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  1. Wow! Beautiful work! I am impressed Pete
  2. Hey Gang, After a long time of trying to do them myself, Darren Roberts of Steel beach has made them happen- Click the link and search for SBA507 http://store.spruebrothers.com/shared/Stor...=529506862& Pete
  3. Hey Stus! I have those decals and they are pretty nice. There are also these: http://www.network54.com/Forum/394728/mess...ies+Espa%F1olas but I haven't heard anything about their quality. I think they may be ALPS printed. Do you ever go the Spanish modellers site ARONET GCE IBERONET? There is a walk around of a Spanish hornet there. I'll see if I can find it. Here it is: http://www.network54.com/Forum/394728/mess...laza+en+Mor%F3n Pete
  4. That is incredible! This is modelling as an art Thank you Pete
  5. Wow! That looks great! Very nice Pete
  6. Well I'm usually a wait and see for myself kinda guy, but a one-piece canopy, solid molded lights, soft panel lines and a sparse cockpit??? That doesn't sound good. Back when Hobbycraft/Trumpeter announced this kit and the Fisher release was just out, I said that by the time the Trumpeter kit is corrected and detailed, you'd end up paying more for it, and worked harder at it, than if you had just bought the Fisher kit in the first place. I can't wait to see pics of the actual parts. Pete
  7. Hey guys, That was my project. The stiffeners, that is- I finally sent them to Darren Roberts of Steel Beach after I struggled with them off an on for more than a year (getting access to the laser cutter was tough, then figuring out the settings...) and they should be available very soon. I drew up the instructions and sent the file and they are at the cutters now. Sorry I didn't post the info here sooner- Pete
  8. Cool pics, Many of the early war (designed pre-war or in response to the "looming war") had some sort of belly window. The TBD had one to use for bombing and torpedo-ing (is that a word) and the Brewster Buffalo had one as well as the Wildcat. Pete
  9. Are you interested in getting them from the US? http://www.pinkscolor.com/pages/about.html They are in San Francisco. I have used them and they are very friendly and do good work. Single color on a sheet, so you need to layer the transfer when you apply it. Pete
  10. ohhhhh.... Trumpeter, Trumpeter, Trumpeter.... We need a dejected, shaking head smiley
  11. Dang... Beautiful. I'm taking notes-
  12. Here's a pic of the B model at the Flying Leatherneck museum in San Diego- Pete
  13. Agreed! Those racks look great! Watching this build with interest. Pete
  14. Those cameras are looking fantastic! I am saving the pics for my RF-4B build. Pete
  15. Google translation of the Japanese page: * Road to [reizabatsuku]  Finally 1/32 thunderbolts [baburutotsupu] was sold from [hasegawa] (next even from the trumpeter don't you think?). As a feverish fan of the thunder, it is very delightful. Only it makes this anymore!!! Only it makes, but it is there being complication, remodelling [hasegawa], it makes [reizabatsuku].  Although the bubble top of [hasegawa] should have been made gently, why? It is not [reiza] of [torape]? [reiza] it comes out from [hasegawa] among those, it is not? Because, as for the answering for proper doubt ho
  16. It's beautiful! Very nice work and welcome aboard. Pete
  17. Beautiful looking model Jamie. I really like the weathering effects and the depth shading on the gear doors and other parts. Pete
  18. Looks great so far and looks like it's going together pretty fast. It reminds me that I really need to just dive in and finish and build something eh? Keep it up, Pete
  19. HAhaha..that is TOO funny! I was watching an old Sherlock Holmes today and a guy in the flick made a crack about a guy paying schillings for a music box (the others sold for a few pounds each) and the reply was "Well, he was a Scottsman." I found it amusing... Pete
  20. Hi Guys, Picked up this dried out old marker and realized the ferrule was steel, si I tried this and it worked! The only thing I did to it was remove the felt tip and innards and wipe it clean. Should last a long time. The finished impressions are about .8 mm in dia, which comes out to about 25 mm (almost exactly 1") in 1/32. So they're a little big to be perfectly in scale, but it seems like other markers could be used to get a range of sizes. Personaly, if anyone got that close to my model with a pair of calipers... Cheers! Pete
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