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  1. @ blackbetty : The sheme is for an Fighter of JG 26 lost on 27.11.1944 and still missing in action. This aircraft belonging to a flight out of 4 from Plantel√ľnne AF, the lost is in the Wettringen area. So far my researches it will be in a standard RLM 74/75/76 polka dot camoflage. @Mark : Thanks for your generous help.
  2. Hello folks, starting with my first Messerschmitt 109 G-14. Its my first Messerschmitt, so be gentle ( LOL ) : a bit weathering : feel free for comments Thomas
  3. LOL, here in Germany we have her in the shops or like me on the workbench since last monday. 100 parts for the cockpit ( 185 parts in total ) greets Thomas
  4. got my kit on monday, checked the instructions and washed the sprues, now she has dried and waiting for starting. On a german modelforum is in the moment a discussion about the markings from KG 54. Can some you can lighten us up, if the markings are correct or not ? greets Thomas ps : This Kit is a must built one !!!!!!!!!
  5. I bought my Ju 88 kit yesterday and after the first view i have to say to Guttorm and Revell a big thank you for giving such a fine kit.
  6. Hello folks, for all of you who cant wait for the Ju 88 kit like me but dont want a german version here i found on the LEMB Board an alternative. greets Thomas
  7. Hello folks, just wanted to enter the GB with a Fieseler Fi-156 from Trisstar 1:35 scsle. greets Thomas
  8. The Heinkel in the background could be AM59-WNr120076 orAM62-WNr120086. greets Thomas
  9. Hello folks, made this sunday a short trip to Berlin. I visited the Deutsches Technisches Museum. Here some images of the JuMo 004. Here look and enjoy : greetz Thomas
  10. It always good to her that a company can still exist on 2 reasons: good for us modelers and of course for the workers which will stay emploeyed. Maybe airfix will start with 1/32 kits in the future Thomas
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