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    Impatient Pete got a reaction from MARU5137 in Red Bull Diorama 1/144   
    HA HAAA..
    That looks fantastic! That is going to be an impressive diorama for sure.
    I really like the tent. We used to talk about things like this all the time when I worked in a hobby shop. That is, making models and dios that would interest more people than just the hardcore model geeks like we were. I think you have succeeded here Chris.
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    Impatient Pete reacted to Derek B in 1/32 HA-200 Saeta   
    That would be great Alberto (I bet that you really enjoyed watching it fly). I shall PM you my contact details.
    Many thanks
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    Impatient Pete reacted to alberto in 1/32 HA-200 Saeta   
    Hi Derek. I saw the Saeta flying on a show last September in Madrid. I took a few close pics, if you are interested. And I have also a sheet from the Air Museum about this plane, with a drawing (not exactly a plan) and some pics. If you are interested, I will scan it for you.
    Very cool project! (sometimes I thought how to do it)
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