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  1. Yeah, I've seen pics of your build here on LSP, awesome build! I hope I can get mine to look half that good.
  2. Thanks for the info! I'm saving your list (along with the pile of other info I've collected along the way). I also bought Glen's book, so armed with all this knowledge and a TON of aftermarket stuff going in, maybe I'll succeed. Maybe. The one thing I've seen multiple times is the need for reinforcing the wings, so will def do that. Just knowing I'll have to fill a lot of ejector pin marks gives me a headache, but guess I'll deal with 'em.
  3. It's interesting re: the wildly differing reactions to some KH kits. With the Bronco, I've heard "Eh, it's not that bad!" but also "It will break your spirit, ruin your life, etc." I suppose it boils down to your skill level and willingness to tackle challenges. I consider myself slightly advanced (ie, I'm an "assembler," but have taken on some difficult subjects (like the Eduard re-pop of the K-pro Su-22) and currently working on a large sci-fi resin subject that arrived in a mangled box in six pieces), so who knows?
  4. Holy @#$% lol. Flow charts and massive tables are NOT an encouraging sign for a build. But Glen's work looks epic, and six bucks for PDF download seems like it could be worth some of the headaches and rage his book could prevent.
  5. Ah, good point. That would save some time! But at least now maybe when/if I ever get the Bronco built, I won't have to worry about the gear collapsing. :-)
  6. Got my set Aeromaster set yesterday, looks like really nice castings (exactly like the photo above! Science!)! So thanks for the info, everyone. Guess now I have no more excuses for not starting my build. :-) My only concern is that per emailed instructions, there seems to be a bit of surgery required to get everything in place. Hope I can understand what needs to be done and execute.
  7. It probably doesn't help that KH has a rep for over-engineered kits that don't have great fit, but my impression of the Bronco is that it's one of their better efforts....? And I'm sure the twin booms are a challenge. That's the part that gives me cold sweats just thinking about it. But have always loved the Bronco. It's one my favorite AC--partly because it's ugly and utilitarian, partly because I grew up next to Camp Lejeune, and they flew over my house daily (along with Stallions and Cobras). So....no-brainer build for me. Just have to screw up my courage to do it.
  8. Doh!! That's a really nice build, glad the damage is fixable. And good to know Aeromaster ship sto the States, thanks. I'll order a set or two tonight! I suppose after getting the metal gear, I won't have any more reasons/excuses for why I can't work on this kit. ;-)
  9. Good to know, thanks. I will buy them. I'm assuming Aerocraft can ship to the States.
  10. Oh, nice! Did not know about these. Thanks for info.
  11. Harold, think I already bought two sets of yours seats, so I'm good., too :-) Now if someone would do something about those so very flimsy landing gear...... ;-)
  12. If possible (?), I'll take two sets. Even though you guys don't know who the heck I am. So, feel free to tell me to #$%#$% off?
  13. My Bronco kit grows dusty, but I still cling to hope!
  14. Me too! And this arrived today: My pile of AM is almost complete (wrings hands, laughs maniacally).
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