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  1. Very nice - ditto - wasn't aware of the gun pods.
  2. Beautiful work, Tony, inspiring - ditto the sentiment - makes one want to build it as well. great pix!
  3. Lovely work, Mal - great weathering. Enjoy your holidays.
  4. SinuheH


    Nice to see this old kit built - brings back memories!!!
  5. Terrific finish and great pix! Congrats
  6. Lovely work, Frank - congrats on a fine model!
  7. WOW - that looks terrific - stunning finish and model. Congrats.
  8. Nice work, Joe. You could try adjust the white balance on the pix to get rid of the green cast.
  9. Nice work, Iain! Need to get myself one as well - such an attractive aircraft.
  10. Stunning, Dr. Dave - nicest Sopwith I've seen in ages….. Terrific scheme, weathering and finish.
  11. Very nice work, Mark - you have been busy!
  12. Lovely build, Alain - very impressive subtle weathering and finish!
  13. This will be good to follow - an incentive to get my **** in gear and finish mine…… Nice work, BTW
  14. Terrific work, Mike - it really looks the part - great photos and backdrop.
  15. Don't know how I missed this one - much have slipped user the radar..... totally amazing build and weathering - inspirational - you must have one very satisfied customer!
  16. Great work, Kev. Impressed by the quality of the iPhone pix.
  17. Looks terrific - great weathering - and cool scheme.
  18. Awesome, awesome, awesome……. stunning job. I'll return to my am coffee now…..
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