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  1. Saturday afternoon a package from Troy showed up on my doorstep. My first impression was the packaging of the product, once I figured how to remove the printed outer sleeve . The sander is packaged in a very sturdy slip top box that is a great storage case for the tool. The base, sanding inserts and electrical plug are in the bottom of the inner box and the sander itself is in a molded foam inner tray. The sanding inserts and 2 diamond tips are contained in a clear acrylic reusable box that would look great on the bench. Fit, form and function of the tool is of the highest standard and I could find nothing that would be considered a CON. I figured that like most starter sets for tools, there would be 1 piece of sandpaper in each grit and you would immediately either need to reorder from the manufacturer or find your own source. However I was very pleased to find not 1 but 10 sheets of each grit in the starter pack. I also had access to some foam sanding sheets so spent a couple hours putting the sander through it's paces and was very impressed. It's well built and feels like it will last a long time in the hands of a busy modeler. I am also a wood worker and have a large number of diamond sanding tips in various sizes and shapes as well as micro files that all fit the tool and are very versatile for working around a model. I know that Troy is hoping to carry both replacement sandpaper and sanding foam in the future. One thing I did ask him to research was the possibility of selling secondary sets of the sanding inserts so that the modeler would have the ability to modify them to custom shapes for that special need on a particular model part. I would highly recommend this tool and will be demonstrating it during our next virtual club meeting - my club held our meeting this past Saturday using a virtual product called ZOOM. There are a few hiccups to figure out before the first live meeting but we did 3 hours and I know everyone had a great time as we shared new tools and looked at what everyone was working on while trapped at home. Our club always has a couple video presentation each meeting and they can also be shown over the Zoom format. Give it a thought for your next club meeting, it will make the quarantine just that much easier. Jerry
  2. Have been trying to get in touch with Mike Ashey about some of his on line building tutorials - his website appears to be down and I was wondering if any of our group knows what the problem is or possibly has an email address for him that I could use - Thanks for looking and any assistance will be greatly appreciated
  3. Dave, Picked up a couple sets of the first Viper decals at Nats. Any update on 35002, the stencil sheet? Jerry
  4. I would be in for one of the life rafts also - would also like to see is a detailed cowl so we could open the engine up for detailing. Jerry
  5. Dave, Two questions sir - will these be available at Nats next week? I need at least 3 or 4 of them. Secondly, did you ever get the F-8 Data Sheets or the Bomb/Ordnance sheets complete in 1/32? Would also like to pick up a few of those. Jerry
  6. I would be in for one without any consideration. If nothing else a conversion kit for the Kitty Hawk bird in 1/48. Have wanted to build one for years. Jerry
  7. I would like to second the request - I am waiting for the Navy version and check the site daily more times that I am willing to admit in writing - I would just like to know any info on differences in the Navy bird in the way of parts and pieces or anything you would be willing to tell us. I'm old enough that I should be able to just sit back and wait for the release but I'm not having much luck with that strategy. Jerry
  8. Is anyone aware why Alan has not posted anything on this thread since April? Wondering if he is alright or are there other problems. Jerry
  9. I'll certainly second Bill's question - really hoping Paul can give us a few more F-8 parts and pieces.
  10. Paul - I know you mentioned the Susie won't be wild about packing both an AF and Navy kit in the same package - but if that is what we are going to get at what point do you think the Navy bird will be available and if we are going to want that specific double configuration should we wait to place the order rather than ordering now? Thanks so much for such a beautiful product. Jerry
  11. Wheels, new props just ordered from Sprue this morning. Also grabbed a set of Eli's new Mig Killer Crusaders at the same time.
  12. Harold Do you any other parts and pieces that we should consider when building Paul's Navy conversion combined with the Trumpeter AD-4. If ordering from Sprue would like to get everything in one batch to save shipping. Jerry
  13. I did 3 VN tours on USS Ticonderoga CVA-14 so got to see them close up and personal - came up with the idea of doing a representative aircraft of each squadron that was on one of our cruises. Because of space was going to do 1/48, but can't find good kits of some of the birds - was already working on 2 of the Trumpeter F-8s when Paul announced the RF-8 so had to add one to the stable - then to make matters worse he came out with the Spad and I have to have one anyway so why not in 1/32. Right now I'm just hoping someone doesn't do an A3 Skywarrior in 1/32 because I am currently working on 2 of them in 1/48. For the Spad, at Paul's advice for the Navy bird I am doing I got the blue AD-4 casting from Trumpeter as the starting point - at Nats I picked up all the Eduard PE for the A-1 except the interior as it will of course be completely different. Also picked up the SAC metal landing gear but still want to look at the struts ZM is selling also - would like to completely detail the engine so going to also watch what is out there once we get the actual conversion from Paul - if there are parts still needed Harold at AMS has some bits and pieces that would come in handy. Also picked up a set of the Master 20mm barrels with the flash hiders and I am going to do some type of really varied load-out. I'm doing all of our birds with folded wings to save space and give that carrier looks. Really planning to put each on a flight deck base with full tie down chains and all the extras. If someone thinks of something out there I overlooked would be really interested in comments. Jerry
  14. I second that little display of extreme frustration - was just down in the shop looking at the Eduard set, the Trumpeter plane, a couple reference books - you know, every single part needed except the conversion set - wow, glad I got that out of my system. Guess I'll go back down to the shop now and work on my RF-8. Jerry
  15. Paul, Are there any thoughts yet on what the release date will be? Jerry
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