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  1. I've started a list of walkarounds and references: http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=229830 As mentioned in the first post of the thread, I started with a list of Su-27 links and will be adding more aircraft when I have the time. Cheers!
  2. Wow! I just delivered those to the Post Office about an hour ago! I'm now officially faster than Sprue Bros! USPS rocks! I'm a little disturbed to see all of the tiny fins on the Archers have fallen off their sprues (and in one case broken). Fortunately it looks like they broke off clean (as they are designed to do) and are still usable and I include an extra sprue so the broken one shouldn't be a problem. Nobody has written and complained about the fins breaking off so I wonder if this is an anomaly or if I need to consider doing some different packaging? Looking forward to your build!
  3. I would say that the "best" AIM-9E haven't been made yet... Thanks for the nice comments guys! I'm looking forward to seeing your builds using ZactoParts!
  4. Hi Martin,I am a little confused about the circustances. I don't mean to pry, but will you be receiving any payment for the work you have done or the kits that will be sold? I was considering buying the B-25 but decided against it a few weeks ago (since I never have time to build anything for myself). If you will be getting paid for kits sold then I will change my mind and buy one. I will definitely be buying at least one Black Widow when you release those!!! P-61 Black Widow sitting beside a YF-23 Black Widow II... How awesome would that be? Cheers, Chris
  5. MiG-29 9-13 Fulcrum C conversion : The conversion includes a new spine, wingtips and vinyl reinforcement panels. Shown here with the full correction set (sold separately): MiG-29 Pylons : Su-27 pylons : Shown here with the full complement of Zactomodels missiles (sold separately). All Zactomodels pylons include detailed undersides and launch mechanisms: That's all for now but there's more on the workbench including: MiG-29 forward intake correction APU-60-2 dual Aphid launch rails Su-27UB canopy correction Su-30MKK canopy correction Cheers! Chris
  6. It's been a while since my last update so here is what has been released since then: Su-25 PD-62-8 pylons: These pylons normally carried on the Su-25 were missing from the kit (though mounting holes were included and they are shown on the box art!). Shown here with the APU-60-1 pylon and Aphid missile (both sold separately): APU-60-1 pylons for your MiG-21, MiG-23, Su-25 and others: (shown with MiG-21 pylon) MiG-23 Splitter Plates: MiG-23 Pylons: Includes optional wing mounted BD3-60-23 pylons: Sidewinders! Both AIM-9D/G/H and AIM-9L/M available: MiG-21 BD3-60-21 Pylons Both early and late versions available: But wait, there's more!
  7. I'm happy to announce the release of another work of art from my Russian friend Alexander. The AIM-9X Sidewinder: The set includes custom made lenses from MV Products: Also included are seeker head covers (though it would be a shame to cover those cool lenses!): Detailed exhausts including thrust vectoring vanes: CATM version is also included: For comparison, from top to bottom, Trumpeter, Academy and Zactomodels: Available now at Zactomodels! www.Zactomodels.com
  8. Picky, picky, picky! And I was really looking forward to seeing the splitter plates and pylons in action... Yes, of course we want to see your F-4 builds!!! Cheers, Chris
  9. Once again, my appologies for creating confusion by speculating it was the 21st Century prototype. I wasn't aware that that model was 1/24. That's really huge! I was also under the impression that Roy had made the pattern. My apologies to Roy as I'm sure if he had made it it wouldn't have been toy-like. Cheers, Chris
  10. FSN17 30 330 2676MGN12349 65035973 1165 I am a fan of all engraved rivet and panel line detail, just keep em subtle and crisp. I agree with those who have pointed out that restoring engraved detail is much easier than raised. I also prefer painting/washing engraved detail to raised. It's just easier to get a consistent effect overall. Some have mentioned using fillers that can be wiped with nail polish remover but I have found that the end result is never as nice as a super-glued seam sanded to 1200 (or more) and polished. Since I'd (some day) like to tackle this big bird in a natural metal scheme, I'd prefer the engraved detail so that I'm free to sand and polish every surface to a mirror finish without worrying about losing raised details. Cheers, Chris
  11. Bravo Martin! I like your attitude! Thank you for all your comments and for clarifying everything (my appologies for creating confusion by speculating it was the 21st Century prototype). I have a question for you (if you are willing to answer). Are you using some form of rapid prototyping (i.e. Sterio lithography (SLA), SLS or CNC) to verify your 3D files? This promises to be a very nice model indeed... I don't know where I'll put it, but it's on my list. Cheers, Chris
  12. That would be my guess. I'm hoping Roy will eventually post with an answer. I'd expect that the evetual tooling will have more subtle rivets and panel lines and accuracy issues such as the props will be addressed. Chris
  13. If I'm not mistaken this is the hand made prototype done by Roy Sutherland for 21st Century.
  14. Here's a great deal: http://cgi.ebay.com/50-Pc-Blunt-Hypodermic-Needles-Oil-Glue-4-syrenge-/390264180616?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5add8ecf88 The set I received had a lot more than 50 parts included. Plus you get 4 syrenges (not 5 as listed in the lower description. Cheers, Chris
  15. Hi Paul, There are some good pictures of the all green scheme in this thread on ARC (pg. 3 towards bottom of page). I can't help you on color call outs but the colors in the pictures are very clear. HTH Chris
  16. I heard you guys were talking about me here on LSP...Good to see that it's all nice remarks! Thanks so much for the feedback guys! Though I try to keep my product prices as low as I can, that's where I am trying to make my profit, not with shipping costs. I try to set my S&H just high enough to cover postage plus packaging materials. I do try to refund extra shipping right away but sometimes when I get busy I don't get around to it, it piles up and becomes a real pain. Sending me a list so I can send a custom invoice just makes things much easier for me. Cheers! Chris
  17. Hi Erik, Yes I am considering them and would love to make the patterns but haven't yet decided on how to best use my time. There are many other projects that I have gotten more requests for so the R-23/24s might have to wait for now, we'll see... Thanks for your interest and thank you for the suggestion to make them. Cheers, Chris
  18. Thank you for the reply.I have set it up now such that once you finish making your Paypal payment you are taken to a Zactomodels 'Thank You' page saying that the payment has been received and the package will be sent promptly. I still didn't figure out how to send an additional response other than the Paypal confirmation e-mail. I think that additional e-mail might be sent when you click the 'print shipping label' button on the Paypal website however I print my own labels and use Stamps.com so I don't actually go to the Paypal website when shipping orders... Cheers, Chris
  19. I'm confused here as I've never ordered from Zactomodels...Do you not receive any kind of e-mail notification at all? Or do you only receive an e-mail from Paypal and expecting an e-mail from Zactomodels? I would assume that Paypal does send some kind of notification. I don't see any options at Paypal for me to send a notification from Zactomodels. Is this something I have to set up on my personal e-mail program? I am currently preparing a re-direct web page such that once you have completed your payment you will go to a 'thank you page' saying that the order has been received and will be shipped promptly. Thank you Av8fan!Looking forward to seeing them used in your builds! Cheers, Chris
  20. That brings back some nightmares! http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....t&p=1393720Have you seen the intake correction and FOD cover I offer? It'll save you the nightmare of fixing that seam... Cheers! Chris
  21. TOFF has a set for the MiG-29 however the insignia look a bit too big for the MiG-23 wings. (I am measuring sheet 321117). Available at Linden Hill: http://www.lindenhillimports.com/toff.htm The insignia measure 1" in length where it looks like they would need to be about .8" for the wings. These might be OK for the tail though. TOFF has a variety of other Hungarian decals available. Perhaps one of the other sheets might have the right size? You might try contacting them or Guy at Linden Hill and see if they'll measure them for you. About the decals. They aren't the greatest quality. The registration on the insignia looks pretty good on the left side of the sheet but is off on the right side. This means the thin white border varies from one insignia to the next. The other decals in the sheet vary in quality. The tiny black stencils are crisp and clean where the large black bort numbers are pixelated with very rough edges. The squadron insignia and ejection triangles are also a bit rough. My sheet also has a few small scratches through the ink including one through one of the Hungarian insignias. The green and red on the decals are factory fresh and bright where #11 is battered and faded. I'd suggest masking and painting if you intend to weather the rest of the scheme as it appears in the photos on Hunavia. On another note, have you seen the missile pylons I've been tooling for the MiG-23? More pictures and info here: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....t&p=2059822 And, Aphids launch rails are finished and ready to be released (shown here on MiG-21 pylon). Aphids are already available. Dual Aphid launchers are also on my list. I'll also be doing intake and splitter plate corrections at some point. Cheers! Chris
  22. First, thank you for all the kind words and nice feedback on the missiles! I have to give credit where credit is due. My friend in Russia, Alexander Rogal mastered the patterns and once again did an outstanding job. Great news!!! He is now starting the patterns for the AIM-9X I'm really looking forward to seeing his workmanship on this one! No pictures as of yet but you can follow his progress on >>>this thread<<< on ARC. Nope, no notification...That's something I should probably fix some day. I'm pretty certain it's a built in feature I can activate at Paypal but I've just never looked into it. I tend to ship on the same day I receive orders if they are received in time for me to package them and get to the post office before 5:00 (and I have the parts in stock). Otherwise I usually ship the next day. Cheers! Chris www.Zactomodels.com
  23. No need to adapt any of my pylons as I am currently working on a dedicated pylon set for the MiG-23.I have the BD3 pylons finished and am starting the larger APU-23 pylon. This will probably be all of the pylons I make for the kit. You can follow my progress on >>>this thread<<<on ARC. I'll be posting new pictures in the next few days. I am also doing launch rails (for both the MiG-23 and MiG-21). I have the APU-60 (single) Aphid launch rail finished (see ARC thread) and will be doing the APU-60-2 (dual) rail. I will also be doing ATOLL launch rails. I am also planning to do an intake correction for the MiG-23. The splitter plates are really wrong on the kit and the intakes could use some dressing up as well. In doing so I will be making them seamless. Then there are missiles... I currently have the Aphid. I will be doing all versions of the ATOLL as I expand the Sidewinder product line. I am considering doing the R-23 (AA-7 Apex) but haven't decided yet (a lot has to do with time...). I'll eventually be doing Soviet bomb racks as well but will probably wait until the Su-25 and MiG-27 kits are available. Cheers, Chris www.Zactomodels.com
  24. Well when you choose two photos with obviously different focal lengths and angles and overlay them of course you get results like you showed. Here I took the two photos that Mr. Song posted as well as 9013 (the Frog) and overlayed the three of them: The drawing that was overlayed was the drawing Mr. Song posted here. The same drawing that they tooled the kit from. With some known dimensions and enough photos a fairly accurate drawing and/or model can be made. Of course you have to study the photos and take into consideration things like focal length and angle...
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