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  1. Thanks for the nice comments! YF-23 is a passion (my other woman so to speak)... A-7 canopies arrived Saturday!A big shipment of packages (including your combo) goes out today. The remaining back-ordered A-7s will ship tomorrow. I'm still waiting for Su-27 canopies, so they're still back-ordered, but indivual items such as nosecones and intakes are shipping on a next day basis. Very sorry to all those who have been waiting for their orders... I would say that it's worth the wait though. Tigger does an incredible job with the vacuumforming! I don't know how he does such a nice job. I've tried again and again and can't come close. It's frustrating though as I know he has a high reject rate in striving for perfection...and then there's Zactowoman, Zactomodels 'quality control departmant' , but let's not go there now... Special thanks to you Scott! Scott ordered two sets and knowing that I've been back-ordered and lots of customers were anxious to get theirs, Scott said just send one and not to worry about the second til I was caught up. Very nice of you! Thanks for all the support! Chris
  2. Where is the 'bowing in respect' smiley? Thanks for the inspiration Radu! Spectacular... I still owe you an e-mail...Sorry I've been so busy! Great photo-etch work you've done. (My A-7 photo-etch is almost ready and the artwork was already finished, but thanks for your offer to help!) Cheers, Chris
  3. I recieved a box of beautiful vacuumformed parts from John at Tigger Models today! I just updated my website: www.Zactomodels.com The canopy kit can now be purchased there as well as the nosecone. Intakes are in the works... Happy Modeling! Chris Wilson (a.k.a. Zactoman) P.S. How do you guys communicate without dancing bananas?
  4. Hello all, Well, Zactomodels is finally selling something! I had anticipated releasing the canopy set (as seen in LSP review section) by now, but problems with the vacuumformed piece have delayed release. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. In the meantime, I've made a replacement nosecone which lengthens and corrects its angle. Check out my website for pictures and ordering information. http://www.zactomodels.com/ And for anybody interested in building the 1/32 Su-27, check out the big thread at ARC Trumpeter 1/32 Su-27 . It's now 36 pages long and includes lots of info on correcting the kit, the aftermarket parts available, as well as the making of my canopy parts and nosecone. Chris Wilson (a.k.a. Zactoman) www.Zactomodels.com
  5. You weren't supposed to putty that little hole on the tip of the spinner!
  6. Hey guys, Thanks for the kind words about my canopy set. On the subject of discrepancies (and I'm not trying to bash Trumpeter, just pointing out a few things I am planning to change on my build), there was one more small one I thought I'd point out. The dielectric panels are a bit off and as they are painted either green or white, thier shape stands out. The rectangular panel on side of nose is too small and narrow, it should be more square than it is. The panel behind the air-brake should have a larger radius on its leading corners. Apparently later model Flankers have a sharper radius as on the kit. I decided to double check photos and compare to the kit before I posted this. I almost wish I hadn't. I was looking at the missiles hanging under the intakes of the real bird and comparing them to pics of the built up kit, studying the difference in angle. Then I noticed (on the real bird) that the missiles on the wings and the wingtip pylons also angled downward at a similar angle. Looking at the kit, the wing missiles and tip pylons appear level and the intake missiles are angled too far down......Any thoughts on this? I haven't scrutinized the pylons yet. Is the angle problem with them or is it the wing itself? Regardless of any of these discrepancies, the kit builds up nicely. Masa Narita has a great how-to build article with lots of nice pictures of the finished model here: How to build the 1/32 Trumpeter Su-27 Flanker? Also check out Steves (Smig29ub) beautiful Flanker posted at ARC: Trumpeter Flanker finished
  7. Oh well, I have already trimmed my fins just using the 77 and 80 as a proportional guideline, using photos as a visual reference. It's hard to believe that all those internet sites with 77 and 80 are all wrong... And unfortunately, I have already assembled, painted and attached my intakes. I look forward to seeing pics of your corrections. Take care, Chris (a.k.a. Zactoman)
  8. Hi Blackdog(Chris), It's great watching your progress on this bird. You're doing a spectacular job! Thanks for the inspiration... Chris (a.k.a. Zactoman)
  9. Zactoman

    in HS...

    Beautifully done Frank! Metal looks great. You mentioned using automotive lacquer primer, no problems with crazing the plastic? What brand do you use?
  10. Somebody else can fix the intakes! I really wanted to build this one Out-of-the-box... When I checked the net on missile stats, I found lots of variation on the 80cm/97cm measurement. 97cm seems questionable. I went with the 80cm for the larger missiles. HOWEVER, if you do decide to trim your fins, just use these dimensions as a reference for proportion, because missile body is too large a diameter. Fins will look too short if trimmed back that far. I already checked my Revell Mig-29. The missile length was a bit short, diameter just slightly small, and the fins are right on (lg fins more accurate shape than Trump Su-27). But the Revell missiles look out of place next to the Trumps. As for completely replacing the missiles. I trimmed mine and they look pretty good on the aircraft, including the ones under the intakes. Besides, nobody makes them in 1/32 so it would mean even more scratchbuilding...
  11. Hello Thierry (and fellow modelers), I would like to address the issues you have raised about the kit inaccuracies. I am currently working on a replacement canopy for the Su-27 kit. It will include a vac canopy and resin detail parts to replace the IRST housing and lots of detial on the canopy framing and details under the rear coaming. My references are scale dwgs from the Polygon publications "Cy-27" and studying lots of photos. I have been posting pictures of my in-progress work here: Trumpeter 1/32 Su-27 ..., How long have we wait... starting on page 2 of the posting. As for the intakes. Yes, they have lots of problems, one that you missed would be the fact that they are warped and bowed in. I ended up dunking them in boiling water to straighten them up. The missiles under the pylons nearly drag the ground on the model, which after checking dwgs, I concluded the same thing as you, the intakes are the wrong shape. This led me to studying the missiles more carefully. After studying photos, I concluded that the scale dwgs I had seen might not be correct. So I searched the internet and kept finding the same answers in text. Alamo A has a fin-span of 77cm. In 1/32 scale that's 24.06mm, the kit measures 38.6mm. About 160% what it should be! I posted some pics of how I am dealing with the missiles here: Su-27 missile fix As for the Black Box cockpit, it blows away what comes with the kit. Modifying the front coaming was pretty easy. Most of the modification will be hidden by the canopy framing. I posted a picture of the modified part here: Black box Su-27 cockpit, does it fit ? Despite the problems with the kit, it does have alot going for it and builds up into an impressive model. It's unfortunate though (especially since the kit costs so much) that us picky modelmakers have to deal with these problems and inaccuracies.
  12. Check out this guys beautiful job: http://www.scottsaircraft.com/Revellcorsair.htm
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