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    SinuheH reacted to Miloslav1956 in Bf 109G-10 Erla, 3.JG300, Prague-Kbely,May 1945   
    My first finished model in this year.
    Revell kit 1/32
    Aires cockpit,
    Eduard wheels,
    HGW riveting set, wet transfers, seat belts,
    Barracuda exhaust & decals Montex mask,
    All colours MRP


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    SinuheH reacted to Brett M in SBD-5 of the Royal New Zealand Air Force - Trumpeter 1/32   
    Afternoon/evening everyone! Hopefully, everyone enjoyed the New Year. Here is my finished build of Trumpeter's 1/32 SBD-5 Dauntless. I've modeled this after the planes the RZNAF used in World War 2 for a 3 months by 25 Squadron before being returned the US, and switching to F4U Corsairs (thanks Alan!). 
    After starting the 1/32nd world with Tamiya's Corsair, this was a bit of a change! Thankfully, even if it's not super crisp like Tamiya, it still built up quite nicely. 
    Aftermarket includes the following: 
    Archer Fine Transfers complete resin raised rivet set Archer Fine Transfers SBD stencils Synthetic Ordinance Works landing gear Master Casters SBD weighted wheels/tires Montex Masks Master .30 caliber barrels Ventura Publication decals Airscale placards Eduard canopy masks MRP, Tamiya and Alclad paints I think that's all......
    A huge thank you to Woody @Archer Fine Transfers for letting me test out his rivet skins, they worked perfectly! For those of you considering them in the future, I HIGHLY recommend them to replace the recessed rivets on this kit. Everyone that provided information on the Dauntless and the RZNAF during the build, a big thanks to you too. 
    Build thread is below. 
    Feel free to critique, offer suggestions, point out anything I may have done wrong. It's just learning to me! 
    Thanks for looking!
    Click on any picture to view it at Flickr and full resolution

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    SinuheH got a reaction from red baron in 2020 builts   
    WOW - stunning collection!

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    SinuheH reacted to Greif8 in 2020 LSP Builds   
    I had a record year as far as finishing kits; completing a total of nine models.  Following are the five aircraft I completed in 2020; I'll post the four non-LSP builds in the "Non LSP" thread for those interested in having a look.  

    Having previously only built one WWI aircraft, a Roden Sopwith Triplane, I wanted to build a few WWI subjects this year.  I have some WNW kits and pulled out the Fokker DVII (Early) to build first.  My 6 year old daughter has claimed it as her own because I quote, "It is pretty and has a snake with a dolphin tail."  It occupies a special spot in the glass cabinet so that she can view it from her height.

    Build two was also a WNW kit; the Albatros DVa.  My goal for this build was to try out the Uschi van der Rosten wood grain decals and try my hand at more complex rigging.  Overall the build turned out pretty good, the Aviattic camo decals and the black and white striped tail plane harmonized well with the wood grain look.

    My next LSP build was the first of two builds that I did for the "Battle of Britain" Group Build.  It is a I/JG27 Bf109 E-4 shown as the pilot and one of his ground crewmen prepare for yet another mission over England.

    A PCM Hurricane MkI was the other build in the BoB Group Build.  It represents a No. 257 Squadron Hurricane returning from a sortie during the battle. 

    My final LSP build of 2020 was yet another WNW kit.  This time it was one of the Sopwith Triplanes flown by Canadian ace Raymond Collishaw while he was assigned to No. 10 Naval Squadron.
    Thanks for looking!
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    SinuheH got a reaction from Dpgsbody55 in My 2020 In Models   
    Lovely collection - nice to see such a diverse collection.

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    SinuheH got a reaction from florin13 in L-29 Delfin in romanian colors   
    WOW - what a stunner - superb build and finish!

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    SinuheH reacted to florin13 in L-29 Delfin in romanian colors   
    Hello friends,
    At the end of the year, I managed to finish a plane that I love. It was a birthday present from a dear friend, whom I thank once again for the gift. This is my vision for this aircraft. Except for the data stencils, everything is painted! Fully painted with MRP. 
    L-29 DELFIN, Romania, around 1968






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    SinuheH reacted to X15 in 2020 models   
    2 kits : KI61 Hasagawa + Hurricane PCM
    1 scratchbuild : Lifting Body M2F11
    1 new paint : Spitfire Tamiya

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    SinuheH got a reaction from Martin Kubis in P-38 J Lightning Revell 1:32   
    Lovely to see one of these old kits - I have fond memories of those old Revell kits - especially the FAA Corsair, Don Gentile's Mustang and the Galland 109 - never got around to building a twin.

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    SinuheH reacted to Piero in My 2020 finished models   
    Happy New Year my friends!
    I hope you are all safe & healthy!
    Here some pics of the models in 1/32nd scale that I have started and finished in the orrible-2020...
    AMI Tornado IDS - Revell
    Czech AF MiG-23BN - Trumpeter + HPH conversion
    USN F/A-18C Hornet - Academy
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    SinuheH reacted to ericg in My biggest year ever in builds: 2020   
    Hi folks, here are my completions for the year of 2020. a fair bit of variety, with mostly 1/32 scale but a 1/8 engine, a couple of 1/4 panels, some 1/72 rockets and an odd scale figure thrown in for good measure. I am yet to get some of them in the studio for proper pics but that will come soon enough.

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    SinuheH reacted to kkarlsen in 2020 what a year...   
    2020 was a rollercoaster ride with great up's and subsequent declines... All at the same time. The worst and the best year in large scale modeling.

    2020 started out very good with the finished Aeromarine 75 build and the Hydro Monoplane I around February first.
    Then the Corona virus hit and Wingnut Wings crashed. At this point the stock was pretty thin regarding WNW's kits, only 3-4 in the stash.
    So I started 'collecting' what I could get my hands on without having to pay extra.

    I finally managed to finish the Fokker Dr. I Jasta 11 Roden triple diorama in April.
    Then I had to make up my mind where to go next.... This ended up becoming quite the struggle. And a lot of new builds were started F-16, Thuling G etc.

    At the end of June the KLP Arado build was ready to go...
    By now the WNW's stash was swollen to 12 + 2 duellists kits, I almost had every WNW kit I ever wanted.
    In the end, a second Felixstowe was the last one to be added to the stash.
    By the end of summer I was now working on 3-4 builds simultaneously, building in every direction possible...

    I finally settled on doing a build that I would be able to finish. Rodens Albatros D.III with Aviattic/Pheon decals.
    This helped me to begin focus on what I wanted to do next and the Rumpler 6B.1 Seaplane conversion was started...

    One of the great news this year were the resin kits from Lukgraph.
    The De Havilland DH.89 is one of my all time favorite's. And it was just what I needed and I managed to finish it in the dying days of this horrible year.
    On a positive note, in 2020 we finally got our Mengnut Fokker Dr. I and who knows, a shimmer of light at the end of the tunnel regarding WNW's?
    Roden announced they would begin producing WWI large scale models again, SPAD XIII, Avro 504 & Sopwith 1½ Strutter are in the pipeline.
    Lukgraph is on a roll (please support) the highlight for me being the upcoming Friedrichshafen FF33L.
    Some very nice new kits are coming from ICM too. Copper State has announced the Caudron.
    I hope to be able to finish the Rumpler 6B.1 sometime soon and the T-33A after that.
    I will try my best not to run around like a headless chicken in 2021! 
    Cheers: Kent
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    SinuheH reacted to red baron in 2020 builts   
    and the last one finished in 2020

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    SinuheH reacted to red baron in 2020 builts   
    the year ends, here are the kits I made this year :

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    SinuheH reacted to Dpgsbody55 in My 2020 In Models   
    Like many others here, 2020 has been a good year for modelling.  My normal output is about three LSP models a year, but this year I've completed five.  Not very prolific compared to others, and partially explained by covid not being as much of an issue on the western side of this continent as other places, thankfully.  Life has been as normal as you could hope for, given this pestilence.
    My year started off with the Special Hobby Yak 3 built as part of the Eastern Front group build. Most of the effort went into the cockpit and I also built rails to make the canopy slide.



    The second model was the Kitty Hawk P-39 Airacobra, again for the Eastern Front GB.  This is a more complex kit, but I found it a joy to build.  A lot more interior work on this one as it has opening panels for the cockpit, engine and guns.  I added extra detail to the cockpit and engine, and again made the cockpit entry a movable feature - both of them .





    My third effort was yet another go at the Eastern Front GB; this time an I-16 type 17 by ICM.  Another lovely kit, but much simpler to build than the P-39.  As always with my models, extra details were added to the cockpit, and I did put ignition leads on the front of the engine as they can be seen, depending on how you display the cooling shutters on the front of the engine cowl.  I also put in a fuel tank thanks to picture I found on the net, but I think this was largely a waste of time, as well as complete the bottom of the fuselage under the cockpit, which wasn't a waste.





    Model number four was Trumpeters P-47D-10 Razorback, and no, not for the Eastern Front GB .  This model is at time very challenging and frustrating, but also has many good points.  I went to town on this one with the additions.  Engine, cockpit and the supercharger detailing.






    My last effort was the Trumpeter Curtiss P-40B Tomahawk.  This kit was treated to a kit bash cockpit, comprising resin, Eduard etch, stock kit parts and a little bit of my own additions.  Other additions were made to the engine and firewall.  I was going to do a Flying Tigers P-40B, but it finished up as an RAF Western Desert P-40B.  I also ran into problems with glue fogging of the windscreen, but the project was rescued thanks to the generosity of one of our forum members here.





    Now, roll on 2021.  Who knows what this year will bring. I hope it's much better than 2020, for all our sakes, and who knows??  I may even build as many models as this year.
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    SinuheH reacted to Martin Kubis in P-38 J Lightning Revell 1:32   
    As I like this old school Revell 1:32 kits I went for the real vintage from 1970 (plastic was still in great condition as well as decals) Model from the box with all raised panel lines (I just made "Titanic" rivets bit smaller by sanding) and the scheme is from the box too.
    Only aftermarket are wheels, interior and guns (all was defigned for the Trumpeter kit but it fits this old Revell wery well without any issuses).
    Airbrushed with Revell and Humrol enamels and aquacolor for the details. Weathered with Revell pigments.
    I know these days there are on the market more accurate models of this aircraft, but this was nice memory to build it again after 30 yeas when I found this model as a teenager under christmas tree.
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    SinuheH reacted to Miloslav1956 in Do 335B-6 1/32 HK models   
    Last finished model in this year.
    1/32 HK models
    Eduard wheels
    Master Gun barrel
    Modellbau Schatton FuG antennas
    All Colour MRP

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    SinuheH reacted to Papadonis in Ho-229 v3   
    just wanting to share one of my prefered model I made some months ago.
    The wood aspect was made with Uschi van den Rosten decals.









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    SinuheH got a reaction from red Dog in KFIR COA C10 from Revell Mirage V   
    Terrific build - superb display   
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    SinuheH reacted to red Dog in KFIR COA C10 from Revell Mirage V   
    A late 60 aircraft with modern weapons:
    Mirage V Blue thunder Revell 1/32
    Isracast KFIR C2 conversion
    Isracast Spice 1000Lbs gliding bomb
    Brass gears
    Resin C10 nose (thank you Cheetah)
    Sufa bits: Python AA missiles, Litening pod, pilot
    Homemade decals
    Homemade masks
    Coastal kit blurred runway base
    Paints: Gunze H305/ (H311+H308) / H306 (nose)
    Started July 2020 - ended December 2020
    Apologies for the grainy pictures, the light outside is quite dull, I'll try to update the pictures when I have better conditions:







    WIP is on the in progress section:  here
    Happy modelling
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    SinuheH got a reaction from mpk in 1/32 Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf 109G-14AS   
    Lovely work, great scheme - have to love those late war slap dash efforts - vain attempt to stem the incoming tide.
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    SinuheH got a reaction from Tolga ULGUR in 1/32 Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf 109G-14AS   
    Lovely work, great scheme - have to love those late war slap dash efforts - vain attempt to stem the incoming tide.
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