand for new 1/32nd scale Hurricane kits to replace the 40 year old Revell kits so it's very important that they get accurate and compelling information from us modelers.
  13. Good recommendation Graham. But whoever wants to step up to the plate needs to do it now. Dave Mason
  14. So Gentlemen, If Trumpeter was to scale down their two 1/24th scale Hurricanes to 1/32nd scale what changes might they need to make? I read the reviews on Hyperscale, LSP, Cybermodeler, IPMS-USA, Modeling Madness, and the Forum comments associated with those sites. Here's what I gleaned: 1. Fix the colors on the decal sheets 2. Check the accuracy of the prop blades 3. Make the engine on the Mk IIc a Merlin XX not a Merlin III 4. Include bomb racks and bombs on the IIc Does anyone have anything else to add? This is your chance. Speak up now before it's too late. Capt
  15. Anybody have any close up photos of the new style ECS vents on Super Hornets. Here's the best I could do searching the internet. The old style was used on the early versions of the Super Hornet but it gave off too much of a heat signature. With modern adversary aircraft utilizing their IR Tracking devices Boeing needed to came up with a better way to exhaust the hot air from the ECS. Newer F/A-18E/F's are now using a piccilo style vent. But I need some close up detailed photos of it. Anybody have any?
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