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    mywifehatesmodels reacted to kalashnikov-47 in MiG-9 "Fargo" LEMkits 1:32   
    One you won't see every day.  Here is my 1:32 scale LEMKITS MiG-9.
    These kits are very well engineered.



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    mywifehatesmodels reacted to Dart_Schatten in 1/35 Miniart Focke-Wulf Treibflugel   
    Good day, friends!
    It's time for something experimental. Model built OOTB. I've used Gunze paints and weathering effects.

    Regards, Sergey Budyansky
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    mywifehatesmodels reacted to Greif8 in RoG He 219 A0/R6   
    I took a few shots of a build I did for someone who gave me the kit to build for him then failed to show to pick it up, or even answer attempts to contact him; hopefully he is ok.  If I end up having to keep this beast permanently I will have to figure out where to put it as it is too big for any of the glass cases I own.  The person who sent me the kit to build included the Barracuda cowls and wheels, some resin barrels to replace the kit ones, as well as some HGW seatbelts. 
    I scratch built a FuG 212 antenna array and the hood on the radar used by the radio/radar.  I also put a large lump of lead in the nose piece to keep the aircraft from being a tail sitter.  I did not make any corrections as the guy did not want them - and I probably would not have done them had I built this for myself - as the Uhu looks just fine to me.  I also kept weathering to a minimum.  My grandfather's youngest brother served as a radio/radar operator on night fighters and one of the things he told me in our many conversations when he was alive was that night fighters did not undergo a great deal of wear and tear because they operated from established airbases for the most part and were very well maintained - especially the "owls" as there were usually only a few available and those were invariably flown by ace crews.  He also told me they flew far fewer missions than day fighters which also cut down on wear.  As an aside, talking with my great-uncle sparked enough interest in me that I did my master's thesis on the development of Germany's nighttime air defense and night fighter interception techniques. I wonder what he would have said about the model below! 
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    mywifehatesmodels reacted to Phoenixs in Zeke Bakusen: A6M2 Tamiya 1/32   
    After the hard work to complete the Su-25 that I presented to you a few days ago here is my new project: a nice Tamiya kit to make me happy with the world of injected plastic ... It is a bit that study of the subject in question, it is one of the specimens used for the first suicide attackers described in this famous photo taken on 25 October 44 in Mabalacat in the Philippines:

    The Zeke in the foreground with the code 02-888 should have been piloted by Lieutenant Yukio Seki and portrays him the moment before taking off for his last mission which will end with his sacrifice and the sinking of the escort aircraft carrier st. Lo (CVE-63)
    The Photos of the complete model:


























    Finally the "vintage" photo directly from 1944 ...

    Thanks everyone for the advice. Until next time.
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    mywifehatesmodels reacted to JamesHatch in Albatros D.Va, 'Stropp'   
    Hi all,
    I managed to get some work done these last weeks, and built this for Japan's World Scale Modeller magazine, as well as a yet-to-be-determined regular title. 
    Not too many photos, but the usual reasons, clauses and NDAs! 




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    mywifehatesmodels reacted to mgbooyv8 in Polikarpov I-16 type 24   
    Hi Guys,
    Here is my Polikarpov I-16 Type 24 I build for our IPMS-NL magazine "Modelbouw in Plastic" (MIP).
    It features in the first issue of 2020.
    I choose to model "white 13" which has a nice two-tone  camouflage of green AMT-4 and black AMT-6.
    The underside is light blue AMT-7.
    For the first time I used MRP lacquer paints and indeed, they are a joy to use, provided you use their own primer.
    As is well known by now, the ICM kit is very nice  and will give a great result out of the box.
    However, I decided to dress it up a little bit.
    Aftermarked goodies used:
    Eduard "Zoom" set 33184
    Eduard seat belts 33185
    North Star Models PAK-1 gunsight set NS 32015
    Aerocraft models brass landing gear
    Brengun resin RS82 rockets with launching rails, BRL32022
    And some scratch enhancements in the cocpit.
    Here are the pictures:




    Some views of the interior in progress:
    Scratch additions, including continuation of the fuselage under the floor by pieces of card and strip:
    The instrument panel is build-up from several Eduard etched parts.

    Here it is all painted.
    The wires represent the undercarriage retraction cables, they were painted after the fuselage was closed

    The Eduard seat belts were not great.
    I had to lengthen the waist straps with masking tape to make them work and look like the drawing in the instructions.
    In the picture, the lengtening pieces are not yet painted and connected.
    The seat back was removed and later added after painting to ease masking.

    If you add rockets under the wing, you have to add a representation of metal plates on the under surface.
    Without them the linen wing cover would be set to fire during lanch of the rockets.
    I used thin plasticard for this:

    Here is the engine.
    I added an air scoop above the carburettor and an oil cooler below.
    I decided not to add any ignition and control cables.

    The model is still glossy.
    Next post will feature the Rata on a ground plate...
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    mywifehatesmodels reacted to mgbooyv8 in Polikarpov I-16 type 24   
    And here is the I-16 on a ground plate:




    The model won a silver medal in the contest of last year's Euro Scale Modelling.
    I hope you like it.
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    mywifehatesmodels reacted to oppenheimer in 1/35 Kitty Hawk HH-60G Pave Hawk   
    Here it is, finally i finished this kit, so far the best HH-60G kit in the market, figures are from Live Resin











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    mywifehatesmodels reacted to Tolga ULGUR in 1/32 Hasegawa P-40N-1 Warhawk “Ruth A”   
    This is 1/32 Hasegawa P-40N-1 flown by Lt.G.L.Walston, , 16th FS 51st FG, Kunming, China 1944.
    ( Note that the aircraft lacked the national insignia on the top of the left wing.)
    Base kit is 1/32 Hasegawa P-40M with some after market modifications.
    Cockpit modified by Eduard PE set.
    Exhaust stacks and wheels replaced with Eduard resins.
    Decals are from Eduard P-40N Warhawk kit.
    Paints :Gunze Sangyo acrylics.
    Happy modelling

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    mywifehatesmodels reacted to Miloslav1956 in Me 262A-1a 9./KG(J) 6 Žatec , Czech Territory   
    1/32 Revell kit
    HGW wet transfers
    Eduard Look instrument panel, mask
    Barracuda wheels
    Eagle Cals #138
    All colours MRP              
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    mywifehatesmodels reacted to matto21 in Eduard 1:48 Bf109 F-4   
    RLM78 done. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself until I realised I should have painted the yellow section under the nose first...bah!

    Interesting masking ahead... 
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    mywifehatesmodels reacted to Greif8 in Helmut Wick Bf109 E-4   
    I got some PMs while building the WNW Fokker DVII asking about figure painting.  As I said in that thread the pilot figure turned out a bit below average as I was not able to turn the somewhat sub-standard casting into a nice finished product.  A few folks seemed surprised that I was disappointed my work and asked what I considered a good figure to be.  The photos of a build I did of Helmut Wick's fighter a few years ago, shown circa mid to late October 1940 after he took command of JG2, features two figures I thought turned out well.  The castings were excellent and I can sometimes get the moon and stars to align when the base product is a good as those two figures were.  
    The other reason for posting this build is that I have recently read some older threads about the in accuracies of some scale kits, the Eduard Bf109 E-4 being one of them, and realized just how clueless I am when it comes to assessing how accurate the dimensions or form(s) of a kit aircraft is compared to the real thing.  Honestly the only thing that jumped out at me on this kit when I built it was the undercarriage is not raked far enough forward and stands a bit too tall - at least to my eye.  All the other dimensional errors went completely unnoticed by me.  I realized what a disconnect that is as I generally build aircraft that are tied to a specific pilot or event and usually strive to portray the aircraft marked and weathered as accurately as possible.  For example I actually put in a lot of practice perfecting the technique of applying the mottling with the blunt end of an old cut down Number 4 "pointer" brush, as that was the way it was applied in real life.  After a lot of work on a paint mule I managed to get the effect pretty close on the build (in my opinion at least), but I did not fix the slight hump at the top rear of the fuselage as I just did not see it until it was brought to my attention.  Makes me wonder if I need to up my game. <grin>









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    mywifehatesmodels reacted to Wackyracer in 1/32 Bf 109 G-2/R-6 JG.5   
    Hasegawa 109G-4 backdated to a G-2. Boxing already had resin f wheels so not much work to do. Painted as an tropical scheme over painted with rlm 70 and white wash.
    Yellow 10 Hans Dobrich February 1943











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    mywifehatesmodels reacted to Tolga ULGUR in 1/32 HobbyBoss Spitfire Mk.Vb   
    This is 1/32 Spitfire Mk.Vb flown by Robert Wendell from RAF No 249 Squadron in Ta’Qali Malta, March 1942.
    I have used HpH correction set for windscreen, canopy and horizontal tails.
    Other modifications are:
    CMK resin seat & headrest
    Eduard instrument panels & seatbelts
    Quickboost exhausts
    Master #32018 Hispano 20mm cannons
    Barracudacast cockpit door
    Barracudacast wheels
    Quickboost propeller & spinner set
    Decals : DK Decals #32009
    Paints : Gunze Sangyo acrylics
    Happy Modelling

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    mywifehatesmodels reacted to mpk in Hasegawa Bf 109F Completed 20/02/20   
    That's a real beaut mate!
    Well done.
    I always love a JG54 subject.
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    mywifehatesmodels reacted to cnq in Me262 (Tamiya 1/48)   
    I finished my 1st Me262 in 1/48
    Hope you like the pics




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    mywifehatesmodels reacted to matto21 in Eduard 1:48 Bf109 F-4   
    After a few slow days in terms of progress, I'm finally at the point of being able to get some painting done. 
    I'll be using Mr Hobby acrylics for the main colours. 
    For the record, after my comments about the RLM02 colours above, I did get hold of Ammo's version and it's significantly darker than both Mr Hobby and Xtracrylic. 
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    mywifehatesmodels reacted to Greif8 in WNW Albatros DV (Hans Waldhausen)   
    I finally completed the base for the Albatros.  It took a bit longer then usual because we have gotten a lot of rain the past several days meaning high humidity.  So it took a lot longer for the various coats of stain and varnish to dry.  Overall the build turned out ok.  I made a few mistakes, most notably simulating the different shades of wood on the propeller, which I airbrushed far too straight.  But overall the aircraft looks the part and the figure turned out pretty well.  The scene could be entitled "Post flight", as it shows the mechanic facing away from the cockpit area with barograph in hand.  
    I will be pausing my WWI aircraft builds, because I have decided to build the HGW Limited Edition of the Bf109 E-7.  Based on the thread concerning HGWs wet transfers perhaps working best if one does not let them sit in storage too long I thought it best to get a move on and construct the kit.  After I complete that project, I  plan to build the WNW Pfalz DIIIa.  I am going to try out the Gaspatch turnbuckles to see if I am able of using them to do a decent job making the rigging look better than I did with the DV and DVII.
    Enjoy the photos!




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    mywifehatesmodels reacted to mpk in Hasegawa Ki-84.   
    I have the model ready for the final blend later this evening. I am aware how stark it appears now, but this is part of my "plan".
    I have begun weathering the belly.
    Wish me luck.








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    mywifehatesmodels reacted to mpk in Hasegawa Ki-84.   
    I am experimenting using only pencils and pastel chalk for weathering, no washes have been applied. All marks and scratches are copied directly from photos of in service Franks.
    The exhaust is too dark but I will tone it down after I finish playing drums.








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    mywifehatesmodels reacted to Thunnus in 1/32 Zoukei-Mura Ta152H-1 White 7   
    Thanks guys!
    Continuing the dry-fit session with the radiator cowling reminded me that the engine will need to be installed since it holds exhaust pipes.

    I snapped the engine into place to check the cowling fit.  The engine assembly does not want to sit correctly on its own without glue.  However the top cowling pushes the engine into the correct position.  There is a possibility that I can perhaps glue ONE of the two engine side cowlings into place and have the other one removable.  We'll just have to see when that time comes.

    The wing spar has been glued into the wing bottoms.  I had to shave the back edge of the spar where it butts up against the PE flaps.

    I glued the upper flaps onto the upper wings using 2-part epoxy.  The roof of the wheel wells have been painted and I've applied the contractor stamp decal from the Eagle Cal decal sheet.

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