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    SinuheH got a reaction from Derek B in New 1/32 F-4K/M (FG.1/FGR.2) Phantom kit announced by HKM   
    WOW - that is amazing news...... 
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    SinuheH reacted to frogman13 in Israeli A-4N/ Trumpeter 1/32 A-4M conversion   
    A little more on this model.  The Israeli A-4 modifications I added were a resin coversion set from "Wolfpack".  Some very minor surgery to the kit is necessary to add these very detailed parts. The parts fit was perfect and required very little putty to fill the join lines.

    The actual plane breaks at the mid-body allowing the tail to be removed to expose the engine for maintenance.  I detailed the engine and painted it suitably to show it off.  The insulation on the exhaust pipe came from a cigarette package.


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    SinuheH reacted to frogman13 in Israeli A-4N/ Trumpeter 1/32 A-4M conversion   
    Hi Guys,
    I've posted my other IDF/AF Skyhawk models here and I have to say, I can't seem to get enough of this beautiful plane, so here's another.  This time I used the Trumpeter 1/32 A-4M which is far and away more detailed than the Hasegawa kits I've built before.  No kits are perfect and this one is no exception.  I have to say though, it was a pleasure to see it finished and I'm showing the result here.  It took about 2 months of on and off modeling time to completion.  It's painted in the colors of Israeli Air Force #115 squadron, "The Dragons" .  The squadron currently flies F-16A "Netz" aircraft as an aggressor squadron for the rest of the IDF/AF.  
    The model is painted in the colors of the Dragon squadron as it would have appeared during the first Lebanon war in 1982.  I've armed the plane with a HOBOS 2000lb glide bomb and an AIM-9D sidewinder missile.  The bomb was detailed a bit to bring it up to the rest of model detail level.  The cockpit is "Aires" resin for the A-4M.










    Hope you all liked the the model !
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    SinuheH reacted to TaffyMan in Revell 1/32 Hawker Hunter FGA Mk9 In Brown & Green   
    Okay Back with part two
    The flightpath jet pipe

    Some walk around pictures








    Okay quit a few picture hope it's not to much and not boring for you to look at!!
    Right lads and lasses - last build for a while as I need to pack all my bits away for now, ready for a house move (when we get a confirmed dates) so I do hope you like her - let me know your thoughts and big thanks for all who followed along on the journey.
    Till next time happy modeling!!!!!
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    SinuheH reacted to TaffyMan in Revell 1/32 Hawker Hunter FGA Mk9 In Brown & Green   
    Hi time to put this one on the display shelf so here is my RFI pictures
    First – Bit used :-
    True Details Resin cockpit
    Apart from the minor problems with the seat this was very good and didn't need any adjustment to fit. Just lots of dry fitting to check as you go.
    Flightpath PE
    I found this industrial thick and a real pain to cut! Didn't use all of it just some bits, jet pipe, main wheel wells and the flaps being the major bits. I couldn't get the flaps to fit at all which was very annoying, as it took me ages to make them and I did like their looks! The instructions are very vague and IMHO not very clear at all but the main wheel wells look pretty good!
    Wouldn't bother with the Flightpath cockpit bits, as the True Details Cockpit is so much easier to deal with and will give you better detail for far less pain.
    Masters Pitot Tube
    This looks very nice and is a step up from the kit part. The only thing was mine had a very slight bend in it! But I managed to get it pretty straight, not perfect but it will do for me! As know one has noticed unless I point to it.
    Main coloures are all Humbrols new UK paints with some other parts painted in my first adventure into Alclad. All finished off with my depleting supply of MM Semi and Matt varnish.     
    The kit is okay, had some fit issues (some coursed by me) but some of it could have been designed better by Revel which would have made the construction a lot easier and give a better finish – The build can been seen HERE.
    Right from the off, when I bought this kit I wanted to do something different to RAF Green and Gray as I have quite a few kits to come in these colours – so I needed some verity! Doing the research I had come across some references to the Rhodesian Hunters and their uses. So as these, in the beginning, carried no national markings I thought it would be a challenge to try and make a convincing looking surface without any roundels which IMO is when the model starts to get a real look and gives the surface some interest. I also found obscure references to both Sidewinders and a ‘home made reconnaissance pod' made from a wing fuel tank. I tried to find some more info on these but couldn't find any. So went with making it up from some educated guesses.
    So anyway enough of   lets get to the pictures!!!!!
    I wasn't sure if I could pull off the camera pod so from the outset I made the pylons so that I could swap around the ordnance – So first with the SNEB Pods





    Then swapped out for the small wing tank and camera pod.


    Now with the cover of the cameras

    Did a lot of work in the wheel wells - Flighpath and Scratched

    A shot off all the bottom bits

    Okay - got some more to poat so back in a mo
    Taff -
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    SinuheH reacted to Warbird in 1/32 Italeri Mirage IIIC Coming Soon !!!   



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    SinuheH reacted to Out2gtcha in New 1/32 F-4K/M (FG.1/FGR.2) Phantom kit announced by HKM   
    Spey Phantom?  Check
    Now we just need the other obvious giant hole filled  with a P-51B.        I cant wait for this one.............it may be my first LSP phantom build unless I can push a J-79 powered Tam Phantom to the top of the build list...............but I think I have a certain brand new float plane to build from KHM first!
    Mmmmmmmmmm    Spayish dreams of the future..............Im feeling toomy!

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    SinuheH reacted to Derek B in New 1/32 F-4K/M (FG.1/FGR.2) Phantom kit announced by HKM   
    This is Phantastic news. Apart from both British Phantom aircraft variants (F-4K/M, or FG.1 and FGR.2), it looks like HKM will also be producing a new US J-79 powered variant as well. 
    Let the good times roll! 
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    SinuheH reacted to cbk57 in Cripes Amighty 3rd is finished   
    I did something of a build thread on this one.  I finished up this weekend.  Here are a few photos of the final version.

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    SinuheH reacted to dsahling1 in 1/32 F-16E 'Desert Falcon' Block 60   
    Just recently finished this one up.  The Tamiya kit speaks for itself, great kit I'd recommend to anyone.  The wolfpack resin F-16E conversion is what I used to make this happen, it was pretty good except for one of the side panels on the front fuselage, but this may have just been me; decals were wonderful to work with.  I used CAM GBU-12s which makes for a really nicely detailed ordinance set.  I used Mr. Color paints FS 36495 and FS 36320 (The conversion says to use 36375 and not 36320, however I heard that it is much too light and that there may not even be FS colors listed for this yet).  I did some light weathering with an oil wash.  I made one major booboo when I dropped the kit and overdid it with the damage repair, if you find it you can tell me what kit to make next.









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    SinuheH reacted to tomprobert in 1/32nd B-17G 'Aluminum Overcast'   
    Part Two...
    DSC_0108 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    DSC_0117 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    DSC_0120 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    DSC_0136 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    DSC_0147 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    DSC_0154 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    DSC_0157 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    DSC_0160 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    And the picture that inspired it all:
    Srenco-B17 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    Thanks for stopping by,
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    SinuheH reacted to tomprobert in 1/32nd B-17G 'Aluminum Overcast'   
    I've been working on this project on and off for the last year or so, and finally applied the finishing touches this weekend.
    The HK Models kit needs no introduction and was for the second time, a joy to build. Having seen a few of these kits made up as war-beaten WWII aircraft, I wanted to do something a little different, and thus decided to build this version as a modern day warbird. Most preserved Forts in natural metal gleam like a mirror - something that terrified me, so I went instead for the Experimental Aircraft Association's 'Aluminum Overcast' which is operated from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, which is actually painted silver rather than being in NMF.
    Being a Vega block 105 aircraft, she never saw combat, as it was actually built too late to see service in WWII, and instead went straight to the boneyard as 'surplus' before being bought in 1946 by Universal Aviation for aerial mapping purposes. It was sold again in 1947, this time as a cargo hauler which required numerous modifications, before once again taking on the role of aerial mapping platform in 1949, spending 12 years in the Middle East. By 1966 another sale ensued and the B-17 was used as a chemical sprayer back in the US, before its final role which began in 1966 as an aerial tanker and fire bomber. After retirement from this role in 1988, she was purchased by the 'B-17s around the World Foundation' and subsequently donated to the EAA, where a thorough restoration to WWII configuration began. She's been touring the US since 1994, and proudly wears the colours of 398th BG which flew from Nuthampstead during the war.
    Although she's 95% authentic in comparison to her WWII counterparts, she does carry a full, modern avionics suite, as well as extra passenger seats in the rear fuselage, radio room and flightdeck for those lucky enough to enjoy a flight in her. The upper turret is just a dome with dummy barrels fitted to improve access to the flightdeck, but the ball turret is fully operational. 
    I carried out the simple modifications to the HK kit to bring it up to 'warbird' status by scratch-building the passenger seats, removing and filling the radome on the top of the nose compartment, adding the modern aerials seen on the aircraft and leaving out the top turret mechanism. Armour plate was removed from the pilots' seats, and the flightdeck oxygen system was also removed. I painted the interior olive green as the original, as unlike her wartime sisters she's painted internally. Wooden floors and ammo boxes were recreated using the superb HGW decals, and a final touch was a scratch-built rear access door and entry step as well as a ladder stored in the bomb-bay as often seen when these Forts are on tour. Decals came from KitsWorld, and paints were automotive acrylics.
    Boeing B-17G-105-VE s/n 44-85740, civil reg. N5017N 'Aluminum Overcast'
    DSC_0058 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    DSC_0065 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    Removing the nose radome:
    S1030377 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    Interior progressing with scratch-built passenger seats etc:
    DSC_0008 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    DSC_0082 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    DSC_0087 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    DSC_0092 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    DSC_0094 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    DSC_0101 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr
    Part Two to follow...
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    SinuheH reacted to red baron in mig 3 trumpeter from the box !   
    After a long absence, I present my last kit.Hope you like it.






    voila voila !
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    SinuheH reacted to Fredouille in A-4E Vietnam 1966   
    I'm new in LSP and I present you my first article. It's also my first kit at this scale (my favorite is 1/48). I build it 3 years ago.
    This is the Trumpeter kit and Zotz decals. Tow bar is in scratch and deck base is home made too !
    I hope you enjoy it. Thanks.










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    SinuheH got a reaction from reconspit in 1/32nd Tamiya Corsair Mk.I- 732 NAS, Brunswick, USA, 1944 `Lake Sebago   
    Nice work and neat tribute.
    Corsairs just look fab in RN / FAA  colours.
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    SinuheH reacted to ChrisK89 in Eduard Bf 109E-1   
    Yesterday i've finished the refurbishing of my old Eduard Bf 109E-1. I really don't know why but i hate to see my old models and all the flaws they have. I know i could have done them way better! And thats why i'm redoing them one by one.

    Critics and comments welcomed!
    cheers Chris
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    SinuheH reacted to ChrisK89 in Another refurbished.. Tamiya A6M5 Zero   
    As already mentionied i "stopped" building new kits for now till all my old ones are refurbished to the point i'm pleased with them.
    (Bf 109E-1 done, Bf 109F-4 done, A6M5 done and shown here, Me 262 in the works)
    On this build no decals were used, all hinomarus sprayed and the stencils all are dry transfers.
    And no, this machine did not exist i guess, it is a mix of 2 real aircrafts.

    Hope you like it too.
    Cheers Chris
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    SinuheH reacted to Big Tony in 1/32nd Tamiya Corsair Mk.I- 732 NAS, Brunswick, USA, 1944 `Lake Sebago   
    Hiya Folks,

                    On the 16th May 1944 two Corsair`s from 732 NAS a training squadron based at HMS Sakar, Brunswick, USA took off for a training flight, these being JT132 flown by Sub. Lt. Vaughan Reginald Gill and JT160 flown by 19 year old Sub. Lt. Raymond Laurence Knott from Grantham in Lincolnshire. Over Lake Sebago they carried out some low level flying but appear to have collided and crashed into the water. Both pilots were unfortunately killed in the crash and due to the depth of the lake which in some areas is over 300 feet deep their bodies could not be recovered at the time so the pilots and their Corsair`s have rested near to each other on the lake bed ever since. A few years ago one of the Corsair`s was located and an RVU was sent down to discover JT160 in almost pristine condition barring the crash damage which appears to have ripped off both wings and the aircraft stands eerily straight up on its nose. The film has since been posted on U-Tube,....I did include a link here but I`ve removed it as it brought up a grisly image of the cockpit onto this post,...so I`ve deleted it. For those who wish to watch it do a Goggle search on `Lake Sebago Corsair' and you`ll find it, although I`d advise skipping the cockpit interior shots out of respect for the pilot and his family as Sub. Lt. Knott is still inside the aircraft and the film includes distasteful views inside the cockpit which I find utterly sick and they should never have been released in public. I have asked the poster to edit the film and I contacted the RVU company to ask them to remove a particularly grisly photo of the cockpit from their website. Now that he is on such public display I do hope that the MoD can arrange to recover Sub. Lt. Knott`s body and give him a Christian funeral and I know that at least one US based Warbird company wants to recover both Corsair`s and restore them to flying condition,...make of that what you will. 


    Here are some stills of the Corsair at the bottom of the lake;



    As a tribute to both Sub. Lt`s Knott and Gill I decided to build my Tamiya Birdcage Corsair in the markings of JT160 and and here is my build thread on Britmodeller; http://www.britmodel...m-mki-finished/  which might explain a few things such as the blue painted strips in front of the cockpit and on the gun ports! It also mentions how the Eagle Strike decals were adapted for this model.


    Here is the finished model;


    I`d like to dedicate this model to Sub. Lt`s. Knott and Gill and I`d also like to thank Bill Bunting in Canada for all of his help with this model,.....I really couldn`t have done it without you mate and I really appreciate it!




    PS- I meant to add that this was brush painted using Tamiya and Polly Scale acrylics and a big brush!

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    SinuheH reacted to Geoff Staniland in William Brothers 1/32 P-35   
    Hi All,
    This is my first post
    Here is my William Brothers 1/32 P-35 which i had to fight with all the way to the end.
    Hope you like it.




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    SinuheH got a reaction from Nic C.D. in F-86D Sabre Dog   
    Nice work - nice drop tank!

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    SinuheH reacted to Nic C.D. in F-86D Sabre Dog   
    I'd like to show you my first attempt of building a kit with a metal finish: Kitty Hawk's F-86D Sabre Dog. Decals are from Zotz Decals, the pilot is from PJ Production.

    I picked "Big Viv" because I built a similar 1/72 Airfix kit when I was a kid. The tiger mouth was painted (because I messed up the decal) and on the droptank, Viv' herself poses for the camera.

    The pilot figure is from the Belgian company PJ Production. I had to modify the pilot just a little (he was a bit too wide for the seat) but turned out okay in the end.  

    This is the first time I did a metal finish, and I still have a lot to learn, but I'm happy with this first attempt. I got the opportunity to build the kit for TMN and here's a link to the construction:
    Part 1 with review and construction: http://www.themodellingnews.com/2015/09/building-geiger-tiger-triple-review.html  
    Part 2 with painting & finishing: http://www.themodellingnews.com/2015/09/building-geiger-tiger-ptii-kitty-hawks.html
    I hope you like how she turned out!
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    SinuheH got a reaction from MARU5137 in Tamiya F-4J - rescuing of a hangar queen   
    Hi gents, after starting my F-16, I got the hankering for another jet, and realised that I had a F-4J, which has been languishing on the SOD for around a decade.
    In a sense I would like to dedicate this model to Larry Hawkins, as we discussed it on and off, when I had originally started it.

    I'll have to see how I can spruce up the pit……. perhaps add two figures…..


    and then I have to settle on a scheme…. probably the bi-centenial Warlords scheme.
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    SinuheH reacted to Artur in F4U-1A Corsair - RNZAF   
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    SinuheH reacted to Artur in F4U-1A Corsair - RNZAF   
    My F4U-1A Corsair - NZ5272 / NZ5307 - RNZAF
    HGW seatbelts
    Hataka paints
    Eduard brassin
    Barracuda cockpit decal

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    SinuheH got a reaction from Kagemusha in Fly models 1/32 Hawker Hurricane IIc - any update   
    Hi Kagemusha
    The profile is by Brent Best - he has a whole series on the SAAF Forum
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