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  1. guys, just want to share... http://www.ipmsphilippines.com/v2/ our club's resident expert on aircrafts has a quicklook review of the Trumpeter P-47 Razorback test shots -erwin
  2. any chance someone has the rivet layout for the bf-109 e-4? thanks!!! pls PM or email me if you can help. tnx again!!!
  3. i'm a frequent visitor here at LSP to look and admire your big models... although i mostly build in 1/48 scale, mainly due to space constraints (shelves). i look at what you guys do in 1/32 and see if i can do it in 1/48 now i want to try rivetting my plane... i need a good rivet plan for my avenger... :lol: thanks in advance for any help... :)
  4. Hi radub, i'm a 1/48 scale guy (not enough confidence yet to do the big scales ) I often go through the LSP forums to learn and get inspirations... the works here are truly amazing... specially this Hurricane... thanks for sharing!!! -archerwin- archerwin's models
  5. Chris, what did you use again for the ribbing. -erwin
  6. adrian, just a suggestion... in taking photos during the MACRO MODE, it's better if you use a small tripod and use the DELAY function. when you click the photo button in your camera even though there will be some movement, bec of the DELAY the camera (mounted in the tripod) can have some time to stabilize itself. any shake during the taking of photo will translate to a blurred image. -erwin
  7. craig, thanks for taking the time to help me. finally got the chance to email you! i read in scott's online p-51b build about the wheel well back portion and he mentioned your name! TAIL WHEEL! that's a good area for detailing... maybe i can open up that part... show the ribbing and the tail wheel contraption inside... just need to have the ff for me to get it done... fuselage ribbing pattern and tail wheel detail... btw, do you have a blueprint plan for the wings and fuselage? i need it if i want to "copy" the cut-away models of p-51d i saw in the LSP gallery. -erwin
  8. chris, do post some pics i'll watch it...
  9. craig, thanks!!! are there any fuselage hatches? any details below the radio/battery compartment near the radiator? thanks again!
  10. Ray, during judging... will this be one of the areas that the judges will give some "artistic freedom" to the modeller or is it strictly accuracy? thanks!
  11. thanks wingman! I want to win but I also want a detailed bird anyway thanks for the tips. I also have an OOB entry but it's a Gloster Meteor F.3. thanks again for the comments.
  12. hello!!! i would like to model an F-51D in Korean Markings... I want to super detail... some questions/help needed/wish list: 1. any fuselage hatch that i can open up? can you pls provide pics of what's inside it? 2. photos/drawings of late mustangs showing the AN/APS-13 Tail Warning Radar (TWR) 3. detail radio/battery compartment photos right now, i have resin engine, gun bays... any more suggestions on good areas to super detail... btw, this is not an LSP (only 1:48) but I find your forum as a very good source of informations esp if you want to do detailing that's why I posted my query here... i'm building this for our club's internal Tamiya-only contest, Overall winner prize is a trip to Japan to tour the Tamiya plant/office!!! that's why i'm preparing hard for it... thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!
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