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    SinuheH reacted to thierry laurent in Mk.1 HVARs in 1/32.....?   
    The following info may be useful.
    Note that there were tons of variations regarding colors and stencils...
    USN HVAR color: flat grey motor tube and olive drab warhead. Steel-colored fuze and rear end.
    USAF color: generally (oxidized) aluminum tubes and olive drab warhead. Steel-colored fuze and rear end.

    Some examples of stencils:

    On the side of the rocket motor (Horizontal black letters) or on the warhead (Horizontal white letters without the first line: 5.0 IN. ROCKET BODY MKI):

    BU. ORD. DR. No. 394567
    CONTR NO. 5172 LOT 95

    On left side of the rocket motor (Horizontal black letters):

    5.0 IN. MOTOR MK10 MOD.6
    BUORD. DR. NO 656724
    CONT. NO. 11098 LOT 147

    On right side of the rocket motor (Horizontal black letters) or on the warhead (Horizontal white letters):

    GR MK.16 MOD 0 BLJ LOT 1952
    AMM LOT NO. RMDA 1517-54
    CODE 5.00 710-0600-J

    or another one seen on the body right side:

    LOT: RA-H-1044
    -40 TO + 120 F

    On the warhead (Vertical white letters):

    MK 6 MOD 1

    Note: Vertical means that the text is written perpendicularly (to the rocket axis).
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    SinuheH reacted to Rowen in NEW TAMIYA 1/32 OFFERING.   
    Personally, I hope it is a Hurricane. I am totally tired of all the 109's and 190's, etc. Something new and different, please!
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    SinuheH reacted to lawman56 in B-17 Aftermarket   
    I think a wider range of decal options, the aforementioned resin wheels, possibly some brass gun barrels and crew members in various poses would be nice. I'm sure there will be an abundance of photo etch once this monster actually heads out.
    Up until the last year or so, my model skills have been focused on 1/35th scale armor. With the sudden explosion of many wonderful 1/32 aircraft, I've started to diversify. After all, if I can build and weather 1/35 armor, then aircraft of a similar size will be a challenge, but not an impossibilty!
    With the release of the HK B-25, and soon the B-17, I would really love to see figures in their crew station poses, as well as various other poses. Personally, I think to have gunners in their turrets would be interesting.
    By the way, this is my first post to the LSP forums, and would like to say thanks to all who post here. My decision to start into 1/32 aircraft was largely decided by the information I gleaned from this website. Especially the reviews.

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    SinuheH reacted to Kyrre in B-17 Aftermarket   
    A conversion kit to make it a Lancaster.
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    SinuheH got a reaction from Daywalker in Hasegawa J2M3 Raiden Finished 9/5/13   
    That is looking great - that cockpit detail is fantastic - hard to believe it is hand painted - you must have super steady hands.
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    SinuheH reacted to Daywalker in Hasegawa J2M3 Raiden Finished 9/5/13   
    It's been a while since I have been able to get to this one, but finally now an update! I finished the office at last, and am now prepping the fuselage for assembly. So far, an exquisite kit to build. The cockpit color is the Tamiya XF-71, and it is OOB except for a pair of Eduard lap belts. The instrument detail was hand painted. Thanks for looking in!

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    SinuheH reacted to Tnarg in Just in time for the WW1 GB   
    I have the spark plugs and Mercedes D.III details, and they are worth it to use them versus any alternative. That Oberusel is definitely the way to go versus Roden's engine for a Dr.I.
    I am working on a Roden Nieuport 24 and the plugs replaced the ones in their engine just because I couldn't glue the cylinders together without removing the molded on bumps representing plugs.
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    SinuheH reacted to geedubelyer in Just in time for the WW1 GB   
    My goodness. That stuff looks superb. The engine in your first link is staggering. It would be great to add all of the available aftermarket to a WNW kite. You'd get realism like never before.
    Thanks for the links.
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    SinuheH got a reaction from geedubelyer in Just in time for the WW1 GB   
    A rather nice set of details by Taurus:
    That engine and spark plugs look great.
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    SinuheH got a reaction from MARU5137 in LSP University   
    Indeed, some of the online builds are awe inspiring.
    We are in the company of a fine set of modellers.
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    SinuheH got a reaction from Derek B in Eclipse Model Design - New releases for February 2013   
    Nice stuff Derek!
    Will take a closer look at your other goodies.
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    SinuheH got a reaction from Derek B in Mk.1 HVARs in 1/32.....?   
    Hi gents
    Just saw these are the Hannants site: http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MA-32002
    Appear ideal for a 1/32 F-51.
    Has anybody had experience with Mk.1 products before?
    Thanks for any info.
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    SinuheH reacted to KOTR in Dassault Mirage III EBR - F-103E   
    I mailed them earlier the week and got the response that Southern Sky Models plan another release of their two seater conversion for middle of the year...
    ...I sense a Cheetah D coming!
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    SinuheH reacted to HADman in Hungarian Bf-109 G-10   
    Hi guys,
    This Type one of my big favarits, and hence I'm glad, that i finished from this kit. This "white 4" are one of the Hungarian Messerschmitts what was not with black code. We have less Photo archives from these "colours" numbers, hence I thought, I will build the "White 4 ". This not yet in decal, hence I made only mask for this project.
    the kit: Hasegawa
    Gun: Master Model
    Spinner: Eagle
    Radiobox: Eagle
    The mask: own making
    This is the original photo from my friend ,Sándor Fülöp:

    and the kit...





    The winner of "The most beautiful Hungarian aircraft"category(an original Reggiane 2000 panel-part)
    and the bronze Medal in Celldömölk Makett Show:

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    SinuheH reacted to Derek B in I had a good day today - Sat in a Spitfire V 1942   
    Nice feeling isn't it?

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    SinuheH got a reaction from mark31 in Dassault Mirage III EBR - F-103E   
    Thanks for posting those - I used to have a FCM decal set in 48...... certainly is an attractive scheme - and shows how simple the canard addition is.
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    SinuheH reacted to LSP_Kevin in Cockpit upgrade for Matchbox/Revell 1/32 Spitfire 22/24 released...   
    Thanks for those photos Richard. They also perfectly illustrate the deep trench that Matchbox moulded for the canopy slide rails (well, they're not rails really, but they're not trenches either!). If I were to build this kit again, I'd make up a liquid plastic concoction (sprue off-cuts in a jar of liquid cement), and fill everything!
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